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“Christmas is doing a little something extra for someone.”

December 5, 2016

The day is dreary with early morning rain leaving the sky dark and the air feeling a bit dank. The house is as warm as usual but somehow feels colder. I’m wearing a sweatshirt. Gracie finds the couch more inviting than her outside jaunts.

I’m going to bring up some Christmas from the cellar. I’ll keep going as long as my back does. It looks like no outside lights today as I doubt Skip, my factotum, will be by to put them up. Tomorrow is supposed to be sunny.

I’ve turned on all the lights strands in the different rooms. The kitchen has red chili lights and seashell lights. The bathroom has a small tree made of driftwood and strung with white lights. This room has a string of colored lights wrapped around the old wooden ironing board leaning against the closet. In the dark, the lights give the house a festive glow.

I’m not doing any errands today. Like Gracie, I am content to be inside where it is dry and warm. Other than Christmas I have nothing on my household to do list. I changed the bed yesterday and you already know about my triumph over the laundry. I do have my Christmas cards to sign, address and send, but I need to buy stamps so I’m thinking to put them on the list for later in the week. Wednesday will be my errand day.

We vote tomorrow for the Water Commissioner. I don’t remember why it wasn’t on the November ballot, but because it is the only race, the number of voters will probably be low.   One of the hopefuls is doing some door to door. I used to work with him so he’ll get my vote. Besides, even if I didn’t know him, I’d be impressed he is running a campaign.

Okay, I admit I am watching the Hallmark holiday movies. All that sugar is addictive. There is also a comfort in knowing all of them have happy endings. I look forward to that.




“Gifts of time and love are surely the basic ingredients of a truly merry Christmas.”

December 3, 2015

Today is warm for December, in the mid-50’s. The sun comes in and out from behind grey clouds. A small breeze ruffles the few leaves left on the oak trees.

My den is filled with bags and packages. Tonight I will begin wrapping the Colorado gifts so they can be sent. I’m hoping I can finish by Monday. The good thing is no ribbons on the packages as the cats are prone to eat them.    I’ve even caught Fern munching.

When I was a kid, we had Advent wreaths, four candles set around a small decorated wreath which my mother always placed on the living room table. Three of the candles were purple and one was white or sometimes pink. Each Sunday in Advent one of the candles was lit. The odd color was for Gaudete Sunday, the third Sunday of Advent, the halfway point until Christmas. I can see the wreath in my mind’s eye. We’d all surround it and take a turn lighting the candles. I know there were specific prayers read from a card, but I have no memory of what they were or even who read them. I just remember the wreath and the candles.

Our house was always decorated. The picture window had snowflakes and stars from stencils and spray on white snow from a can. The Christmas cards were taped around the archway leading to the kitchen. Those were the days of Christmas cards. There were so many the mailman came twice. My mother would let us open them then she’d dutifully mark received on the index cards in the metal Christmas card file box. I remember the box had a green background and white trees and stars. Each year my mother would send cards to the names and addresses in the box and check sent when she did. If none were received back for two or three years, cards were no longer sent to them.

Cardboard Santas were taped on the walls and silver tinsel was hung around windows, but the centerpiece was always the tree. I remember crawling under it to plug in the lights which were big, different colors and burned hot. I also remember so many plugs attached one on top of the other I wonder how we avoided an electrical fire.

I always remember wonder when I think of Christmas as I was growing up. My memories are filled with colors and Christmas carols and wrapped presents under the tree. I remember all the Christmas cookie cutters and decorating sugar cookie Santas, trees, bells and reindeer. It was my mother who brought Christmas magic and gave us all the memories.