Ramblin’ Boy: Tom Paxton & Pete Seeger  

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3 Comments on “Ramblin’ Boy: Tom Paxton & Pete Seeger  ”

  1. J Says:

    This got my attention this morning. I can see the album cover art in my head. There were at least five songs on it I liked, and still appreciate as songs. This was one. I still have this LP on my shelves. I was +/- 13 when it came out–Paxton was in his late 20s.

    I still think all the young white male folksingers singing about the lonely ‘love em and leave em’ life affected my young self-modelling—I think I grew up thinking we were supposed to be lonely and alone. It’s almost like the incel model of today’s young white men.
    But I still like the song…. Thanks for posting it.

    • katry Says:

      I did not even know about this LP which is odd as most of the ones I bought were all folk music. I am a fan of both Pete Seeger and Tom Paxton.

      I didn’t come away with the lonely and alone themes. I was just fine. That isn’t to say I wasn’t ever lonely, but I found solace in so many ways.

      You are welcome!

      • J Says:

        It was just all the male singer songwriters’ lament “Look out your window babe and I’ll be gone.” It was a constant star.

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