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“The individual is handicapped by coming face to face with a conspiracy so monstrous he cannot believe it exists.”

September 27, 2011

This morning it was coffee and papers on the deck. The morning was warm and sunny. Gracie found a cool spot and fell asleep, sort of keeping me company. The birds were plentiful as I had filled the feeders yesterday. The deck, however, brought me a bit of sadness. Some of the flowers are dead as are a few of the herbs. The sun feels different and its shine is muted.

When I had finished the papers, I decided to go into the backyard and collect the branches which had fallen during the summer and the hurricane. After I dragged one huge branch I couldn’t even lift the whole length of the yard, I decided that was it for the day. I did find Gracie’s favorite toy and brought it back inside.

It doesn’t happen often, but I have been bored of late. I’m guessing it is the letdown after my trip. I start to read then get tired of my book and then look to find something else to do. The other day it was dust seldom if ever seen places. Today we’re going to the dump, a Gracie trip as it does nothing for me.

We rode down cape a bit yesterday as I was going to a shop which sells frames so I could hang a few of my favorite Ghanaian shots. The store has been replaced. I shrugged and figured it was all part and parcel of my boredom as even my errands come to naught. I went the back road home hoping the farm store would be open. It wasn’t even there. A squirrel has eaten a chunk from the pumpkin I just put by the front steps. I think I am in the middle of a conspiracy of sorts.

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