Peace Train: Cat Stevens  

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2 Comments on “Peace Train: Cat Stevens  ”

  1. J Says:

    as always, I love your theme selections.
    have you ever happened to hear the remarkable 8:00+ version of “People Get Ready” recorded by the Lyman Family? No matter what you know or how you feel about that community, these several minutes with the Muldaurs and others on the day of the moon landing is just extraordinary.
    You hear it once, and it’s there forever…

    • katry Says:

      Wow! Wow!

      I knew nothing about the Lyman Family so I did search for information. On one site they were compared to Charles Manson as they both did music among their other similar talents. I stopped looking.

      I love the Curtis Mayfield People Get Ready, and I feel the same about this version, and I find them both amazing but in different ways. The quiet opening here is perfect, and it is far more like a hymn. Maria Muldaur is a favorite of mine. Her voice on this song is far different than the other versions of her voice but even more spectacular.

      On the day of the moon landing, I was into the fifth week of training in Ghana so all of that time was lost to me.

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