Get Off Of My Cloud: Rolling Stones

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4 Comments on “Get Off Of My Cloud: Rolling Stones”

  1. hedley Says:

    We had reached the end of 1965 , the Beatles had gained general acceptance in the MDH household and the pirate radio Wonderful Radio London played as long as the battery on my transistor radio would hold out.

    And then the Stones were all over TV. Perhaps through an alcoholic mist my father went apoplectic cursing them out as long haired louts and jail birds. Once he had finished that solid piece of analysis he proclaimed that they were all on drugs.. at which point we jumped up and down to prove that they were not.

    8 years later I was to be jammed in to the socially acceptable job of being a bank clerk with nothing ahead but a life of boredom . BUT the 60s had changed the goals and asperations of my generation. I knew not to accept this, waited for financial independence, went to the LSE and kept moving.

    The social movement sat with the likes of The Stones . You can pick on all sorts of moments, Profumo,, Christine Keeler, Harold Wilson, RSG, pirate radio, Cathy McGowan, the mods and rockers fighting on Brighton Beach fragments and pieces that added up to changes in attitude, especially to deference and subservience.

    Watcha say Mick ?

    • katry Says:

      My father never had any opinion about my music until Dylan. He hated Dylan, and his music had to be played so low you wished you had lips to read.

      I loved my jobs most days, most years. It was a lucky find, my passion, to teach and later to work in administration.

      We had rock and roll everywhere on the radio dial. Whole stations played nothing but rock and roll. Staid stations changed their format. I got my first transistor radio. It was more larger than smaller. The box was faux brown leather. I was in heaven.

  2. Rowen Says:

    I’ve seen this clip before but it must’ve been a while because they look and sound even more impossibly young than the last time. Bill actually moves a bit on stage and even Brian is smiling.

    • katry Says:

      What is so funny is that your observation was my first reaction. I couldn’t believe how young they looked. Imagine people would say the same thing about me from back then.

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