Come Take a Trip in My Airship: Dirt Poor Robins  

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2 Comments on “Come Take a Trip in My Airship: Dirt Poor Robins  ”

  1. im6 Says:

    This was certainly an unexpected and interesting find! I’ve been digging through YouTube and the internet to find out more. Not exactly the “sound” I’d have expected to come from Louisville, Kentucky (no offense, Louisville). It’s been time well spent and I plan to spend more.

    From their web site:

    Dirt Poor Robins are a cinematic rock band and husband and wife duo from Louisville, KY. Neil and Kate DeGraide first met when cast from opposite coasts as opposite leads in a musical.

    In 2004, Dirt Poor Robins began as a demo recorded with a single microphone on a cheap computer. What ensued has been a series of overtures exploring themes of marginalia–cages, carnivals, and techno-mythology at the edge and the end of the world.

    Sonic comparisons are in the range of Queen, ELO, and Heart. Dirt Poor Robins’ inspiration comes most from other bands implying more than the sum of their parts and asking more than answering questions.

    DPR’s music likewise raises questions as large as the symphonic universes and symbol-scapes in which they’re posed.

    And then there’s this which should pique your interest,

    • katry Says:

      You know how I often stumble on to a song or group. This was one of those times. I found them not long ago by chance, and I also went hunting. Today was a perfect day’s theme for this song.

      There is something so appealing about this song, about their voices.

      I had forgotten they came from Kentucky. Like you, I found their sound seemingly at odds with Kentucky.

      That video was gross.

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