“The dearest events are summer-rain.”

The rain started around two yesterday afternoon. It got heavy just when Fed Ex delivered two boxes I had to haul into the house. My shirt got really wet, but the boxes were mostly dry.

The rain just stopped. It was heaviest when it was blowing from the south. When I opened the door to let Henry inside, I was amazed at how warm it is, pleasantly warm with a kind breeze. Thunder storms are predicted for later.

My kitchen floor is a roadmap of wet paw prints. I have to close my eyes when I go into the kitchen or the messy floor would drive me crazy. The day is dark enough to need lights, but they make the rooms feel cozy and me contented. The dogs were roughhousing up and down the hall and onto the couch. They do play growls as they try to eat each other’s heads. Henry wins all the time. His jaw is bigger. Nala jumps on Henry for the win. I yell at them and tell them to go outside. Mostly they don’t.

When I was a kid, I loved rainy afternoons. I’d be wet, even soaked, after walking home from school in the rain. My mother would hang up my school clothes to dry. I’d put my shoes near the radiator and change into my pajamas. I had the comfiest pajamas. They had cuffs around the wrists and ankles keeping out the cold. The material was jersey. I’d get cozy in bed, turn on the light over my headboard and read. I was never without a book. I went to the library all the time, and I often spent my 50¢ allowance on books the library didn’t have, my girl detective books. I’d go downstairs for dinner and probably watch TV before bed. I don’t remember the programs I watched. I do remember many of them were westerns. I am not a fan of westerns.

My favorite rain is summer rain. When I was a kid, we stayed outside in the summer rain. I remember splashing the stream running below the curb. I remember my hair dripping and I remember me laughing. I don’t get wet on purpose anymore, but I do sometimes sit outside in the rain under my deck umbrella. I love being surrounded by rain but not getting wet. I leave some windows open so I can hear the rain.

My being posted to Ghana was serendipitous. The big reasons are many, but there are smaller reasons which, when mounted high, become big reasons, things to be appreciated. Rain was the biggest of these. During the rainy season it rained almost every day. The rain pounded the ground as if making up for the lost time in the dry season. Sometimes the rain was slanted. It was also at times heavy, times when shelter was best. Other times, the rain was a slight inconvenience, and I shopped in the market anyway.

Where I lived was mostly savannah grassland. In the dry season everything was brown, all the roads were dusty and the fields were empty. But once the rain started, the whole world woke up. Farms were planted mostly with millet. I watched the tiny plants grow to tall grasses with the millet on top. Roads stopped blowing dust everywhere. The market seemed cleaner from the rain. If the rain was heavy, I sometimes went shopping anyway. I got great buys from the aunties selling very little because of the rain. It never took long for me to dry. I even think my dress steamed when the hot sun hit it. Okay, maybe not.

Pardon my verbiage today!

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6 Comments on ““The dearest events are summer-rain.””

  1. Rowen Says:

    Great post. I could smell the petrichor.

    • katry Says:

      I remember the aroma when the rain hit the sandy soil. Crevasses were formed on the dry pathways when the torrential rainwater flood cascaded down. I loved it. I could even almost feel it.

  2. Bob Says:

    Hi Kat,

    Another cool but sunny day. That’s if 90° seems cool. In Celsius it’s 32.2° which feels cooler. Last night’s ten day forecast has nary a drop of rain instore and the upper 90 temperatures should return by Saturday. Sky Harbor Airport in Phoenix is 104° right now with 25% humidity just for a comparison to a real desert.

    When it comes to cleaning house, follow my advice, ignore and be happy. I always enjoyed rainy afternoons for the same reason as you. I wouldn’t change into my PJs because back then I didn’t have any. I slept in my undershorts and a tee shirt. However, reading a good book was always a great way to pass the time. I bought paperback books regularly and just like today I had a real book, not digital, in progress.

    • katry Says:

      Hi Bob,
      The heavy breeze is still wonderful. The high was 75˚ but it never felt hot. I never saw the sun. That is just too hot. I complain when we get into the 80’s. I lived in 104˚ temps in Ghana, but the dry was easy to take.

      I can’t stand the puffs of dog fur. This I want to vacuum right away. The den here is always filled as the two dogs spend lost of time here. The same with the hall where they constantly chase each other. I didn’t get dressed either, no reason to.

      Enjoy you book.

  3. Hedley Says:

    Could we play the Dead Sox everyday ?

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