“Nothing wrong with you a good roller coaster wouldn’t fix.” 

The air is so thick any movement makes breathing difficult. Everything is still, not even a slight breeze can break through the dense, damp air. The sky is gray. It is 67° which will be today’s high. My dance card is empty. Yesterday it was filled. I had a uke concert on Main Street in Hyannis for Open Street Day. The crowd sang along. It was fun. In the late afternoon, I went to the birthday celebration for a friend who used to be my neighbor. Everyone other than myself was Brazilian. We had great food including Brazilian linguica, a favorite of mine. I stayed until the early evening. I wanted to go home to keep the dogs company as they had been alone a good portion of the day. They were happy to see me but happier for the treats. I know my place in the hierarchy.

Few tourists remain except for the busy weekends. The roads are clearer. Travel time is less but harder to figure. Columbus Day weekend will be the last hurrah. The cape will be ours again.

When I was a kid, weekends, most of the year, were not much busier than weekdays though on Saturdays uptown had more cars and fewer parking spaces. It was the weekend errand day. But, in the summer, weekends took on whole new meanings. We often went to the drive-in on Saturday nights after spending the day at the beach or, once in while, a lake, but I remember one Saturday, quite the special Saturday, when my parents told us we were going to have surprise if we were good. They always attached good using their standards, which were seldom ours. Anyway, we got on Route 1 toward East Boston, where my grandparents lived. We were in Saugus when my father announced he was turning around and taking us home as he was tired of listening to us. We begged and pleaded and promised good behavior using his standards if he kept going. After the turnaround, he stopped the car at a parking lot. It was a giant toy store which had behind it rides, including a small roller coaster. I used to see that coaster when we rode by the store toward my grandparents’ house. It was a great surprise. He had only turned around as he was on the opposite side of the highway from the rides. We spent the day there. I think it was on that day and at that place where my love for roller coasters began. I rode it over and over and over.

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2 Comments on ““Nothing wrong with you a good roller coaster wouldn’t fix.” ”

  1. Bob Says:

    Hi Kat,

    I hate roller coasters. Even the little kiddie ones I rode as a kid at the State Fair of Texas. They upset my stomach with little hills. Big ones scare the you know what out of me. I hate NOT being in control of a vehicle. When my wife and I went to Disneyland in California, years before we had kids, I wouldn’t go on Space Mountain, which is an indoor roller coaster. While my wife rode I went to the men’s room which was located near the exit from the ride. I felt justified in my decision as I saw a Japanese tourist was washing out his camera bag since he had used it as a barf bag on the Space Mountain ride. 🙂

    Today was another day of mostly sunny skies with a few scattered clouds. The high today reached 95°. In the mornings the low has been in the mid 70° range. Autumn did a quick visit a couple of weeks ago but summer is back again.

    Today was the funeral for the queen and I’m glad it’s over. There has been too much pomp and circumstances since she passed away. I don’t know why she didn’t abdicate in favor of her grandson, Prince William, his father is a philandering example of ineptitude Royal inbreeding. I guess he doesn’t have to be the brightest lamp on the tree to fulfill his Royal duties. Maybe, he won’t inherit his parents’ longevity genes and we’ll all get to suffer through another two week Royal funeral.

    • katry Says:

      Hi Bob,
      I guess I wouldn’t have seen the Japanese tourist as the end all be all of whether or not I’d ride something. I used to get car sick, but I figure that probably shouldn’t stop anyone from riding in a car. As I said, I love roller coasters. I have even ridden a couple that go upside down. I admit I did clutch the part that held me in when we went upside down.

      It was ugly humid all day. It is 68° right now, just about what it was most of the day. There might be rain.

      The pomp and circumstance is so very British the funeral would have seem strange without it. Charles added a huge amount of value and gave a huge amount away to charities as the Duke of Wales and Cornwall. What amazed me is as Duke of Wales he became fluent in Welsh. The queen could not bypass her son. It’s against the law, and only Parliament, not the queen, could have changed that law.

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