Fern Update

Fern  came home yesterday. The vet said that she has major heart issues. The medication for that is in conflict with her kidney medication so he doesn’t know how Fern will react. She threw a clot and has a leg on which she is limping. Last night I couldn’t find her. I was out of my mind frantic. I knew she was in the house, but despite how many times I checked and rechecked I didn’t find her. I was up most of the night and hunted throughout the house every half hour or so. At 10 to 4 this morning I heard a noise from upstairs. I ran to the stairs and she was at the top. I brought her downstairs and fed her and gave her water. She ate half the can and drank all the water. I went to bed at 5:30. This morning I couldn’t find her again. I called and when I went in the living room she was there. She ate and drank more water, and I was able to give her morning meds for heart and kidney. I watched her go upstairs and she turned into my room. I think she was in the eaves and I missed her. It is just wait and see time.

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12 Comments on “Fern Update”

  1. Birgit Says:

    Thanks for the update!
    Enjoy the additional time you’ve got with your Fern. Whatever happens, I hope you don’t have to make a hard decision.
    Sending a big Meow full of hope to Fern!

    • katry Says:

      I would make the best decision for Fern. I have had to do that before with my dog Maggie. It was so horrible, but I owed it to her for all she had given me, the same with Miss Fern.

      Thanks for the hope.

  2. Richard Says:

    Kat, I’m glad you get to have a bit more time with Fern – that’s good news. If Fern is like my former fiancée’s cats, she’ll know what to do and when. Enjoy the time that remains and spoil the hell out of her …

    • katry Says:

      She is already pretty spoiled, and I’m doing my best with her treats. I think all my pets are pretty darn spoiled. You are so right with me having extra time with her. Cats do know what to do.

  3. olof1 Says:

    That she eat and drink is always a good sign. Lets hope the medicines don’t take out each other!


    • katry Says:

      I am so hoping the same thing with the medicines. She came down this morning but hasn’t been down yet this afternoon. I’ll call for her later as she needs her evening medicines.

  4. greg washington Says:

    this is the hardest part. and the price we pay for all the love we get from our animal friends, and our human friends for that matter. fern is lucky to have you and all your friends pulling for her.

    • katry Says:

      Fern has never scratched me until the last couple of days so I know she is struggling. She is the funniest cat who scares the heck out of Gracie. I rescued her when she was 5. She has paid me back so many times with her purrs.

  5. lilydark Says:

    I’m glad you are home with her and have more time to be with each other. Again, sending purrs and prayers to both of you.

    • katry Says:

      Thanks, Lori

      I have to find her most times. Today she was under the bed. I still don’t know where she was last night. I too am happy for the time.

      Thanks for the purrs and prayers.

  6. Caryn Says:

    Hi Kat,
    Thanks for the update that Fern is back home. I hope her meds work well and you will have more time to enjoy her company.

    If she’s eating and drinking, she’s probably feeling relatively okay. But it is, as you say, a wait and see thing. May it turn out well for all.

    • katry Says:

      This morning she ate a little. I just tried water and she didn’t take it. I have to change the food for fresher. I have one of her favorites.

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