“What does the good ship bear so well? The cocoa-nut with its stony shell, And the milky sap of its inner cell.”

Much earlier this morning I was hurrying to finish my coffee. I had already set out my St.Patrick’s Day parade ensemble, a shamrock vest and matching turtleneck, green high tops, shamrock socks, my shamrock fascinator and some green beads. My music was ready, all three songs to be repeated along the route, then I got the call. No parade for us. It is raining. The good part of this is I have a concert tomorrow, inside, so I’ll just leave everything ready.

I got up so early I went back to bed and had no problem falling asleep, neither did the dogs. It is raining even more than it had been.

I remember marching in the Memorial Day parade when I was a kid. I marched with the brownies. The scout contingent, including girl, cub and boy scouts, marched almost at the end of the parade. Behind us were the little league teams and a couple of fire trucks. We all wore our uniforms. The spectators clapped. I waved. I felt so proud. Later I told my parents, “Everyone was out of step except me.”

Winter rainy days are cold regardless of the temperature. I wear a sweatshirt and socks with fluffy insides. The dogs curl up on a blanket while Jack stays warm on the bed cover.

I just made some cocoa. I had milk. When I was a kid, I drank cocoa every morning before school. I remember it had bubbles on the top the way my mother made it. The cocoa came in a cardboard container and was made by Nestle. The metal top had a slot for coins. It became a bank when the cocoa was gone.

I like cereal. Usually I buy the package with little boxes of a variety of cereals. My mother used to buy the same packages. My favorite was always Rice Krispies. My favorite is now Cinnamon Crunch. I’ve never liked regular Cheerios. I do have one complaint. The boxes when I was a kid had perforations on the front. When you opened the cereal, you poured milk into the box and ate your cereal from the box. I lately tried it figuring the boxes hadn’t really changed, only the perforations were gone. It was a little messy.

Today is a day for chores. I have plants to water, a bed to change and some laundry to do. I already had my nap.

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6 Comments on ““What does the good ship bear so well? The cocoa-nut with its stony shell, And the milky sap of its inner cell.””

  1. Bob Says:

    Hi Kat,

    Today is cloudy with a predicted high temperature of 84°. Tomorrow another cold front is predicted to come through which will drop our high temperature down to a chilly 64° with a chance of thunderstorms. The chance is low because the cap in the atmosphere, temperature inversion, should hold.

    Isn’t St. Patrick Day really next Saturday? Sorry your parade was rained out but drinking can commence today and next Saturday. My big chore this weekend is to start doing my 2022 taxes. We have the stupidest tax system. The Federal government has all the information about your income and they could save billions of dollars by just sending you an itemized bill. No deductions and no loop holes. Unfortunately, businesses like TurboTax, H&R Block, and thousands of certified public accountants would be out of business. In our system bribery of politicians is disguised as political contributions and free speech. 🙂 If political contributions were limited, then thousands of lobbyists would be put out of business on K street in Washington D.C.

    • katry Says:

      Hi Bob,
      I would have loved a warm, sunny day so we could have been in the parade. The rain would have ruined our ukes. We should hit 84° in August. We are stuck in the 40’s during the day and the 30’s at night.

      The town chose to have its parade the week or so before St. Patrick’s Day so they can have a huge number of bands and such. Most march on St. Patrick’s Day in either Holyoke or Boston. My parade is the third largest in the state because of being able to book so many marchers and floats.

      My taxes are easy to do. I don’t pay state taxes because of my educators’ pension. I do the short form as I don’t have many deductions. I don’t think there is software good enough so the federal government could combine each taxpayers’ incomes. My brother was paid directly for one job as was my sister. They each had to combine incomes from multiple jobs especially the cash payments of which they had the only records.

      I haven’t ever contributed to a politician.

    • Bob Says:

      The high was 88° today, but tomorrow we will be in the 50s.

  2. Bob Says:

    Hi Kat,

    I never liked hot cereal and don’t like the cold variety except for Rice Krispy’s. Maybe it’s the noise it makes while absorbing the milk. I eat them very rarely. However, hot coco or chocolate is one of my favorite winter beverage treats. When I was kid my mother gave us hot coco with breakfast. We ate a lot of cold cereal growing up for breakfast. I especially enjoy hot coco in the wintertime with miniature marshmallows on top. My favorite brand is Ghirardelli Coco. It’s wonderful stuff.

    • katry Says:

      Hi Bob,
      I ate oatmeal when I was a kid with milk and cinnamon or sugar. It was always lumpy. Rice Krispies were my favorite also but now I love Cinnamon Crunch.

      We used to put Marshmallow Fluff on the tops of our cocoa. It melted across the circle of cocoa. Ghirardelli is great tasting chocolate and cocoa.

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