Brilliant Disguise: Bruce Springsteen and The E Street Band

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2 Comments on “Brilliant Disguise: Bruce Springsteen and The E Street Band”

  1. hedley Says:

    Ah, the Tunnel of Love . Ol’ Bruce had grown tired of the E Street Band and pretty much dumped them on the Tunnel of Love Album and on the tour. We saw the show at the JLA in March 1988,

    Bruce appeared on stage with a dozen roses (or whatever number) smashed them to pieces on the microphone stand and blasted in to Tunnel of Love. As luck would have it, not so long ago, Springsteen released that show as part of his live performances series. A Horn section is way up front and it is anything but greatest hits , songs as diverse as Half Man Half Monkey to Love me Tender.

    Looking back it was really a great show and stood out from many that Mrs MDH and I have seen

    A great pick Kat, thank you

    • katry Says:

      My Dear Hedley,
      Living on Cape Cod has made me insular. Boston was never the hot spot for concerts, but even if it had been, I probably wouldn’t have gone. I did go to a few when I was in college but none as memorable as your list.

      That is generally the way of some lead singers, to go solo. I figure singers grow and feel hampered by the group behind him or her (Think Diana Ross).

      I am amazed at the wonderful memory you have. When I post a song, I always hope you have a history with the singers. Your comments personalize the musicians, the singers, for me.

      Have I said thanks?

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