“Then come the wild weather, come sleet or come snow, we will stand by each other, however it blow.”

Gracie and I were intrepid travelers, and we just got back from facing the elements head-on. The main roads are clear just from traffic, but the side roads, including mine, are snow-covered. I slid a bit going around the corner, but I expected I might and was going very slowly just in case. First I got cat food, litter and dog treats. Next I provisioned for me. I bought a pizza made by my favorite place but not yet cooked, a couple of very small meatloaves, cheddar and jalapeño dip, a quesadilla needing to be re-heated, cream for my coffee and dark chocolate nonpareils for my soul. Being in storm mode means treating myself to good food. I have a book I haven’t finished and one waiting to be started. The house is warm.

This morning I noticed the feeders were half empty. I figured there might be enough, but then I thought not through tomorrow so out I went to the deck and filled four feeders: two sunflower and two thistle. I didn’t want my birds to be hungry.

The snow is more intense now than it was earlier when the flakes were small. Schools are all closed and many have already announced they’d be closed tomorrow because the storm is supposed to last all night into tomorrow afternoon. It is the height of high tide now so the waves are huge and rough. They hit the sea walls with such force the tops of the waves flow over the walls. The news said the storm will last so long they’d be three high tides. We are expected to get between 8-12 inches leaning toward the higher amount. One weather man described the nighttime part of the storm as coming down like gangbusters. I liked that description though I’m not liking the snow.

I expect to be snowed-in until Friday. It makes no sense to plow before the storm ends. Meanwhile, I’ll enjoy the day and keep an eye on the snow. It is pretty.

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18 Comments on ““Then come the wild weather, come sleet or come snow, we will stand by each other, however it blow.””

  1. Hedley Says:

    Kat – Its coming your way – its been snowing continuously since yesterday morning. I aggravated the neighbors by running the snow blower rather early today and face the prospect of more time on the blacktop when I get home.
    Mrs MDH is heading to Orlando to help Sparty son with his new apartment, so the terrier and I will watch football, NFL play offs, although I understand that Eric is done for the season, and, of course the KTCC FC as they have an FA Cup clash on Saturday against the arch enemy, Arsenal
    I believe your family in Colorado follows Manchester United and you will not be surprised to know that I have behaved appalling badly after Tottenham Hotspur travelled to Old Trafford yesterday and won for the second year in a row. I have amused myself by taking photos from the match and “tagging” MU friends on Facebook. I know, coming on 60, time to show a little maturity.

    • katry Says:

      My Dear Hedley,
      Skip will plow out my car tomorrow and shovel the walk. It is gar easier to write a check.

      I am in a movie watching mood, burt there is little on to hold my attention. I’ll have to check On Demand.

      You are right about my family in Colorado. My nephew’s son even has a Manchester United shirt. I think you acted appropriately by amusing yourself at the expense of your friends.

      Where did you read that being 60 means it’s time to mature? I missed that article.

  2. olof1 Says:

    Much the same weather here as we’ve had all winter, windy, warm and rainy. We have actually had two days without rain and it felst sort of strange 🙂 I hope You won’t get too much snow.

    I did my errands this morning as well, fod for my pets, some for me and lots of fire logs. Not that I need especially many fire logs since it is so warm but it’s nice to have them, at home just in case the weather would change, even if they can’t see any change for at least one week. I don’t complain even if I am a bit tired of the rain now 🙂

    Have a great day in the storm!

    • katry Says:

      Lots of snow, and it’s cold. I was out and the shelves at the grocery store were pretty empty. My road hasn’t been plowed so I figure it must really be slippery out there.

      I remember the storm when I had no electricity for a week, and the house was down to 37˚. I just hope that doesn’t happen.

      I’ll do the best I can with great food and a good book!

      You have a wonderful eveing!

  3. Dear Hedley,

    I must disagree. I read somewhere that when we reach 60, we’re finally free to let our inner child run wild and free (as long as we don’t trample all over the rights of others, I guess.)

    Looking at the state of my apartment, maybe I need to rethink that a little.

    Happy Birthday!



    Happy New Year! You sound nice and cozy there, with your books, treats and tv shows lined up. It’s snowing a little here now and it’s bitter cold, but I hauled myself out there for my favourite latte anyways.


