“Let nothing come between you and the light.”

Last night while I was lying in bed, I thought I heard voices. I lifted my head off the pillow and listened more intently, but I didn’t hear a thing. I turned off the light and went to sleep. This morning I came downstairs and the TV was on. I hadn’t turned it off when I went upstairs to bed. That was strange, but I then remembered last night. I went to the back door to let the dogs in from the yard and went right to bed through the dining room. I didn’t think about the den and the TV. Either that or I am going a bit crazy.

When I was a kid, I loved the sound of the radiators. There was one on the wall at the foot of my bed. I could hear it gurgle and hiss. It sang me to sleep at night. When I was cold, I used to put my feet under the radiator until they either got warm or started to burn. My mittens went on top of the radiator when they were wet and covered with snow. My wet shoes went under the radiator to dry. This house has hot air. I can hear the blowing when the heat is on. I have a quieter house but nowhere to put my mittens.

Today is an ugly day. It rained during the night and will continue to rain on and off all day, but it is warmish at 61°. I love rainy days, and I love the lamps lit on rainy days. They shine through the gloom, through the darkness the rain brings. They give me a sense of warmth.

I hope to start playing my uke again tomorrow, my usual lesson day. I haven’t touched my uke in 5 weeks. I’ve lost my callouses. With the pins gone, I think I can strum with my thumb until my pointer finger is less swollen and can bend better.

The dogs are napping upstairs on my bed. I guess they love the comfort. I feel ignored.

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4 Comments on ““Let nothing come between you and the light.””

  1. hedley Says:

    6 pm approached and the heavens opened at Chateau MDH. A couple of cars pulled up outside my house and the kids were immediately dressed in plastic and other rain resistent clothes. these days there are far more young families in our neighborhood but very few of the little ones appeared last night during the candy gathering of 2 hours.
    By 8 pm we had seen a bunch of High School kids demanding full size candy bars and our final numbers were right around 50.

    Next week, we head to London for the first time in 3 years. Our last trip was with the Prince in August 2019 and obviously the pandemic and health scares has inhibited very much for me. Now we head to a play, a football match, lunch at Gravetye Manor and some very heavy duty shopping. The exchange rate is at the lowest level since I moved to the USA some 42 years ago. Five days should be enough time to set my credit card on fire.

    • katry Says:

      My Dear Hedley,
      Last night we were lucky as the rain held off until far into the evening. I had one mad rush then some stragglers, 20 in total. I didn’t think there were that many kids around. Tonight I had a Milky Way for dessert. I froze them.

      I remember when you brought the Prince to England, but I didn’t realize it was 3 years ago. I’m sure you are anxious for a visit. You have great plans. Wow! I didn’t realize the pound was so low. Now I envy you your shopping. If I had the money, I’d go back to Ghana where the Cedi is at its lowest against the dollar. Oh what shopping I could do!

  2. Beto Says:

    It’s like Shangri-la here this week. All the windows are open. It made me think of the house I grew up in. That house had been a cut timber cabin that had all burned except the wall the chimney was built into. They used that wall to hang the new house on. Huge oak timbers from what must have been massive trees. When we moved in it had been empty since 1945 and the wood stove in the gigantic kitchen had served to heat the house. Since it was just a frame covered with oak planks the outside air was just as inside as the inside air. The ceilings were 12 feet tall and there was a full attic l so any heat escaped into the ether during the winter. My dad turned the attic into bedrooms in 1961 so that’s where us kids lived. The weather was almost livable when we were all on the big back porch but the attic was insane in any but the most temperate weather. Like this week.

    • katry Says:

      I’d love to be able to open windows. The air gets so stale once the cold comes. I have had to heat the house a few times in the mornings as the night air, he cold night. air, lingers. I’ve imagining your house built on the chimney wall and the massive timbers. 12 foot ceilings would make heating nigh impossible. I’m sure you were either too cold or too hot in the attic. I love porches.

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