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“St. Patrick’s Day is an enchanted time – a day to begin transforming winter’s dreams into summer’s magic.”

March 17, 2012

Yesterday it was in the darkness of early morning when I woke while today it was 10:30. I am as fickled as the weather. My friend Clare came by with a few St. Patrick’s day gifts and rang the bell. Gracie barked, and I woke up then tried to figure out the what day it is. I got it on the first try.

If St. Patrick’s Day was on a school day, we got it off as a holiday. After all, I went to St. Patrick’s Grammar School, and we had to honor the school’s patron saint or at least that’s what the nuns told us, but the significance of the day was always lost on us as we had no idea how to honor a patron saint, but we knew how to enjoy a day off from school. March was always the most dismal of school months with only this one day off unless Easter came early and we got Good Friday. We did thank St. Patrick but not for the reasons the nuns expected.

If you lived in and close to Boston, you also got today off from school but not for St. Patrick’s Day. Today is Evacuation Day. It is the day the British evacuated the city of Boston during the Revolutionary War. It used to be an official holiday for all schools and state workers but it was eliminated last year and now is celebrated in name only.

When I was in high school and a member of St. Patrick’s Shamrock drill team, we marched in the parade. It was the worst of all parades in which to march. Sometimes it was freezing cold. Every time, some drunk would join us for a bit of the march with a glass of beer in his hand he was more than happy to share with us. I remember the crowds along the street were loud and always cheered us for our name and for the shamrocks on our uniforms.

When I was in college, going to the St. Patrick’s day parade in South Boston was a big deal. It was a day to celebrate by wearing green and drinking a significant amount of alcohol. I remember several toasts to me by people I didn’t know that we’d met in the bars. Kathleen Ryan is as Irish a name as can be.

My mother always made corned beef and cabbage today. She was a great cook, but I do remember one year she cooked it a bit too long, and my father was mystified when he couldn’t find the potatoes. They had dissolved in the pan. He was more than disappointed.

I have no plans for today though I’m thinking I might go out for corned beef and cabbage. I can’t imagine St. Patrick’s  Day without it.

“The trouble with retirement is that you never get a day off.”

July 14, 2010

We had rain last night, a quiet summer rain. It was a sit under the umbrella and listen sort of rain. It left today dark and damp and still with a gray sky which doesn’t forecast rain. The house feels closed in from the humidity. The rooms are dark. I almost want to whisper.

I have several errands today, and I know I’ll be a sweaty mess by the time I’m done. One of my errands has been a long time coming. My Peace Corps slides are going to be send to be digitalized. They were in old carousals for a projector long gone so I haven’t seen them in a while. I’m pretty excited. The rest of my errands are mundane, including a dump run. My days are often too exciting to describe in detail.

I’ve been toying with taking a day off each week from Coffee. The last day off was when I flew home from Colorado and the three before that were when I was in the hospital, a few years back. I probably would have posted then, but they didn’t allow computers. My friend Christer takes Wednesdays off, and it is the perfect day for me too as it is always a busy day with a play at night so this will be the last Wednesday posting until after Labor Day.

I feel a bit guilty about leaving you in the lurch.

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