“You’re traveling all over the world but to be home is something special.”

The air is damp yet again and makes me feel closed in, hemmed in by the humidity. Rain is predicted for late this afternoon but the gray sky doesn’t look like a rain sky. It looks as it has in days, just gray.

Our Saturday movie night is going to be Sunday movie night because of the weather, the possibility of rain tonight. I have three new movies from which to choose: a new, unbroken Four Feathers, To Kill a Mockingbird and An American Werewolf in London. I’m leaning toward the last one. It has humor and a werewolf, an unbeatable combination.

I had to go around the parking lot three times yesterday before I found a space. It was almost right in front of the store. I gave thanks to the God of parking. I was in and out quickly, but now I find I need to go back. I didn’t read all of the recipe. I missed the sauce and its two ingredients. I figure to wait for the afternoon or for the rain.

I have a project. On the bottom shelf of my large metal table are three baskets. I keep putting stuff in them but take nothing out. They are mini closets, catch-alls for stuff I don’t know where else to put. My mother always had a junk drawer in the kitchen. My baskets are my junk drawers. I’m going to use a large trash bag for debris when I go through each basket. I’m hoping to find some surprises.

When I got home from Ghana and was hoping to find a teaching job, it never occurred to me to find a job which required international travel. I don’t know why unless it was just needing to get used to home again as I wasn’t happy here for a long time. I missed Ghana, the friendliness of the Ghanaians, the fun of market day, fresh fruit at lunch, the spectacular night sky, the wonderful smell of wood burning and so much more. It took me a while to notice the best parts of home.

Newspapers are making a comeback. The Washington Post and The New York Times, among others, are booming. Last November The Times signed up 130,000 new subscribers. I remember when I was a kid there were morning and evening papers, even special editions when something happened. I also remember getting ink all over my fingertips when I read the paper. I was mostly interested in the comics. My dad read the whole paper while he was having coffee. He got the Globe when he was a democrat and switched to the Herald when he became a republican. I get the Globe and the Cape Times. As did my father, I read the whole paper, each paper except I skip the international news in the Times having already read it in the Globe. I have a cup of coffee with each paper. I am my father’s daughter.

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12 Comments on ““You’re traveling all over the world but to be home is something special.””

  1. Caryn Says:

    Hi Kat,
    I was reading the Globe online earlier and there was an article titled Ode to the Outdoor Shower. I thought of you. 🙂 The idea sounds so good that I want an outdoor shower even though my neighbors would probably be able to see into it from their deck. 😮

    There was no trouble finding a parking spot at my grocery store earlier today. Lots of trouble finding a shopping cart. I had to walk back into the parking lot and get one from a shopper who was finished. The store wasn’t crowded. They just weren’t sending anyone out to cart wrangle.
    While I was shopping I met a high school friend whom I hadn’t seen in 50 years. She recognized me from my Facebook avatar. Her FB avatar is a cat so I didn’t recognize her at all. We chatted for a bit. I asked her what she’d been doing for the last 50 years and the list was long and varied. I think we shall have to do lunch.
    As soon as I left the store the rain began. Right after I lugged the bags into the house the rain stopped. But it’s been threatening wetness ever since.

    Enjoy the day.

    • katry Says:

      Hi Caryn,
      I love my outdoor shower. It is under my deck as I didn’t want it in the open. My neighbor’s deck, like yours, is higher than the shower.

      My store is not a supermarket, but it is wonderful for so many things. I have to go back to pick up a few things maybe later today.

      Wow, that is cool that you were recognized. It is always fun to reconnect with friends, especially friends from way back. Definitely do lunch and catch up.

      I laughed at the rain mistreating you. That always seems to be the way. Rain is inconsiderate.

      Have a great evening!

  2. splendidone Says:

    I am enjoying reading the newspaper again as well. We have a weekly local community one that I have read forever. I often wonder about the traveling concerning my daughters–they have been so many places-it would be difficult to stay here too long I think.

    • katry Says:

      I love my morning papers. They are the best way to ease into the day.

      I never lived at home after I graduated from college. I did visit often as I enjoyed my parents, but they had moved into that house when I was in the Peace Corps so it was never really home to me.

  3. im6 Says:

    When I saw today’s musical theme, this song immediately popped in my head. Only it was the Talking Heads version. Then I saw this one on YouTube and decided to give a shout out to Postmodern Jukebox. Don’t know if the KTCC clan knows about them, but they are QUITE the sensation. It’s the brainchild of Scott Bradlee who has gathered several troupes of traveling musicians now playing sold-out shows all over the world. They take mostly recent music and give it a vintage spin. This is a great one, if you ask me.

  4. flyboybob Says:

    Few of those new subscriptions are for the paper versions. I read the NY Times and the Washington Post almost everyday on my iPad. Eventually the physical newspaper will be a thing of the past. To stay in business newspapers have merged into mega papers. The Boston Globe and the NY Times are owned by the same company. Only the local news is printed separately.

    When I was a kid, the NY Times was considered the paper of record for the entire country. Today the President calls it and anything he thinks is critical of his administration as fake news.

    My uncle in NYC read the paper every morning and evening on the subway going to and from work. He used to read The Sun, but it merged with the World Telegraph to become and the Sun. Later they went out of business and he was forced to read the Times. The only other papers that survived are tabloids the NY Post and The Daily News. The evening newspapers were the first to go. I used to read the Dallas Times Herald which was an evening paper but switched to a morning paper. Unfortunately, they didn’t survive and were bought by the larger Dallas Morning News. The Times Herald was only slightly less conservative than the Morning News. I used to subscribe to the paper version but let it go when I can read it on my iPad.

    Unfortunately, I’m not sure that balanced professional journalism will survive the current administration in Washington. Broadcast news objectivity was killed on the 1980s by Reagan when he did away with the fairness doctrine. Men like Fred Friendly and Ed Murrow of CBS news are long dead. Objectivity has been replaced by genuine fake news sites such as Fox News which is the sounding board of the Republican Party. Worse the internet is full of right wing websites like Brightbart News which spread hate and divisiveness.

    I fear greatly for the survival of the first amendment which has been trampled by the majority’s love of the second amendment. Only our democracy is at stake.

    • katry Says:

      I don’t enjoy reading papers on-line. The only time I do read my iPad is when I’m in Ghana and have no choice if I want to check local news.

      Boston used to have several papers but only two are left now: The Globe and The Herald. The Globe has always stood alone but The Herald is the result of the joining of The Record American and The Herald. The Record American was a bit of a tabloid paper while The Herald was always staid. It is less so now, the influence of The Record American.

      I watch a lot of MNBC which Trump must hate as they report on everything he says and does, especially his foolishness and his lies. I always think it so ironic he accuses the news of being fake, even Sports Illustrated now, while much of what he says is fake, made-up.

      Just remember The Washington Post and what it now prints under the masthead:

      Democracy dies in darkness.

  5. Bob Says:

    The first thing a dictator does after taking power is to take over the news media that opposes him and jail the editors and reporters. Trump is taking baby steps in that direction by calling any coverage that disagrees with his policys fake news. Now his surrogates like the NRA are after the NY Times. Democracy is already in the shadow under 45. It’s only a short step from Trump’s lies to brown shirts in the streets.


    • katry Says:

      I don’t see taking over the news media as a possibility. Trump has fewer and fewer people supporting him. Over 60% see him as dishonest.. His fake news is only accepted as true by his smaller and smaller base. There are too many eyes and ears on him for any sort of a takeover unless it’s a golf course.

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