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“What a strange power there is in clothing.”

May 8, 2015

My windows have been opened to bring inside the sweetness of spring and to rid the house of the closed smell of winter. Through those opened windows I get to hear the birds and be serenaded by their songs, sounds muted in the house during winter. This morning I was awake at dawn for a bit and could hear the mighty chorus of birds greeting the day; however, with the temperature going down to the 40’s tonight, I’ll have no choice but to shut the windows as the day starts to close and the sun dips behind the trees.

A long missing sock has returned home. It is red and one half of a favorite pair. The other red sock sat on the dryer all this time so I’d know where it was just in case its mate returned, but I admit I wasn’t hopeful. I went to get a sweatshirt this morning and pulled out one I haven’t worn in a while, a favorite sweatshirt, a Doctor Who sweatshirt. When I put it on, the sock popped out of the hood. Now I have a reunited pair of favorite socks.

When I was a kid, I didn’t really care if my socks matched. I just wanted one for each foot and just about any socks would do. I didn’t have fashion sense. It never even occurred to me there was a method to choosing clothes. I’d wear my girl jeans forever as they were comfortable and warm. Girl jeans were the ones with the zipper in the pocket. Back then that wasn’t the only difference between girls’ and boys’ clothes. Girls never wore shirts but rather blouses which always looked like shirts to me so I was a bit baffled. I know girls’ shirts have buttons on the left side while boys’ have buttons on the right. I looked it up just now and found that the reason dated back at least a century. Because men dressed themselves and most were right -handed, that’s where the buttons went, but servants dress the women and stood in front to button the frocks so left-side buttons made for easy buttoning. Sneakers too were different. Boys had high tops while my sneakers were low tops but both were usually Keds. I never wore a jersey, but my brother often did. His looked like Beaver Cleaver’s, usually long sleeve and striped. I did have one summer advantage, sleeve-less blouses.

Fashion has changed dramatically, and I couldn’t be happier. I don’t have to wear classic old lady clothes. They don’t exist anymore. Come to think of it, neither do old ladies.

But inside, I’m going, ‘Oh my God, is my zipper up? Do I have a booger in my nose?’ That’s my inner monologue.

April 11, 2014

What a surprise the morning brought: a cloudy, damp, chilly day. (You know of course that was tongue in cheek!)

I was up early to meet friends for breakfast and did one other errand then came home because my back had started to give me trouble. I still have two more errands on my list so I’ll go out this afternoon. This has been a busy week, the busiest in a long while, and I’m even going to the movies tomorrow to see The Grand Budapest Hotel. On Sunday I will rest. I will out sloth the sloths.

My favorite pie of all is lemon meringue. My mother always made it at Thanksgiving, an odd choice among the pumpkin and squash pies, but a popular choice in my family. My second favorite is blueberry. I never mix ice cream and pie or even ice cream and cake. I find the mixture off-putting.

I learned to tie my shoes when I was young. My first ties were loose but I got better and the ties got tighter. My method was simple and I think is the most common: make a loop with one end, wrap the other end around and pull a loop through the “hole” in the middle. I thought everyone tied their shoes in the same way then a friend did the double loop. She made a loop on each end then tied a knot with them. I was surprised. I tried it a few times but went back to the standard way my mother had taught me.

Buttons were easy. Each one had its own buttonhole though sometimes I’d miss a button and put the next button in the wrong hole. I’d end up with an uneven jacket. My solution was to start buttoning from the bottom. 

Zippers were the most difficult of all. Two sides had to be connected exactly the right way, and that was no easy task. My little fingers didn’t work well and one side would zip while the other didn’t because I had missed the connection. Sometimes cloth got caught in the zipper, and that was the worst. I used to zip my jacket before I put it on so I could see what I was doing then I’d slip the jacket over my head and zip it the rest of the way. I don’t know how old I was before I could zip while wearing the jacket. I remember it took a while.

I have only one pair of shoes with laces, sneakers actually. My winter coat, which I seldom wear, has a zipper. My shirts have buttons, but I don’t button them every time. I leave the shirts buttoned up and just slip them over my head. That’s the lazy woman’s way.

“His socks compelled one’s attention without losing one’s respect”

September 26, 2011

Today is perfectly beautiful. The sun is warm without being hot, the sky is blue and there is a slight breeze. All week the temperature will be in the low 70’s. I doubt it gets much better than this.

My right arm is peeling, a souvenir from my Ghanaian journey. On the way up-country to Tamale, I got quite the sunburn. I told Thomas, my driver, I had to sit backwards all the way to Accra. He told me I would be uncomfortable.

Every now and then I run into a day when I have absolutely nothing going on in my head. I stare out the window hoping for some sort of inspiration and am usually disappointed. The neighborhood has a barking dog at the moment, and that’s the only excitement, and I’m stretching the meaning of excitement by even using that word. I guess this will just have to be a stream of consciousness day.

When I was young, the tops of all my socks were stretched and hung down near my shoes. My mother told me not to pull on the tops to put them on my feet. I never listened, and I really didn’t care if they were stretched. I’m not even sure if I cared if they matched. I have a friend who only wears white socks, the same kind of white socks. He never minds losing one sock.

I can sew on a button so it stays on. Sometimes I sew it so well I can’t get it into the button hole. The button has no give. My clothes can be wrinkled or faded, but I won’t wear shirts missing buttons. I even have a box of buttons so I can through and try to match the missing one. I don’t sew anything else.

Crooked pictures drive me crazy as do candles leaning to one side or the other. The rug in the living room is an area rug. It came from Turkey, and I love it for its figures and its muted colors. I have this thing about the sides being placed exactly the same on each outside board. The dog is prone to bringing her toys to that rug and play on it. She also brings a biscuit to picnic on the rug. Both things drive me crazy, but I allow them and then go back and clean up and move the rug so it is even. I figure it’s a small thing in the realm of things.

I don’t always make my bed. Strangely enough I did when I worked, and back then I left for work by 6:20 each morning. I think the reason I don’t now is every day has the potential of being a nap day, and I’d hate to mess up a well made bed.

Well, it’s time to finish. My heart is pumping. Two dogs are now barking, and Gracie is going out to investigate. I’m not sure how much more excitment I can take!

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