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“It’s thought that hibernation was once a shared characteristic among all mammals, and then we humans lost the ability to hibernate — but it still might be in our genes.”

September 19, 2013

Lots to do today but around the house lots to do, my least favorite sort of today. This room resembles a haunted house, one left to dust and cobwebs. It was in disarray because some electrical work had to be done, and the desk had to be moved out-of-the-way. All the books on the shelves and the drawers ended up in the living room. Behind the desk, an area not seen in decades, was a bit of Miss Haversham’s room. That area was cleaned but now everything on the desk is filled with dust. I’m tackling that today. I should wear a full length apron, a scarf on my head, rubber gloves so my hands will stay soft, a dress, and, of course, my pearls. For some reason, that’s how I imagine the dusting look. Wait, I forget the feather duster!

Today is another beautiful autumn day with blue skies, lots of sun and warmth. Last night was cool, perfect for sleeping weather, and the weatherman has kindly predicted a whole rest of the week of the same. Both doors are opened and Fern is lying asleep in the sun. Gracie is on the couch for her morning nap and is snoring. I didn’t get to sleep until around three o’clock this morning so I’m thinking a nap sounds perfect. I imagine Fern and Gracie will join me.

I had the two bathrooms painted, got a new shower curtain made of Ghanaian cloth and had some Ghanaian cloth send to me by one of my former students so my friend can sew bathroom curtains. I bought a new bedroom spread, curtains and throw rugs. I figure with winter coming it’s like I’m getting the house ready for hibernation, changing the scene a bit to stave off boredom. I go through recipes planning menus in my head. They all have a different theme. I’m thinking Hawaii for a dead of winter party with only flowered shirts allowed. Poi will not be on the menu. Chinese is another choice and only chopsticks will be used for eating. The planning is fun. For now, though, I’ll just enjoy the weather and keep getting ready to hibernate. I’m trying to decide what room will be next.

“Give me a laundry-list and I’ll set it to music.”

October 23, 2010

The last few days have been lovely with a bright sun and relatively warm weather, but once that sun goes down, it gets mighty chilly. Yesterday was errand day and Gracie and I were out and about for a couple of hours. I stopped at Hart Farm for some small pumpkins and ended up buying cherry tomatoes, purple and fingerling potatoes, onion jam and honey crisp apples. I couldn’t resist.

On the back of my cellar door is a spice rack. I had it built to fit the width of the door when my spices outgrew their kitchen cabinet. Every time I open that door to go down cellar I catch a whiff of the most amazing aroma, a sweet combination of herbs and spices. I have all the common herbs and spices and some exotic ones, mostly for Indian and Moroccan foods. They are, of course, arranged alphabetically to make it easier to find them. On the inside of a kitchen cabinet door is stapled a typed list of all the rack’s contents. I made the list when I found several cinnamon, cream of tartar and peppercorn jars. I also made the list because I am anal about lists.

My making lists started innocently enough. When I worked, with little free time during the week, I needed to cram everything into week-ends, all the chores and errands, so I made a list. It was one list, one all-encompassing list, until that fateful Thanksgiving dinner when I forgot to bring some food to the table. It was a Waldorf salad left it in the back of the fridge. A flow chart came out of that experience. It starts a day or two before the event and ends with the cooking times: in and out. I was unwittingly becoming a list maker.

One year I forgot a traditional stocking stuffer I always gave my mother, a new linen calendar for the kitchen. She mentioned it, and the day after Christmas I bought her one. I decided then to keep a Christmas gift list of all I’ve bought and the traditional gifts I need to get.

As I grew older, I forgot stuff so I kept a list of groceries, appointments and on and on. Lists tend to beget lists, and I was hooked on making lists. Post-it notes are my friends. I have them in a variety of colors, and they hang off the car dashboard, the computer monitor and the lamp shade.They are but the tip of the iceberg. I am a list maker.

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