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“Sunday is the golden clasp that binds together the volume of the week”

May 20, 2012

Yesterday was a Kathleen day, one fraught with danger, mishaps and bodily injury. My back was bad so it took me forever to haul in my purchases from the plant sale. I grabbed the fence post for support while I opened the gate and got a splinter in my thumb. It was a small one but digging it out hurt nonetheless. I banged my wrist on the table edge and got a huge bruise which is still there but the swelling has gone down. That’s a good thing. I hit the top of my head twice on the same cabinet. The first time was happenstance while the second time was stupidity. I have my baskets on a rod from the ceiling in the dining room, each basket having its own arm. I was adding a basket which meant rearranging, and I hit the basket with the lavender stalks and knocked the stalks to the floor. They fell and, being dried, tiny blossoms were all over the place. It took a while to sweep those up. Cody, Gracie’s friend, came to visit and his tail swished across my succulent garden and dirt was spread over the floor. I cleaned that up too. The last straw was when the cabinet door where the kitchen trash basket is came off in my hand. It seems the screw holes have gotten too big for the screws. I immediately shut the door as well as I could, dragged myself upstairs and took a nap.

Last night, wary of moving too much, I stayed on the couch. I am always an accident waiting to happen so I figured the couch was a safe refuge from the plight of every day living. It was and I had the pleasure of an easy night and a Red Sox win.

Today is another beautiful day, and it is already 68°. The dog has been outside all morning, and a while ago she was resting on the lounge in the sun. I think we’ll be fighting for that spot later in the afternoon.

Enjoy your Sunday.

“Hopefully my bad luck is over, and I got it all out of the way. I’m looking forward now. I’m not looking in the past.”

June 9, 2011

I am going to run away from home. I am living under a dark cloud, both literally and figuratively. Earlier there was thunder, it rained a bit and the clouds are still gray and a bit ominous. That’s the literal. I went down the cellar to see why my irrigation system didn’t work this morning, and the cellar, on one side and seeping to the other, is flooded. Right away, from the constant dripping, I found the source, another pipe with several leaks. That’s the figurative though it also has literal written all over it. On my way over to the pipe, I slipped on a sopping bag and went to my knees. Luckily, I wasn’t hurt: I just got wet and a bit indignant. I couldn’t get to the pipe with the storage stacked around it so I called Skip and he arrived with a pump just as the plumber arrived. Walter, my plumber, tightened a few screws and the dripping stopped. He’ll be back later to check, but he thinks it was just a loose valve. Skip is now pumping out my cellar. (P.S. He pumped out 20 and 1/2 gallons).

This morning I had great plans. I was going to the once a week farmers’ market then on to Hyannis for a bit of shopping. Not any more. Now I’ll wait for Skip to finish and my plumber to return then I’ll punish myself further by grocery shopping. I liken it to self-flagellation.

My sister said at least I wasn’t dead. She has a point.

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