“The world is quiet here.”

The morning is damp and cold. The house was only 64˚ when we all woke up, the dogs and I. The sun is supposed to appear later, but it will stay in the low 60’s. I have two errands, the dump and the store for cat food. I found a taste Jack likes. He empties his bowl. Unlike dogs, cats are picky. My dogs will eat anything. Each morning they get a biscuit and some banana. I just get the banana.

The air is sweet. When I walk outside, I can smell the flowers. My lilac tree is in bloom. Dark purple flowers are spread across the top. In the front garden, the white ground cover flowers have spread and bloomed. Here and there are a few pink flowers. My day lilies are tall. They border my lawn and the wild spot between my house and the next. Most of them are orange but a few yellow are intermingled. The forsythia tree has yellow buds. It is the oldest growing thing in my garden. The tree was a housewarming gift in 1977. I almost lost it one year, but it is full now. Lilies of the valley are all over the yard. They came from my mother’s house. I think of her every spring when the lilies bloom. I think it a joy to be remembered in flowers.

Every morning the dogs sense the change in my breathing and know I’m awake. They start whacking me so I have no choice but to get up. That seems to happen around 8:30 every day. I have become a creature of habit.

Last night I was patting Nala and found a tick on the inside of her floppy ear. It was tiny and hadn’t yet impeded. I flushed it. Now I’m paranoid about ticks. I checked Nala and found no more. I checked as much of Henry as he let me. He too was clean. Every day now they’ll be checked.

I sit with Jack every night, usually close to an hour. He gets treats, clean water, fresh wet food and more dry food. I clean his litter box. Jack sits behind me while I either pat or comb him. He is a huge, fluffy boy. I always find clumps. He purrs the entire time I clear the clumps. Every morning I go in and give Jack some treats and pat him and scratch his back. He always watches and waits for me. The dogs impatiently stand waiting outside the cat room gate. They want out.

The house is dark. Everything is quiet. The rain has stopped, and the wind is gone. Even the dogs have settled. I am content.

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4 Comments on ““The world is quiet here.””

  1. Bob Says:

    Hi Kat,

    Another warm, windy, mostly sunny day with a high of 92°. This morning I got up with what feels like a cold. Runny nose, a cough, and tiredness. Tonight I’m going To bed early.

    My house is never quiet. My 25 year old son talks a mile a minute to my wife when he’s up. He won’t speak to me at all. Our neighborhood is generally quiet unless the neighbors start up their, “Cowboy Cadillacs”, better known as a huge four door pick’m up trucks. We don’t live on or near any ranches or farms. I have no Idea why so many of my neighbors drive these huge, four door, painted black, pick up trucks. These things might get ten miles to a gallon of gasoline on the highway. I guess in Texas everything has to be bigger. 🙂 Even if driving to work costs an arm and a leg.

    • katry Says:

      Hi Bob,
      Today stayed in the mid 60’s, but the sun came out as promised. Tonight will be chilly, only 56˚.

      Be careful with your cold as there is one which has been crossing the country. My sister in Colorado had it, my sister here and a couple of friends. It lasts quite a while and makes people miserable. I hope yours is a quick one!!

      I live alone so my house is only as noisy as I make it except for Henry the barker. I love to have company but I am glad when they go so I can go back to the quiet. That is weird your son talks only to his mother. Maybe you should be happy seeing he talks so much.

      The trucks here are just regular size pick-up trucks. I swear landscaping is the occupation with more people than any other here, and most of them have pick-up trucks. I figure for some guys they are phallic symbols.

  2. Birgit Says:

    Bad weather today but fortunately our town wasn’t hit so hard. West of us heavy rain with flooded streets, east of us a severe thunderstorm (and apparently small tornados) which caused some damage. It’s unusual that this happened in May but weather has changed significantly over the last years. Pure coincidence that just today our government passed a law to temporarily subsidize gas for cars so we can harm the climate even more.

    • katry Says:

      Hi Birgit,
      Our weather has been fairly consistent from years past in the spring. We did reach 70˚ one day but that seemed an anomaly. Boston has already broken two records and may break another tomorrow when it reaches 90˚ there. We will only be in the 70’s but still warm for us.

      Our town has ordered a moratorium on watering lawns every day. We are on an odd-even schedule. We didn’t ve much snow this winter which also adds to the drought of sorts we have had.

      We have the same fools who won’t recognize global warming. Our former president is the king of fools.

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