“A little candy now and then is relished by the wisest men.”

Last night’s activities were ugly. Nala, of course, was at the heart of them. It was late, around 12:30. The dogs were out for a jaunt. Suddenly, I could smell skunk, and the odor was close enough that my eyes burned. Fearing the worst, I called the dogs. Henry came back inside. Nala didn’t. Right away I was suspicious. I yelled and offered a treat. Usually the word treat has her running at breakneck speed into the house, but no Nala. I went outside to check. She was playing with something white. I could smell skunk even worse. I came inside and hunted down my Nature’s Miracle Skunk Smell Remover. Nala came in, and I checked her, the old sniff method. I wasn’t sure if I was smelling the dog or the house, but I doused her in Nature’s Miracle anyway. She ran out the door before I could grab her. When she came back inside, I doused her again. This morning I checked the yard before I let out the dogs. I saw nothing skunk-like. The dogs went out. Nala appeared a bit later through the dog door with fur in her mouth, white fur with black tips. It smelled of skunk. I shooed her outside. She came back in without the fur. I doused her again. She is now napping. There is a faint odor of skunk coming from outside so I shut the windows and turned on the AC. Later I will dispose of the fur. I do wonder where the rest of the skunk is.

I am hunkered down in the house and am cool and comfortable. The larder is filled. I shopped a bit yesterday for the cat and me. I bought groceries and a Snickers. The Snickers is gone.

When I was a kid, I loved penny candy. Granted the price was right, but even better was the variety. I had favorites. The fireball was among them. It was a challenge to eat the whole ball without taking it out of your mouth when it got really hot. Root beer barrels tasted great and lasted a while if you didn’t crunch. Mary Jane’s were chewy. They tasted of peanut butter and molasses. Bonomo Turkish Taffy came in several flavors. Chocolate and banana were my favorites. We used to buy candy cigarettes and pretend to smoke them. I liked spearmint and orange jelly candies. That they were coated in sugar was a plus. You could buy straws with flavored powder inside, wax bottles with colored liquid, Banana Splits, a yellow hard candy, colored buttons on paper and not eating the paper was key and Squirrel Nut Zippers, another favorite of mine. I remember jars and jars filled with penny candy. There were so many more choices it took a while to spend a penny let alone the wealth of a nickel.

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2 Comments on ““A little candy now and then is relished by the wisest men.””

  1. Bob Says:

    Hi Kat,

    Nothing is worse than the aroma of skunk. We used to think that tomato juice would kill the odor but that’s an old wives tale. I had never heard of Nature’s Miracle Skunk Smell Remover. If I had a dog, I would stock up.

    Today we had some rain this morning followed by a very sunny day. The high temperature only reached 103°. That’s a couple of degrees cooler than yesterday’s high of 105°. Neither is a record, the hottest day on record at DFW Airport was in the summer of 1980, 113°. Unfortunately, the humidity was high today which made the heat index around 110°.

    I’m a lover of all things sweet, especially, Milky Way bars and Oreo cookies. I will eat a Snickers occasionally. I remember Bonomo Turkish Taffy, I liked both the chocolate and the vanilla flavors. Sometimes we would put them in the freezer and then break the bar on the table and it would shatter into bite sized pieces inside the wrapper. I’m not a fan of banana flavoring. I try to scarf down a banana daily to prevent leg cramps at night. It works but I don’t enjoy the banana.

    • katry Says:

      Hi Bob,
      Nature’s Miracle has a few varieties. One removes cat urine smell. A male cat I had years ago would sometimes pee in my mother’s suitcase when she visited. That is one odor you can’t usually get rid of, but the Nature’s Miracle worked. It doesn’t cover up the smell but gets rid of it. With the dogs, I always have skunk remover in the house.

      We did get to the low 80’s today. It will go down to the 70’s tonight. Tomorrow we are supposed to have thunder showers. With the humidity we have had lately, my front door is so swollen I don’t dare close it all the way because if I did, I wouldn’t be able to open it. That happened last week. I had to go out the backyard gate to the front yard and shoulder the front door with all my strength so it would open.

      I also like Milky Ways and Three Musketeers, but Snickers are my favorites. I put my Milky Ways in the freezer, and sometimes I buy Milky Way and Snickers ice cream bars. I like bananas and so do the dogs.

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