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“Walking is a virtue, tourism is a deadly sin.”

July 19, 2016

The windows and doors were opened for about a half an hour. Gracie was restless and started panting. I decided it was time to turn on the air conditioner. Tonight is supposed to be cool so I’ll try to open the house then.

The laundry pile was getting higher and higher so I decide it was time to bring it down the cellar and throw it in the washing machine. The machine didn’t have a setting for mountainous so I went with heavy load.

My friend said she was divebombed by moths when she left the house. There are more flitting around than there were yesterday. My backyard has so many I dare not go on the deck. That B movie plot about Attack of the Gypsy Moths still sticks in my head.

When I was an English teacher, I bought all the guides to the books my kids were reading in class. When I assigned essays about theme or character, I found some students had copied directly from the guide books. I’d give those students an F and cite the page from which they lifted the material. I’d write plagiarized as the reason for the F. Enough said!

There is a nuisance of tourists. I haven’t seen so many in a long while. The license plates from all over are indicators that the economy is doing well. A long while back, when gas was rationed, the cape was almost clear of tourists. Now, trying to find  a parking space takes patience, circling around and following people headed to their cars.

The rain missed us last night. There was a torrential rain and hail storm north of Boston. Trees fell and knocked down poles and electrical lines. Roads were closed. The wind took off roofs. I do not want such a dangerous storm, but I do want rain.

Fern goes for a follow-up at the vets today. I hate putting that poor kitty in the carry crate. She gets terrified. I’ll just have to talk to her and soothe her the whole trip. I do think the vet will be pleased with her progress.

Mac and cheese is on the menu for lunch. It is one of my all time favorite comfort foods, right behind meatloaf. Last night I had a crab and clam cake for dinner. I bought it at the fish market. I also bought some crab cakes for tonight.  I’m loving my menus!

“A girl should be two things: who and what she wants.”

August 24, 2014

Last night’s movie, The Man with Two Heads, was hysterically funny. Some people would have hated it for the same reasons we loved it. We laughed many times at the action, especially the chase scenes, and laughed the loudest at the ending. I won’t give it away in case the B-movie lovers among you haven’t seen it yet.

When I was in the seventh grade, I played CYO basketball. We traveled to other towns. My coach, a woman, had been a marine. She was a no-nonsense sort of coach who made us wear white high top sneakers to protect our ankles. Basketball for girls in those days meant three dribbles then pass, and you couldn’t cross the center line so I was stuck on one side of the court. I was a guard so I couldn’t shoot. It was frustrating.

On our schoolyard were two baskets. Every recess the boys played a sort of half court basketball at each of the baskets. It was an unspoken rule that the baskets were for the boys. The younger girls could jump rope while we older girls stood in groups and talked mostly about the boys. My fellow basketball players and I decided that we girls should have one of the baskets. I asked and was refused. It was a strange conversation between my teacher and me. I didn’t have a nun as there weren’t enough for every class so we had nuns every other year. Mrs. Corcoran was my teacher. She was the poster woman for teachers in the 1950’s with her modest clothes, mostly suits, and her old lady hair-dos from her once a week trip to the hairdressers. She came to my desk to explain, quietly, why I was refused. She asked if I had my friend yet. That was parlance in those days for having your period. I told her no and she went on to say that soon enough I would and probably wouldn’t want to play sports anymore after that. I was totally confused at the connection between the two. When I asked, she said it was because I wouldn’t be a little girl anymore. I’d be a woman. I was even more confused, and that’s where she left me.

“I dunno what the hell’s in there, but it’s weird and pissed off, whatever it is.”

February 20, 2014

The leak has stopped which got me thinking it might just be from the overhang outside. When the roof snow melted, it dripped to the overhang. Now the snow is gone and both the outside and inside dripping have stopped. My plumber too thinks it must be from outside or why else would it stop. I am to keep an ear on it and call him if it leaks again. The ceiling, though, is a mess and will need to be painted when it dries.

This morning I nailed the red spawn with a snowball. It was jumping up at the feeder and taking seeds so I took soft snow, fashioned it into a hard, round snowball and let it go. The snowball sailed true and hit the spawn who disappeared off the deck. It was like a carnival game. The cheeky rodent, though, came back so I nailed it again. It hasn’t returned. I have to go out and fill the feeders later as all of them are close to being empty so I’ll keep a snowball handy just in case. I wonder what prize I’ll pick.

Today is beautiful, sunny and warm. The sky is a magnificent blue and there are no clouds. It is a day to be outside. Gracie too will enjoy the ride. I’ll even open her window.

The syfy channel is adding salt to our wounds. All of its programming today revolves around ice and snow. A monster made of ice just froze too many people to count. One stab to the body and the victims turned to ice and fell apart into cubes. A new movie is starting and more snow monsters will be found in the Arctic. The movie is Rage of the Yeti, and the first one appeared three minutes into the film. It looked like a crazed polar bear. When it reappeared three minutes later, it dragged away its first victim, for dinner I suspect. “We need to get out of here,” is some of the sharp dialogue. Considering a Yeti just took down a plane and grabbed another victim, I’d call that a wise decision. “It’s going to be a long night,” was the comment after a Yeti bit the dust. I’m not even sure this qualifies as a B movie. I’m thinking far lower in the alphabet. It will be fun.

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