“Brussels sprouts: Belgian kindergarteners “

Brown dead leaves hang from tree branches, and the ground is covered in the fallen leaves. A few trees still have some red, but many of their branches are bare. The only color is the blue sky. Today is cold because of the wind. I was out earlier and was glad to get home to my comfy, warm house. I have no plans for today or even tomorrow. I’m thinking of a couple of quiet days reading and lolling, sloth days.

When I was a kid, I loved fall. I’d walk on the curb and kick leaves. My friends and I would throw leaves at each other in sort of a rehearsal for our snowball fights. I’d watch my father burn the leaves he raked from the yard. I liked to see the smoke curl into the air. The aroma of those burning leaves is my favorite fall memory.

Once the weather got chilly, the heat came on. I could hear the hot water coursing through the radiators. I remember the steam. If I felt cold, I used to sit on a radiator until I was warmer. In the cellar was the furnace and the black tank holding the oil. It took up half of one wall. I remember when the oil man came and filled the tank. The hose from his truck was a long one as it had to reach from the street. I could smell the oil in the air.

We usually had supper around six. I could always count on potatoes as one of the dishes. Usually they were mashed. Even now, my favorite potatoes are mashed. They are one of my comfort foods. The only fresh vegetables besides the potatoes were carrots. They were disguised, mashed with the potatoes. I liked canned corn kernels and creamed corn except the cream corn was messy and sometimes seeped into the potatoes. I loved canned baby peas. We never had salad at supper nor was bread on the table the way it was on TV, like on the Cleavers’ table. If there were cookies left, they were dessert. We’d grab a couple and eat them in the living room while watching TV.

The house is quiet. Henry is asleep upstairs on my bed while Nala is beside me on the couch. They inspire me. I’ll nap later.

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4 Comments on ““Brussels sprouts: Belgian kindergarteners “”

  1. Birgit Says:

    That’s funny, I’ve just prepared dinner returned to the computer and saw your title quote. Brussels sprouts 🙂 I love to eat them. Usually as sprouts pumpkin soup or gratined with spiced oven potatoes, today we’ll have Brussels sprouts roasted with mushrooms and carrot pieces and curried mullet. Should be ready by now, back to the kitchen…

    • katry Says:

      I don’t even like Brussels sprouts, but I love this quote. Maybe I should try them again as I haven’t had them in a long time, and I do like cabbage.

      I don’t think I have ever eaten mullet. Curry is a favorite.

  2. Bob Says:

    Hi Kat,

    Today we hit a high of 60° with lots of sun. Unfortunately, a cold front is on the way and late tomorrow night we will get snow flurries.

    I have always liked Brussels sprouts.but my wife wouldn’t eat them. About a year ago my son became a vegan and started stir frying fresh Brussels sprouts. My wife tried them and liked them. She then started stir frying them for the both of us. It only took 37 years to get her to try them.

    In our house when I was a kid, my father always wanted a tossed salad with his supper. He had some theory about how people during the depression in the south acquired Pellagra from not eating enough fresh vegetables. He liked to toss the salad in a large wooden bowl. He would then dole out small portions of the salad for us in small wooden bowls.Then, he would then eat the rest of the salad directly from the big mixing bowl. 🙂

    • katry Says:

      Hi Bob,
      Wow! We didn’t get any higher than 44°, but I just wore a sweater, no winter coat yet. My friends in New Hampshire who are not far north had snow flurries yesterday. There is no prediction of that for me yet.

      I am not a fan of Brussels sprouts. I doubt my parents were either as my mother never served them. I was thinking I might give them a try again. Like your wife’s, my tastes have changed over time.

      In the summer I serve salads when friends are here for dinner. I like all different sorts of add ins. Panzanella salad is one of my favorites. I load my salads with all sorts of nuts and vegetables. I don’t know why I serve them less in winter.

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