Storms in Africa: Enya 

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2 Comments on “Storms in Africa: Enya ”

  1. Beto Says:

    Ode to Elizabeth II

    The sun set on the old UK
    It had not done in years
    The Lady with the sky’s respect
    Is floating on their tears

    The bells will peal from Lowestoft’s sands
    To Cornwall’s might shores
    But from Balmoral’s dusty halls
    Her face be seen no more

    The heavens laid a bridge for them
    From ancient ways to now
    The guide who led the folk across
    Bound for St. George’s ground

    • katry Says:

      It is good to have you back and even better to have one of your poems.

      This is beautiful. Your references to Lowestoft, Cornwall, Balmoral and St. George are wonderful!!

      Thank you!

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