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“If Barbie is so popular, why do you have to buy her friends?”

October 8, 2010

The day is beautiful and warm. I sat outside on the deck for a while soaking up the sun and watching the birds.

When I was little, I always wanted a train set, but in those days there were girl toys and boy toys, and trains were not on the list of girl toys. Dolls were and every Christmas until I was around nine or ten I’d get a new doll. As I got older, the dolls got smaller. The last Christmas doll was a Ginny doll. She came with clothes and pink furniture. I played with her for a while, but then I lost interest and she went on the shelf. Games were for anybody and so were bikes and sleds. Boys’ bikes had a bar across, girls’ bikes didn’t. It never occurred to me to wonder why. It was just one of those things. Later, I figured out it had to do with skirts. The only guns I ever wanted were Dale Evans’ cap guns, but I didn’t get those either. I guess a gun belt wasn’t really a girl thing. My ice skates were white figure skates; my brother’s were hockey skates. He never played hockey, but he was a boy and those were boy skates. I actually don’t even remember him skating all that much, but I grew out of a few pairs of ice skates, still have a pair in the cellar.

I had a doll carriage; he had a pedal car. I remember walking the carriage around the block with my doll bundled inside. My brother sped down the hill in his car with the pedals whirring as he flew. His car was far more fun than my doll carriage.

Since I grew up, the lines have blurred between girl toys and boys toys. Kids can play with whatever they want. I even have a train set.