“Just remember,” he told her. “If you run from me, I will pursue.” 

Today is a wonderful fall day. The sun is shining and highlighting the blue sky behind it. It is 56°, but it will get warmer as the day passes. The dogs love this weather. They stay outside playing and chasing each other coming in only to wag tails and hope for treats. They usually get one.

When I woke up this morning, the day felt right. The weather is perfect. I enjoyed an everything English muffin with cream cheese, and I drank delicious coffee from Honduras. My usual two cups became three. I am wearing my best cozies: a red hoodie, warm socks and flannel pants, actually Christmas pants with lobsters, whales and crabs celebrating the occasion. The crabs are wearing Santa hats. The lobsters are decorating with lights. The whales have candy canes. The pants are wonderfully warm.

My sister told about her dream last night. She and I were in Boston in what was a sketchy part of town where the old Trailway’s bus terminal used to be. We parked our cars and went into a subway station right there, a station which existed only in her dream. We didn’t take the subway train for an unknown reason so we decided to go back to our cars. I was wearing an expensive red coat which attracted two 20 something guys who started to follow me. My sister tried to warn me but couldn’t get it out of her mouth. That was when two guys started following her. She woke up then and was still trying to scream.

We both remembered that terminal. I used to to go there to get busses home to the cape from school. A great magic shop was around the corner. There was a western bar near it. I remember a wagon wheel. The terminal was a bit gross and often some homeless guy was sleeping on a chair. There was a restaurant and a newspaper kiosk inside the station. I told my sister a memory about that station which has always stayed with me. I was sitting inside smoking my cigarette when they called my bus. I put the butt in the sand of an ashtray and started to grab my stuff when a guy, a gross guy, came over. He took the butt out of the ashtray and lit it. What was worse was he must have been watching me. I grabbed my stuff and ran to the bus.

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6 Comments on ““Just remember,” he told her. “If you run from me, I will pursue.” ”

  1. Bob Says:

    Hi Kat,

    Today was a gorgeous sunny day with a low temperature of 53° and a high of 76°. I have no idea what kind of trees I have in my front yard, but in the fall they drop thousands of little green things that crack open when we step on them or drive into the garage. We sweep them into the street daily and they just keep falling. The leave haven’t started to change color and fall. We don’t usually get our first freeze until about Thanksgiving.

    Dreams are funny phenomena. Sometimes I can’t remember having any, although sleep experts tells us we dream nightly, and other nights they wake us up in a cold sweat with there realism. Some people believe that dreams are premonitions of things to come, but I don’t believe any of that nonsense. The strange part is when a memory from your distant past appears realistically in a dream but totally disconnected from the reality of the memory.

    Today I read an article by Bob Woodward about his taped interview with Trump. The really scary part is Woodward’s conclusion about Trump being a threat to the future of our Republic and Democratic form of government. It’s a warning to what might happen as a result of the midterm elections.


    • katry Says:

      Hi Bob,
      Trump in 2016 scared me. He scares me even more now. This country is in deep trouble perpetuated by Trumpers, the believers of his lies despite proof to the contrary. He has lost touch with reality, buoyed by his ego.

      I can remember only one nightmare. It woke me up. I was reading a book by H. P. Lovecraft. It was one scene I recreated in my nightmare, one about creatures crawling walls.

      Today stayed beautiful here. Nala was lying in the sun in the backyard. She knows how to enjoy life.

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