“I dont hate it he thought, panting in the cold air, the iron New England dark; I dont. I dont! I dont hate it! I dont hate it!”

Today I am grouchy and tired having not slept well the last couple of nights. I want someone to cross me so I can take my mood out on an unsuspecting stranger. I mean, really, I’d hate to do it to a friend or Gracie and the cats. Maybe a telemarketer will call.

It’s sunny and the sky is blue, but it’s a ruse. The morning is cold. Luckily there is no breeze or wind to make it feel even colder. I have to go out for an appointment so I’m going to add a bit of fun shopping to make the trip palatable. I’ll stop at odd shops, the ones with antiques and little doo-dads. I’ll go up-cape for a change. I’ll bring my camera and my dog.

Everyone is sick of winter. My cousin, living in New Hampshire, said it was about 5 below when she got to work this morning. Compared to her, I live in the tropics. For my sister in Colorado it was 4˚ yesterday though today is supposed to be hot at 40˚. I think it’s the snow causing all these winter woes. It chills the air making it even colder, and without it, we might be able to dupe ourselves into thinking warmer thoughts: I’m lying on the lounge chair on the deck with my face toward the sun. My eyes are closed. The sun is hot so I cool off a bit by taking sips of my drink, the one with the little umbrella. Astrud Gilberto and Brazilian salsa is playing in the background. Okay, I can’t keep doing this.

One look out the window to the snow-covered yard, and I am back in the throes of winter: to the furnace blasting to heat the house, to drinking hot coffee to warm my innards and my cold hands and to wearing flannel pants, a hooded sweatshirt and socks and slippers around the house every day. It’s no wonder I’m grouchy! Even Pollyanna would be having a tough time about now.

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13 Comments on ““I dont hate it he thought, panting in the cold air, the iron New England dark; I dont. I dont! I dont hate it! I dont hate it!””

  1. olof1 Says:

    F as warmest today and not below Unusually warm here for the season, since yesterday morning. This is my kind of winter. I got even more pleased when the rain started to fall and the snow started to melt away. life ius good when the snow vanish 🙂 Still there are some ice patches that I don’t see until I walk on them 🙂

    I’ve done my shopping for the weekend so I’ll just stay at home enjoying tyhe snow free days 🙂 Well winter is far from over so I better enjoy them for as long as I can 🙂

    I have the wrong channels so I can’t see the olympics but I think they’ll send it on the PBS radios staitions here, so I’m hoping that >I can read books and listen the the radio all weekend.

    Have a great day and I hope You’ll find something fun while You’re shopping.

    • katry Says:

      I can’t remember when we last had so much snow. It has been a cold winter, cooler than I remember. The snow is staying as it isn’t warm enough for it to melt. The nights are downright cold.

      If you go to http://www.nbcolympics.com you can watch the Olympics on-line. You can make it full screen.

      You have a great weekend and enjoy those snow free days of which I am jealous!

      • olof1 Says:

        I’m not allowed to watch the Olympics on NBC, they only have the rights for the USA. Besides my internet prescribtion only gives me 6 GB data every month so I woule be able to see around 5 minutes before I’ve used them all 🙂 🙂 🙂

      • katry Says:

        Sorry for that, Christer.

  2. Caryn Says:

    Hi Kat,
    Here is my Pollyanna remark for today: this snow storm showed me why my jeep has had wonky steering for the last couple of weeks. I went to put the jeep in 4WD to move it for my plow guy only to discover that it was already in 4WD and I had been driving it around like that since the last snow storm. I’m happy because the steering is not broken. I’m a little worried about the 4WD but not much.

    I can remember when we had this much snow. It was only three years ago and it was more snow than this. It’s the brutally cold temperatures that make it even nastier, though.
    The oil man came awhile ago. I feel like turning up the heat just because.

    Rocky is looking for the door into summer because he is bored. He asks to go out, gets there and turns right back inside. I started off on a walk, got about 50 yards and he wanted to go home again. He’s done his business so that’s not the issue. He wants to be outside and warmer than a coat and boots will make him.
    I took him to doggie day care so he could spend the day working off energy and boredom by playing with other dogs inside or out as he chooses.

    Buy yourself something fun and unwintery, preferably in screaming cheetah yellow. 😀

    • katry Says:

      Hi Caryn,
      I’m glad you have solved the case of the wonky steering, and I’m glad you found something in the storm cloud!

      We haven’t had this much snow in a while. You got it three years ago, and we didn’t.

      • katry Says:

        Con’t comment!

        I’m not going to be cold in my own house so I’ll turn up the heat if I’m cold.

        Gracie is the same as Rocky. I can tell the temperature by how often she goes outside and how long she stays. Today has been an in and out day so it is warm enough.

        I went to the vintage store and bought some watch faces though I haven’t a clue as to how I’ll use them. I was thinking of making gift tags and being clever about the word time. I bought an old book about plants then I went next door to the candy store. I bought Valentine candy for my friends and fudge for me.

        I had fun wandering.

        Enjoy the evening!

  3. Birgit Says:

    Winter? No snow on the ground since last April…

  4. Bob Says:

    Cold here in North Texas with clouds and some very light flurries. This has been the most number of days below freezing here. One must keep in mind that Dallas is on the same latitude as the Sahara desert. Not much precipitation in a desert especially the frozen variety. It’s supposed to be 55 degrees F tomorrow. Sunday I am off to work in Miami. Hope the weather will not be too warm. 🙂

    • katry Says:

      It was 24˚ when I went out this afternoon, but it didn’t feel all that cold.

      Np precipitation but the desert gets cold at night. I was traveling to Niger on a bus which had an unplanned stay at a post office overnight close to the desert, and it was freezing. I had no blanket or even a sweater.

      It will be cold here until the middle of next week so I hope you enjoy the warmth.

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