“A man’s palate can, in time, become accustomed to anything.”

The morning is ugly. The rain comes and goes. The high will be in the low 50’s, and the day will stay rainy. I’m glad I have nowhere I have to be. The house is warm and the coffee is hot. I have harkened back to my childhood and am watching Monster from the Ocean Floor, a 1954 black and white science fiction movie. All I’m missing is the Rice Krispies.

The dogs watched from the deck while two spawns of Satan chased other from tree to tree, branch to branch. I figure the chase is a prelude to romance. Ah, spring!

Puddles were always inviting. When I was little, I loved stomping in the water until the puddle disappeared. I always rode my bike through puddles. I’d raise both legs off the pedals and watch the water spray into the air on each side of my bike. It was a bit like the parting of the Red Sea.

When I was a kid, I remember being excited when I started reading chapter books. Gone were the chickens, the hens, small animals and the colored pictures of the Golden Books. Because the chapter books were long, I always used a bookmark to keep my place. I thought it a sin of sorts, a sacrilege, when people dog-eared pages. I still use bookmarks. Some are official while others are just torn pieces of paper. My current book mark is from a bookstore no longer around. It is ephemera.

My father liked spaghetti with stewed tomatoes. That was the way his mother cooked it when he was a kid. He always said the only places for garlic were shrimp scampi and garlic bread. He didn’t like Romano cheese, only parmesan, but he was easily duped. As long as he didn’t see the garlic or the Romano being used, he didn’t taste them. I loved watching him eat Chinese food. He’d keep his handkerchief close so he could blow his nose and wipe his eyes, effects from the amount of hot mustard he used. He often chose foods with his eyes. He wouldn’t eat hummus. He said it looked like wallpaper paste.

My palate expanded when I lived in Ghana. I was introduced not only to Ghanaian food but also to Lebanese and Indian. Hole-in-the-wall Lebanese restaurants were all around Accra. The food was cheap so I ate a lot of Lebanese food, mostly for lunch. Indian food was a treat. The one Chinese restaurant in Accra served its Chinese food with a Ghanaian twist. The flavors were unique. We always ate outside on the veranda. Eating there was a bit expensive. Even the taxi ride was dear, but we didn’t really care. We were on vacation when we went to Accra, the big city, the city of cars and lights and street markets. I knew the city well, but being from the Upper Region, I always felt a bit like a rube, a country cousin.

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4 Comments on ““A man’s palate can, in time, become accustomed to anything.””

  1. Bob Says:

    Hi Kat,

    Today started out cloudy and humid. The clouds didn’t begin to break up until around noon. The high is only now going to reach 90°. Tomorrow should be warmer.

    Spaghetti with stewed tomatoes sounds boring without the garlic. Of course Shrimp Scampi and garlic toast are not real Italian dishes, but American style Italian food. I was surprised to learn on YouTube that the Caesar Salad was invented in Tijuana Mexico.

    My palette also expanded as I got older. I’m still not fond of very hot peppery dishes and I hate Indian Cuisine. There’s something about curry that I can’t stomach. A few years ago, I was on my way from London on British Airways. I didn’t get a chance to eat at the terminal for a nonstop nine hour flight to DFW. When the flight attendant reached my seat the only lunch dish that they had was chicken. It turned out to be Chicken Masala and I couldn’t eat it. Fortunately, they had small bars of KitKat chocolate in a basket in the aft galley. I ate several handfuls of those candy bars until I got home. Although the food in Economy class on American Airlines is usually horrible, British Airways food is even worse.

    • katry Says:

      Hi Bob,
      It stayed cloudy and chilly all day. It will be in the forties tonight, and we’ll get more rain. Tomorrow will be in the low 50’s.

      The stewed tomatoes were so very bland. I tasted them once or twice and wasn’t a fan. My mother made tasty spaghetti sauce my father didn’t choose to eat. I was curious about shrimp scampi and found:” Early Italian immigrants in the United States invented the Shrimp Scampi back then in the late 19th to early 20th century.” Int is like the best of two worlds. I found a really interesting story of garlic bread in all its iterations:


      I really like Indian food and have eaten a wonderful variety of it. I used to go to Sunday brunch at the Indian restaurant in Hyannis but haven’t in a long while. More dishes aren’t curry than are. I don’t even think I’ve eaten curry at a restaurant.

      On British Air I have had a few good meals. The one I didn’t eat was salmon. I don’t like salmon. It was a first class meal. That was the flight which made me wish I was in coach.

      • Bob Says:

        I only had an opportunity to fly business class one time on American Airlines. I was flying to London on my way to Dubai. They had overbooked the flight and gave me a free upgrade. I thought I had died and gone to aviation paradise. Even though I had already had a eaten a dinner in the terminal, I ate the delicious business class meal, served with real silverware, and actually was able to sleep. Unfortunately, I had to ride on British Airways in economy class onward to Dubai the next day. I didn’t get Indian food but it was typically bad airline food. 🙂

      • katry Says:

        The flight to Africa is 10 and 1/2 hours. With my bad back, I decided to go first class.The United flight was the best. I had almost a cubicle with a bed which would lift up to be straight. That was the first time I ever slept on a plane. United stopped flying the Ghana route so I had to go on Delta. It was business class, not first. The seat only lifted a little bit. The service wasn’t as good as on United. I was disappointed; however, my next two flights to Ghana were far better. Delta upgraded to a better plane, and I really had first class.

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