“I wonder what ants do on rainy days?”

We had rain earlier, but I don’t think it was much as I never heard it. The day is cool and dark. Grace and Fern are here with me but Maddie is hiding. I managed to give her some medicine last night and haven’t seen her since. I checked her usual places, but she has found someplace new. She’ll turn up just in time to get medicine again. After that, I expect her to pack her bags and leave without even saying goodbye.

In the dampness of the morning, I walked around the front garden. All sorts of flowers are peeking out of the ground. I haven’t an idea of what any of them are. Some have spread and my burning bush which was cut to the ground last fall has several small branches. I was worried but was reassured by Sebastien, my landscaper and my neighbor. He was right.

It never entered my head that I would care about a garden or flowers. Even when I first moved in, I didn’t care so much. The garden was behind the front fence so nobody could see my neglect. When Sebastien planted the lawn, he suggested I move the fence behind the garden. That’s when I started to buy plants. I bought perennials and a few annuals but the garden was still sparse looking. I still didn’t care all that much until I saw a garden filled with color and flowers, and it was beautiful. I started buying flowers. I think I have an addiction as I buy some every year. This year, I already have a list, but I need to do some refining. I want flowers which bloom at different times during the summer and fall so the garden will always have color. I’m still taken aback by my flower enthusiasm.

It has started raining again. Maddie just showed up from wherever she has been hiding. She is allowing me to pat her. That will last only for a while as soon enough it will be time for her medicine.

I have always found the rain subduing. Even when I was little I wanted to hear the rain and nothing else. School seemed quiet when it rained. I remember the sounds of papers being moved and pages being turned but no conversations. I don’t even remember the nun teaching us. She too must have listened to the rain. I remember seeing her sitting at her desk looking at papers, but I always thought she was really listening to the rain.

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10 Comments on ““I wonder what ants do on rainy days?””

  1. olof1 Says:

    I woke up to a world covered in yesterday evenings hail. It started to snow heavily on my way to work and it has been a crappy day even if the sun did show now in the evening. Well it can oly get better, I hope 🙂

    I guess it was my destiny to like flowers since I come from a family filled with gardeners 🙂 Now days I concentrate more on bushes and trees (preferable with edible berries) but I still have plenty of perennials, especially spring ones like anemones. I would need more that flowers just after midsummer, that’s the time when my garden look a bit too dull. Lots of flopwers in the autumn though.

    I’m so tired of both rain and snow now so I’ll take sunshine even if it would be bitterly cold 🙂

    Have a great day!


    • katry Says:

      There ought to be a law against snow this late in the year. My cousin in New Hampshire also got snow.

      I have some anemones in my yard; those I know. I’ll go through some sites hoping to find some different flowers. Nothing is in the green centers yet except pansies.

      I feel the same way about the sun, but I don’t want any wind either.

      Enjoy the evening!

  2. Caryn Says:

    Hi Kat,
    I’m not big on gardening. What grows in my yard is what grows in my yard. There are volunteers from all my neighbors, I think. If I plant something, it usually dies. All the things the squirrels and birds plant seem to do quite well. I’ll leave it to them and just do some judicious clipping to keep it all in line.

    It’s been raining here since about noon. It’s a slow steady sort of rain that doesn’t make a lot of noise. I can’t hear it inside the house at all. It would be a nice rain to walk in except that it’s also rather cold out now. 39ºF. It’s not supposed to get low enough to freeze.

    I hope Maddie adapts.

    Enjoy the evening.

    • katry Says:

      Hi Caryn,
      My flowers seem to grow well. My neighbor complains that they do everything and their flowers die. I just put them in the ground and they survive and grow.

      It has stopped raining but it is still the ugliest of days. I haven’t been out but Gracie has so it can’t be all that bad.

      Maddie is among the missing!

      Have a great evening!

  3. Birgit Says:

    Cold with rain and hail and some snowflakes in between. Unfortunately my cherry tree is already in full bloom and one apple tree and the berry bushes also started to bloom before the cold weather came so I don’t think that we’ll have many fruit and berries this year.
    Most of my flowers are actually weed I haven’t planted. Forget-me-nots, Columbines and some others. As long as they look nice and behave they can stay 🙂
    I don’t like rain. Biking today wasn’t fun.

    • katry Says:

      We all have rain but you alone have the luck of getting snowflakes. Snow this time of year is poor man’s fertilizer so everything should be okay.

      I have a couple of columbines in the garden beside the house and also in the front garden. As for the others, I have no idea what they are.

      Biking in the rain is never a good idea this time of year!

      Have a great evening!

      • Birgit Says:

        I agree, biking in the rain isn’t a good idea but busses and trams on strike at this time of the year isn’t either. Thunderstorm and a walk tomorrow 🙁

      • katry Says:

        We don’t have trains and only one bus which does the cape route from Dennis to Provincetown. It even has racks for bikes. Cars the are general mode of transportation because of limited choices so nosy much biking in the rain.

  4. Bob Says:

    April showers bring the May flowers, so the lyrics say.

    I have a purple thumb. Anything I plant, water, tend or mow dies within days or weeks. I have owned two houses and I killed 2 lawns, rose bushes and shrubbery. My next door neighbor in my first house owned a landscape and fencing business and he took pity on me and had his crew mow and fertilize my yard when they did his yard. I gladly paid him whatever he asked to prevent my yard from being overrun with weeds. :-).

    My second house had a larger yard and I had my powered Honda lawn mower tuned up to take care of the yard myself. When it began to die I hired a lawn service company and never started the mower again. I’m now living in a condo and the yard maintenance as well as the carding for the pool is included in my monthly dues.

    This evening we are under a tornado watch and a line of thunderstorms are forming in our western counties. Strange weather patterns are a result of Global warming caused by our insatiable desire for burning fossil fuels. We had the wettest November on record and a very mild winter.

    • katry Says:

      I guess the lyrics are right as the flowers in my vase on the outside step perked up with the rain.

      I choose the flowers and where they need to be planted then my landscaper has someone plant them. I don’t kill anything-I’m pretty good with plants and flowers, and I used to do all the outside work, but now I am happy to have it done by my neighbor, my landscaper. My front yard always looks great.

      I have friends who are happy to live in a condo for those very reasons, but I prefer to have neighbors far away rather than a wall away.

      To the north, about 80 miles away, it is snowing. Here we have had rain on and off all day. Luckily it isn’t quite cold enough for snow.

      We just had the warmest March in history.

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