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“Interesting fact: a shark will only attack you if you’re wet.”

August 1, 2017

The day is beautiful but warm and getting warmer. Gracie and I spent the earlier morning on the deck. I read the papers and watched the birds. Sometimes, though, I was so taken I put the paper aside and just watched. The chickadees are the most numerous. I saw two chasing each other. I don’t know if they were amorous or angry. A few nuthatches and tufted titmice also flew in for a few seeds. They waited patiently on branches for the chickadees to leave. I could hear a woodpecker at a pine tree. The fountain, filled with water, splashed and burbled. Gracie thinks it’s a bubbler, a water fountain, so I have to keep filling it. The loud sound of a mower from next door broke the magic of the deck so Gracie and I came inside.

I have to leave the house today to do three errands. I’m hoping they won’t take too long. I have mapped the route, a summer necessity to avoid traffic though today is too nice a beach day to expect tourists on the road.

It will be hot today. It is already 82˚ but won’t get much higher. Tonight will be in the 60’s.  If I controlled the weather, I would make today just the way it is and the way it will be tonight.

I brought my camera with me to the deck and took pictures of the deck and the birds. The flowers in the clay pots are blooming. They are mostly on the long rail, but a few big ones are the deck where it ends. I love the look of the clay pots and the wooden flower boxes planted with herbs which are on one smaller rail. When I sit at the table, I can smell basil.

I’m still watching shark movies on Syfy. With most television programs being reruns, I watch baseball or sharks. The Sox won last night and so did the sharks until the end of the movie. We get to watch them devour people before the sharks are blown up which seems to be the only way to kill dinoshark, atomic shark, ghost shark, ice shark, roboshark and so many others, all man eaters. That five headed shark, Sunday’s movie, shared the victims. One head ate a half while another head ate the other half. The front end of the shark had four heads so I felt gypped until they showed the fifth head on the tail. It never seemed to eat but its jaw kept opening and closing.

Jaws was made in Cape waters, and when the first great whites showed up off the coast, there was a sort of Jaws frenzy. Last year 68 various kinds of sharks were spotted off Cape Cod. If they ever start feasting on tourists I may do nothing, but that could prickle my conscience so I’ll explain from my Syfy experience that blowing them up is the only solution.


“Busy is good because it shows you’re alive.”

June 2, 2016

The last two days have been busy. I need a vacation. Yesterday I spend two hours chatting with my neighbor. We usually get together on Mondays but she couldn’t this week. She just became an American citizen and wants to improve her English so we chat and I help her with her grammar and pronunciation. She and her husband call me Miss Kath. It makes me feel 85. They make me part of the family which is quite nice. We have a graduation dinner on Saturday. Their middle child is graduating from high school. I love the food Niecy serves as it is Brazilian. She always makes sure there is plantain as she knows it is a favorite of mine.

In the afternoon I went to the pain clinic for the next episode of the bad back. The doctor injected steroids between bones in my back. The pain was bad enough my body stiffened until the procedure was over, four shots one at a time. I came home and took a nap.

Today my morning was filled. First I chatted with three technicians at XFinity because my On Demand won’t connect and the called ID is gone from my TV. Each tech sent my call to a higher tech. The final tech gave me an appointment time for Monday. The next call was to the Global On-Line government office; of course, all their lines are busy.

Skip, my factotum, is coming tomorrow to open the deck so I needed to have everything bought. I went to the hardware store for spray paint and brushes. My window boxes need to be painted, that was the spray, and the side fence needs to be repainted, brushes. My next stop was Agway. I bought soil for potting and several plants for the window boxes and the clay pots I bought the other day. The flower colors are vivid and wonderful. I have a mixture of pinks, purples and blues for the big pots and red, white and yellow for the smaller pots. As usual I have no idea what I bought. I had a friend with me who works at Agway, and she made all the choices except for the basil and rosemary. My car smelled wonderful on the ride home. The only plant left to get is catnip. They were out of it. I use it in the pots near the table to keep the mosquitos away.

My last stop was Ring’s, an occasion of sin for me is what the nuns would call it. I go for one thing and end up buying many things. Today I wanted a treat for all my labors, a cinnamon bun, but then I also bought a leek and spinach hand pie, some flowers, dog biscuits and a package of dried vegetable chips. One thing always expands to become many when I shop at Ring’s.

Today is damp and humid and will be in the low 60’s. I’m thinking I have earned a nap and a vacation. My dance card is empty until Saturday.

“Clusters of bats hung like bunches of withered grapes from the roof and when, from time to time, either Kerim’s head or Bond’s brushed against them, they exploded twittering into the darkness.”

May 15, 2015

Lots of excitement here last night. We all, the two cats, the dog and I, were in the den. They were, as is their habit, asleep, two beside me and one on the table. I was on the couch at the computer and watching TV when whoosh something flew all around the room. It was a bat. I watched it leave this room then began to follow it as it flew around the house including upstairs. I opened both doors and a couple of windows. The doors had to be barricaded so the cats wouldn’t go out either one and Gracie wouldn’t escape through the front door. The bat would disappear then reappear. Gracie and I were sitting in the living room when we both heard scratching noises from under the table. She cocked her head and I turned on the flashlight. The bat was moving from one thing to another in plain sight. I shined the light on it, and it flew by me brushing my head in the take off. My sister offered a solution from my brother-in-law. I should put milk in a cup, and when the parched bat stopped for a drink, I’d  grab the cup with the bat inside, presumably still drinking, and throw both outside. Okay, sure, I’ll grab an opened cup with a bat inside. Anyway the bat didn’t appear for a while so I sat down to watch TV. The house by then was pretty chilly, down to 64˚. After an hour and no new sightings, I shut everything and closed the doors. I haven’t seen the bat since.

I remember a really bad movie about cave living vampire bats who flew out at night and attacked people. Several bats would land on the poor victims, mostly on their heads and necks, all at the same time. The people would scream as the bats bit down and sucked their blood. When I saw the bat in the light, I thought how small it is then I remembered the movie and hoped he had no friends.

Today is pots and window boxes planting day. I stopped at Agway this morning for more trailing rosemary and a few more flowers for a couple of pots we found yesterday. I so love the deck when all the flowers on the rail are in bloom and you can smell the rosemary and the basil.

Clouds have taken over the sunny morning. We may have showers tomorrow. I hope so: we need the rain. Last night was down to the 50’s again. My bedroom, with the window open, was quite chilly. Gracie and Fern huddled against me. I woke up early but was slow to leave the warm bed. I stayed under the covers for a while then dragged myself into the morning.