“A lawn is nature under totalitarian rule.”

The visit was spectacular. We laughed and reminisced. We ate the great food Peg brought and I had made. We went up Cape sightseeing, stopped at the Coast Guard Museum, the Old Jail and in Sandwich for lunch. The weather cooperated, and we missed rain everywhere. They left yesterday afternoon and the house got too quiet. I miss them. Gracie does too. She loved her walks with Bill.

We always easily connect. I think it is the friendship of years and the experience we shared in Ghana. The other night we listened to a song called Poop in a Hole about being a Peace Corps volunteer. The country wasn’t Ghana, but it didn’t matter. It was a universal experience we all accepted and mastered. The three of us laughed several times. I have no other close friends who would think that song funny, gross maybe, but not funny. Bill, Peg and I are experts at pooping in a hole.

Last night the rainstorm and the wind were tremendous. As I was going to bed, I saw lightning through the windows on the front door. The thunder was next. It was loud and it rumbled often. The rain was heavy and I could hear it hitting the windows and the roof. When I woke up this morning, it was sunny, but now it is cloudy again. It is warmer than I expected.

Pine needles cover my grass. They are all brown and would have fallen eventually but they were rushed by the wind. For some people on the Cape, pine needles are their front lawns. They buy and spread them mostly at seasonal homes. Crushed white sea shells too act as lawns. When I was young, there were very few lawns. Keeping them healthy and green was just too much trouble. The house I lived in had a weedy front yard so it was a lawn of sorts, the same with the back. I don’t know remember when grass reared its ugly head and having a beautiful lawn became a matter of pride. It was like importing suburbia. I do have a beautiful lawn now, but I also have a landscaper who takes care of it. I write a check and take compliments on how green and lush my lawn is: that’s my only contribution.

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12 Comments on ““A lawn is nature under totalitarian rule.””

  1. olof1 Says:

    It has been very windy and rainy here lately, today was no exception but it rained less though.

    Lawns have always been important here and a poorly cared for lawn has always been seen as embarrasing. Before the lawn mower sheep was the ones keepoing the grass short.I would love to have a few sheep keeping my grass under controll but they tend to eat the plants I like too so I’ll have to do without 🙂

    It’s always easy to connect with real friendsand it doesn’t matter for how long time we haven’t seen each other to be honest.

    >Have a great day!

    • katry Says:

      You just described my weather as well. There is an eclipse this early evening so I’m hoping the day will clear.

      Lawns here too are considered important. A bad lawn brings down the whole neighborhood.

      I agree about friends. Bill and Peg are so easy to connect with despite the years.

      Have a great evening!

  2. flyboybob Says:

    Friends and relatives are like fish, after three days both begin to stink. 🙂

    Lawns are not environmentally friendly. They require lots of water, fertilizer and requiring mowing. People should landscape their yards with native plants which are environmetally friendly. If you love in places like west Texas or Arizona why not have a rock garden with cactus instead of trying to water an acre of Bermuda grass in a desart.

    It’s cooler and cloudy with a very slight chance of rain. I think the last 100 degree day. On record was around the 15th of October.

    • katry Says:

      I remember that quote as houseguests without specifying friends. Charle Chaplin added bad alibi to it. These friends could stay as long as they wanted as it was such fun to have them. I’ll miss them.

      If I lived in such dry places, I would definitely use cactus or grasses. I pay to have the grass tended, and it rains often so my lawn looks wonderful even now.

      I’m hoping for sun so I can see the eclipse.

      This time of year I think in terms of the first frost, not 100˚.

  3. Caryn Says:

    Hi Kat,
    I’m glad your guests missed the rains and their visit was fabulous. Even Gracie had the fun of walking around with Bill.
    I think people who backpack a lot would probably laugh at Poop in a Hole, too. 🙂

    We had a bit of thunder here, I think. It was hard to tell. The wind was blowing so hard and the walnuts were falling so quickly that occasional random booming noises were hard to detect. I have looked out into the yard to check for damage. The grass is covered with walnut leaves and walnuts. It will be treacherous footing back there until I can get them shoveled up. They are like big ball bearings.
    It’s still very windy, damp and chilly outside. The dogs were not real enthusiastic about going out this morning. I doubt they’ll feel any better about it this evening, either. Neither will I. 🙂

    Enjoy the day.

    • katry Says:

      Hi Caryn,
      I didn’t think about backpackers or campers, but you’re right-woodsy holes.

      Haven’t seen a walnut tree in ages. There was one right up the street from us, and used to collect the walnuts. I had acorns which hit the deck with a bit less force but plenty of noise.

      The rain came back here. It was dark and ugly. We took a nap, Gracie, Fern and I. It was lovely!

  4. Birgit Says:

    No landscaper, no source of pride necessary, weed and moss between the grass is green too. No reasonable lawn alternatives in this wet climate. I can’t remember when I had to water the lawn for the last time, must be some years ago.
    I hope you can see the eclipse today.

    • katry Says:

      My neighbor down the end of the street has a front yard filled with crabgrass. When i go by, I think the same thing: at least it is green. What makes me laugh is he has a sit down mower for a small, weedy lawn.

      I thought for a while we’d see it as the sun came out, but it’s gone now. We have rain!

  5. Coleen Says:

    I am glad you can afford someone to do your lawn…it’s a lot of work when you do it yourself. Been there…

    The nor’easter blew thru here and left a cold wind with a wet mess…I am missing summer.

    And old friends are the best friends, aren’t they?

    Any chance we can hear “Poop in a Hole”? As an old disc jockey, it seems to have escaped my radar. How high did it get on the pop charts? 🙂

    Waving from a chilly Jersey…


    • katry Says:

      I agree about the landscaper. He starts early in spring with clean-ups and continues well into October and November with fall clean-up. He has taken down the dead pine branches and always fertilizers. His bill is high at the end of the season but my yard looks great. He is also my neighbor.

      It is raining here again and is dark and ugly. The wind was ferocious last night, not so much today. I didn’t bother to get dressed-it was one of those days.

      Old friends are the best!

      The song talks about Skype which I, of course, didn’t have nor did I have a TV or a radio. It was, for me, even more primitive than the song mentions.

      Here you go-a link to the song and a download:

      • Coleen Burnett Says:

        Just listened…made me laugh, too! Thank you for posting!


      • katry Says:

        It is all true!

        When I went to Morocco about five years ago, I went to a Berber village and stopped at a house. Before heading back to Marrakech, I went to the bathroom. It was a hole. I used it like the pro I was!

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