“Summer is leaving silently. Much like a traveler approaching the end of an amazing journey.”

The heat is coming back but not quite yet. Today will be sunny with a high of 75° and a low of 60°. Right now it is a gorgeous day. It is a day to be outside. I have a few perennials I bought on sale which need to be planted, and I found the perfect spots in the front garden, a garden now alive with fall flowers. The clematis has bloomed. The fence is covered in white flowers. The flowers have also grown up the trunk of the pine tree. The pink hibiscus is bright with color. I noticed a few plants in the small bed have buds. I have no idea what the plants are. I’ll just have to be patient until they bloom.

When I was a kid, my father planted pansies in the front garden. I remember the purple ones with yellow and white faces. Winter pansies are the first flowers I bought for this house. They felt like old friends.

My lawn is green with mostly moss. I even pulled up a few lawn weeds when I went to get the paper this morning. Across the street, my neighbor’s yard is brown. That is the color of summer this year.

On the TV weather last night, the map showed the cape in high drought. The weatherman noted most storms have skipped the cape this year. I want a rainstorm with claps of thunder and jagged lightning across the sky and a deluge so loud it makes it difficult to hear anything but the rain. If the rain falls straight, I can sit on the deck under the umbrella and become part of the storm.

The dogs hurry outside in the mornings. Nala always goes first out the dog door followed by Henry. They do their business quickly then come inside for their morning biscuits. Henry takes his to the rug. Nala eats hers in the same spot where I handed it to her. She eats even the smallest crumbs. When they are done, they go back outside. They only came in for the biscuits. Smart dogs!

Today is dump day, a sacred day. It is also outdoor chore day. I have a lot to do: plant the new flowers, water the deck plants, see to my little library and sweep a bit of the deck where I spilled some dirt. I’ll also take lunch on the deck and eat to music playing from my deck Alexa. This sounds like a wonderful day, a perfect day.

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4 Comments on ““Summer is leaving silently. Much like a traveler approaching the end of an amazing journey.””

  1. Bob Says:

    Hi Kat,

    Although the high today will only be 89° with sunny skies, summer is not through with us yet. Next week the weather prognosticators are forecasting warmer temperatures and no rain.

    I don’t plant anything in my yard. I was born with a purple thumb. I can kill a plant my just looking at it. 🙂 My front landscaping came with the house and I have a lawn care service.

    Sadly Queen Elizabeth passed away yesterday. I would have thought she would have outlived her mother who lived to over 100. However, 96 is a good number of years.

    I haven’t been following the baseball season, but for the 50th season the Texas Rangers stank up their air conditioned ballpark. They did get to the World Series a couple of years in a row and even then couldn’t get over the hump and lost both times.

    • katry Says:

      Hi Bob,
      We, or at least Boston, will be in the low 80’s next week. We should be lower than that. The nights cool down a bit for sleeping and windows down are enough.

      I have quite a few flowers which bloom every year. Some bloom in the fall so the garden has blossoms at different times. I love the flowers. They don’t need much upkeep.

      I figure she had the weight of office her mother did not have. As Queen she had to steer her realm through so much over her long reign.

      The Sox are right down there with the Rangers. They have had a horrific season. Pitching including in relief killed their chances.

  2. Birgit Says:

    Summer is leaving quickly. Two rainy days in a row by now after this summers drought, I gathered all the rain I could get and watered my garden trees and bushes. The lawn is brown but most of it will survive I think. I don’t want to waste water and it doesn’t have to be perfect. First day wearing socks and a sweater. Biking in the rain was quite odd and strange today, kind of a long lost experience. Yes, this summers color was brown again, I saw many dead trees and dried-up landscapes on my summer train rides. Btw, it’s a bad joke of industrialized history that we have have to remove our groundwater in this former coal-mining region, the surface has lowered so much that we would live in a swamp otherwise.

    • katry Says:

      The Cape is so dry right now. North of us has had tremendous storms while we have had none of any consequence. Leaves are turning brown. I have to water the flowers. I let the lawn die in peace.

      I wore a long sleeve shirt the other night as it had gotten down to the low 60’s, but the temperature goes back and forth and hot’s turn is coming again next week.

      I’m glad for the fall flowers as there will not be beautiful foliage this fall.

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