    P.S. Nice song selections today – both unfamiliar to me.

    • Hedley Says:

      Dear Vintage – I am preparing for the speedometer to turn over in September. I am developing a master plan for the event that will amuse me and include as many family members as possible

      I am busy pondering the promised Led Zep reissues which hit the market sometime this year and when I will open the Clapton box set which is looking very nice on my desk in its cellophane seal. Otherwise I huff and puff over football results of both kinds from North London, Detroit and E Lansing. So nothing has really changed since I was a kid.

      When my Grandfather retired, he took to his chair and comfortably remained there until his time came some 25 years later. Always in a sports jacket and collared shirt, I never saw him in a sweater let alone a pair of jeans.

      • katry Says:

        I remember one grandfather always wore blue chinos with suspenders. He used to spend a lot of tome in his room, and I didn’t blame him. He had 8 kids who produced many grandchildren. He was always noise but preferred quiet to us.

    • katry Says:

      Thanks, Marie. I went looking through to see of I had something different today. I was in the mood for it. Glad you liked them both.

      We have the same weather as you do though I’d say snowing a lot. I’m done going out as the roads haven’t seen a plow yet. I took a little nap with Gracie on the couch. We both were warm and content.

      Have a wonderful evening, warm and cozy!

  4. Hedley,

    You must have an iron will – I would have had that packaging ripped off within seconds! What’s the story on the Led Zeppelin reissues? Original albums and/or rarities?

    I don’t know if you’re a fan of the Beatles or not, but for some reason it popped into my head to ask you if you’d picked up their mono box when it came out?

    I was a little ways off on the birthday greeting, wasn’t I?


    • Hedley Says:

      About a year ago Jimmy Page promised the re-mastering and the reissue of the entire catalog and nothing happened. Over the holidays he said that we should expect the arrival of I, II and III this year, offered as box sets with at least one extra disc of alternative takes – it remains to be seen.

      I did the mono box for Dylan but the stereo reissue for the Beatles – we are about to get a box of the original US albums which are supposed to have both the mono and fake stereo on each disc. showing up at the end of this month

      I am a bit ashamed to say that I have a bunch of stuff that needs to be opened, Bolan, MIke Oldfield, Future Bible Heroes, Muse, Clapton, Bebop Deluxe.

  5. Bob Says:

    Your weather outside sounds frightful glad to hear that you are stocked up with goodies and books. Do you have a nice supply of chocolate? Do you carry a bag of kitty litter in the trunk of your car? According to the Farmer’s Insurance commercial kitty litter is useful to get your car moving if it’s stuck in snow.

    Luckily, I will be traveling to Toronto on Saturday and the weather there should be Ok.

    Stay dry and warm.

    • katry Says:

      I did happen to buy delicious caramels with sea salt. There were only three in the package, and I had them tonight, but I have some nonpareils also. The meals I bought are also great for being hunkered down. I’ll be fine as long as the electricity stays on.

      Not much on the ground yet but the bulk of the storm is due tonight. I keep looking out the back door to check the snow’s progress.

      Thanks-I’lm working on arm and comfy!

  6. Caryn Says:

    Hi Kat,
    I went out around 10AM. The roads were horrible. They were at the stage where there isn’t enough to plow but what is there is slushy skim or wheel ruts. The jeep slid a few times even in 4WD.
    My plow guy just came and did the driveway. No sooner did he leave than the street plow came by and blocked up the driveway. No matter. I’m not planning on leaving the house. I am well provisioned with treats, food and books.
    The feeders were filled but the English sparrows and the starlings have emptied one and left the other three half full. They’ll have to be happy with seeds on the snow for a bit.
    Enjoy being warm and cozy inside while it snows like crazy outside.

    • katry Says:

      Hi Caryn,
      I also went out around the same time. I slid around the corner of my street but the main street was pretty clear of snow. No plows yet, but I think that’s because there isn’t yet a whole lot of snow.

      My plow guy is waiting until tomorrow as more snow will come tonight. My neighbor came by to make sure I was okay and didn’t need anything.

      My feeders are still in good shape, most are 3/4 filled. The birds didn’t arrive until early afternoon so I guess that’s why I have so much left.

      I will do my best to stay warm and cozy-you do the same!!

  7. MT C Says:

    Stay warm and dry!


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