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“Anyone who’s just driven 90 yards against huge men trying to kill them has earned the right to do Jazz hands. ”

February 4, 2018

Here it is, Super Bowl Sunday, a celebration, a day to spend with friends and eat chicken wings and nachos and scream at the TV. I have a new Patriot’s sweatshirt to wear during the game. I will cheer loudly for my home team hoping to drown out the boos from the rest of the country. My Pats are not well liked. I don’t really care about that. They don’t need like. They need Tom to be at the top of his game and Gronk and Cooks and Danny Amendola open for the pass and a run to the goalpost.

My father should be watching the game sitting at his spot on the couch, an ashtray beside him, Hershey’s Miniatures in a bowl and a plate full of the appetizers my mother would have made on the table beside him. My mother never liked sports of any sort, but she was the consummate hostess and would have made a variety of appetizers for the celebration. She’d even have sat with us in the living room knowing nothing about football but wanting to spend the time with us. She even cheered when we did. My father loved football and was a fan his whole life, and I am sorry he never saw the Pats win a Super Bowl. He would have been tickled pink.

My wrist still hurts. The swelling is just about gone, but it is still painful to bend my hand. I can hear you now, ‘Then why do you bend it?” My knee is still painful. Getting downstairs is tough as I can’t grab the bannister and my knee hurts as I go down each step. I am so very careful.

Maddie is better, but she drives me crazy. With both Fern and my Gracie gone, Maddie has become insistent and pushy. When she wants pats, she meows and head bonks my leg. She watches me eat hoping for a treat off my plate. When I go to the kitchen, she follows me and meows for roast beef. I give it to her. Every time I pass the bathroom, she meows for fresh water. Now she sleeps all day on the couch beside me.

It must have rained during the night. Most of the snow is gone. My car is clear as is the walkway. It is cloudy and damp but warm at 44˚. More rain is predicted for later. It is perfect weather for staying inside and watching football. Go Pats!!