“Never miss a party…good for the nerves–like celery.”

The morning is warmer than I expected. It is in the high 60’s. Rain is predicted for this afternoon. The sun was out a short while ago, but the clouds have returned. The dogs have been in and out most of the morning. I was watching a YouTube video earlier. It showed a mare and her foal in the pasture for the first time. The mare was eating grass, and the foal was running circles around her mother. Nala noticed and watched TV until the video was finished then she curled up and took a short nap.

Today is D-Day. My mother once had a D-Day party. In the living room was a large map showing all the landing beaches. The movie D-Day was playing on TV. There were WWII decorations in the living room and the dining room. The house was crowded, mostly in the kitchen. That happened every time my mother hosted a party. The bar was on the counter, the back door was open and the room was filled with smoke. The dining room table groaned under the weight of the dishes. Most of the guests were relatives though one of my mother’s school friends always attended. She used to sit at the same place around the kitchen table every time she visited. I can picture her with a drink in one hand and a cigarette in the other. Singing was always a part of every party. At this one they sang songs popular during the war years. Even I knew the words.

When my muse is on hiatus, I like to fall back on some stories about Ghana and my travels in West Africa. Even writing that line, travels in West Africa, still amazes me. Anyway, what prompted today’s stories was something I read in the Cape Times about Burkina Faso, Upper Volta in my day. The country, once wonderfully peaceful, has had two coups in the last year. The government, Al-Quaida and the Islamic State control different areas. 2 Million people have been internally displaced. I mourn for the country I visited often.

Ougadougou, the capital, was where I’d often go for the weekend. I could sleep in a wonderfully air-conditioned hotel room for little money, eat at restaurants and shop the market. For breakfast I’d have a baguette and a Yukka soda, sold by small boys on bicycles with giant baskets. The Yukka was green or red. The taste was the same. I alternated. On one trip, over New Year’s, all Peace Corps volunteers visiting the city were invited to the ambassador’s house for New Year’s Eve. It was the most spectacular party I’d ever attended. I saw foods I hadn’t see in nearly two years. There was champagne served by stewards wearing white jackets and white gloves. The tables were filled and so was my plate. Most of the ladies wore long dresses and the men wore tuxedos. I was totally underdressed, but I didn’t care and neither did the ambassador. I stayed until midnight and sing Auld Lang Syne with gusto.

My dance card is heavy with uke: practice, a lesson and concerts at the farmer’s market and Chatham Airport. It’s a big week.

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6 Comments on ““Never miss a party…good for the nerves–like celery.””

  1. Bob Says:

    Hi Kat,

    It’s been cloudy and cool all day with a forecasted temperature of 90°. Right now it’s a humid 75° after a good afternoon thunderstorm came through.

    D-Day was the turning point in WWII when the Allie’s invaded France to begin putting a stake into the heart of Nazi Germany. One surprise fact about D-day, that I learned about several years ago, was that Yogi Berra was an enlisted infantryman who went ashore on Omaha Beach on June 6, 1944 and survived to become one of the greatest catchers in Major League Baseball history. He described his experience on an NPR broadcast advertising his book, “If you come to a fork in the road, take it”. Berra lived in Montclair New Jersey. He invited his childhood friend and former Major League Baseball player, Joe Garagiola to his hoise. While giving him driving directions he told Joe, “When you get to a fork innthe road, take it”. 🙂

    Amazingly, my Texas Rangers are atop of the American League West division. It’s too early yet to make a prediction, but they are playing over six hundred percentage baseball.

    • katry Says:

      Hi Bob,
      We also had a thunderstorm with a bit of lightening tossed in for good measure. It was in the low 60’s most of the day and is pretty close to that now.

      Yogi Berra actually served on a rocket boat right off shore at Utah Beach. They were trying to blow up Nazi bunkers. He may have gone to shore after that, but I don’t remember. I had read about his WWII exploits in a book about him. He was still in his teens. I was a Berra fan even though he was of the Evil Empire, the Yankees. I read just a few days ago that James Doohan who played Scotty in the original Star Trek landed on Juno Beach. He was shot a few times but wasn’t badly hurt.

      The Sox are in the most competitive league, and they are not doing so well. They win a couple then lose a couple. I don’t have high hopes.

  2. Rowen Says:

    I enjoyed going to your mother’s D-Day party.

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