“The sound of the rain needs no translation.”

Today is an ugly day, the mirror opposite of yesterday. The morning air is damp-chilly after last night’s rain. The day is dark. On and off rain is predicted. I have no plans, nothing on my dance card, for today, but I’ll give a nod to personal hygiene and take my shower. I may even change my sheets.

The dogs are curled asleep beside each other on the couch. They both love cozy and neither one is fond of the rain. That makes them sensible.

I don’t remember when I started to love the rain. The summer rains were my favorites. I could stay outside and get wet, unless it was a thunder and lightning storm. Winter rains were never gentle, even the slightest rain made me feel cold from my head to my feet when I’d home from school, but I loved finally getting home. I’d put on my flannel pajamas, get comfy in bed and read. I always felt protected by my house. I could hear the rain on the roof and windows, but I was cozy and warm.

When I lived in Ghana, I loved the rainy season. It rained just about very day. The early rains turned the brown trees and grasses to green. The dusty roads disappeared, hardened by the rain. My house and classrooms had tin roofs so the heavy rains muted any sounds. My students read or wrote. At my house, I’d sometimes sit outside protected by the tin awning over my steps and I’d watch the rain. It was mesmerizing. I remember one market day riding my moto to town to shop. I left it, my moto, by one of the market gates. It started to rain but a softer rain so I just kept shopping. When I was finished, I went out the gate and found my moto gone. I heard calling and turned to see the bank guards gesturing to me. They had carried my locked biked across the street to a protected area to keep it dry. Such are Ghanaians.

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2 Comments on ““The sound of the rain needs no translation.””

  1. Bob Says:

    Hi Kat,

    No rain for us until possibly tomorrow night into Wednesday morning. Today will be warmer with a high temperature of 93° and a pleasant low temperature of 67°.

    We are desperate for a long soaking rain. Parts of the northeast have been flooded while we have been dry as a cow skull in the desert.

    Like you, I enjoy watching a steady rain shower. Everything greens up afterwards and maybe we would be treated with a rainbow.

    I’m back at work today after celebrating the Jewish New Year with my spouse and our daughter. I was surprised that they didn’t get into the pool yesterday when the high temperature was 91°. I am not getting into the water until next summer. 🙂 I like it when the water is nice and warm.

  2. katry Says:

    Hi Bob,
    It has been raining most of the day, really heavy rain at times. Tomorrow we’re back to summer with the high 70’s. This weather is just crazy!

    We have had quite a bit of rain lately. July was the wettest ever. Lee was a bust, but it did bring some more

    You would have loved the first storms after the dry season in Ghana. They were spectacular. I even saw lightning hit the ground in front of my house.

    The ocean has been warm this summer. I like the beach but not the salt water. It dries my skin and itches. Now the dogs are allowed back to the beaches as the tourists are mostly gone

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