“She showed him her finger—just one of them.” 

My computer died on Tuesday morning which is why the day’s entry was sparse. The screen was black. The loading slide loaded half way then stopped then reloaded half way then stopped and that happened on and on, over and over. I held back the tears. I looked on my iPad for possible solutions. I tried them all including the one which suggested I turn off the machine, hold on to at least seven keys then turn the computer back on. The only result of that fiasco was a sore hand and a black screen. I turned off my computer and wrote the day’s musings on my iPad. I couldn’t get the picture or the music to load so I stopped with my musings and left the computer to die with dignity.

I knew I didn’t have the money for a new Mac and just couldn’t imagine going back to Windows. I decided to work with my iPad. I wasn’t happy. The computer sat there in front of me taunting me. I covered it with a shroud. Okay, I didn’t, but I wanted to. On Wednesday afternoon my sister asked me if I’d tried again. I hadn’t but decided to give it the old college try. I flexed all the tips of my fingers anticipating. I turned it on. I heard music, the songs of angels. My computer was back!

I’m confused about the season. It is too warm for winter, but many trees are bare, and Halloween has passed. A shirt is warm enough for outside. My e-mailbox is filled with recipes for Thanksgiving. I’m dreaming of turkey especially after I keep seeing wild turkeys wandering. They are a sign, an omen.

Tomorrow I start finger therapy. My finger is looking good, at least by comparison. It is no longer encircled with an around the finger scab from the stitches which have almost disappeared; however, the knuckle and the finger above it are ugly, still misshapen and swollen. It gave me a memory. A science fiction film came to mind, one about an evil hand.

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2 Comments on ““She showed him her finger—just one of them.” ”

  1. Bob Says:

    Hi Kat,

    So you think you have computer troubles, oh boy! I decided to update my trusty iPad since I bought a few years ago and it wouldn’t work via WiFi. I then plugged it into my 2010 iMac and it said I needed to update its operating system if I wanted to update the iPad. I went through that nightmare trying to reformat the iMac’s hard drive to a different and required format. I then decided to make an appointment with the local Apple store Genius Bar. That now requires going through Apple’s text or phone help. I finally got an appointment for tomorrow at 3:20 in the afternoon. Now, they are forecasting a cold front passing at about three tomorrow afternoon with possible severe thunderstorms. Do I want to drive in the pouring rain just to update my iPad? I don’t use my desktop iMac very often and do almost everything on my iPad. A new iMac or laptop is on my wishlist. Moral of the story, update your computer operating system software regularly.

    Glad to hear your finger is doing better. I’m sure the therapy exercises will probably cause you some discomfort. All physical therapy includes pain. Otherwise, it’s not working. 🙂 Take a couple of Ibuprofen pills a half hour before starting the therapy. And, make a prayer to Steve Jobs that your Mac will work tomorrow. 🙂

    • katry Says:

      Hi Bob,
      My computer didn’t work at all. It had a black screen and it wouldn’t load. I thought I had lost everything. It had updated itself the other day to the new OS, Ventura, but it had worked after that so I didn’t figure the new OS was to blame. I thought I’d have to buy a new MAC. I am thankful that it reloaded. I think what I did based on the help I found and then shutting it down worked.

      Why doesn’t your iPad automatically update itself? If it did, you wouldn’t have to contend with such an old MAC.

      You did enter a maze when you started to work with formatting. I see where you kept finding the maze hedges, not the exit.

      Your problem got me to check my iPad’s settings to see if it does need updating. It said the OS was okay at 15.1, but it added I could update 16.1 so I did. It took about 3 minutes.

      Good luck tomorrow.

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