“I have to find that silver lining around the dark cloud looming over all of us.”

Today is yesterday. I am not being metaphysical here. I’m talking about the weather and the ever present clouds, but today there is a tiny difference. The air feels warm. It will be in the 40’s today and the next few days. Rain is predicted for this afternoon, and, what a surprise, clouds are predicted for tomorrow.

My dance card is empty today except I have an hourlong session of strumming and uke playing tonight. Last time there were 8 or 10 of us playing St. Patrick’s Day songs on Zoom. I enjoyed the evening. I expect I will again.

My house is clean, but, nevertheless, I always see clumps of cat hair lying on the floor or swirling in the air when I walk, especially upstairs. Gwen doesn’t come downstairs, but she is quite active upstairs. I can hear her walking and jumping, and I do find balls of hair on the stairs, in my room and in the bathroom.

When I was a kid, we always had a dog, mostly Duke, our boxer. When I was in high school, we got a cat. Duke loved the cat. My father didn’t. He told us the cat had to go before he came home on Friday. Back then he was only home on weekends because he was working in Presque Isle, Maine, our next destination. Well, that cat loved my father from their first meeting, and the cat was going nowhere. He was home. Gideon used to ride in the car with my dad and would lie behind him on the seat top. Once, Gid gently bit my father in the nose while my father was driving. It was pretty funny, even my father thought so.

I have to fill the bird and suet feeders. Skip was here yesterday and shoveled a path across the deck to them. That is my entire task list though I am toying with making my bed. The dreaded laundry is tomorrow.

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10 Comments on ““I have to find that silver lining around the dark cloud looming over all of us.””

  1. Caryn Says:

    Hi Kat,
    My father always said the cats I brought home had to go. The first one looked like the cat that came with the house when they bought it. He got to stay. The second cat looked like the first cat who had died so he got to stay. The third cat was supposed to go because you couldn’t have two cats at the same time. When my father came home that little black kitten leaped into his lap, curled up, and looked up at him with such adoration in her eyes. Later on, my mother came and told me that the little cat could stay. Clever little kitten. The fourth cat was the last born son of cats two and three so he got to stay. By the fifth cat, he had a Peke and he had given up telling me we couldn’t have multiple animals. My mother had given up long before that.
    Today is not yesterday here. Yesterday was wall to wall blue sky and sunshine. Today is most definitely not any of that.
    Enjoy the day.

    • katry Says:

      Hi Caryn,
      That sounds just like my father and Gideon. The cat slept with my dad the day they met. After that, my parents had a dog and a couple of cats. After Beebe, their last dog, passed away, they still had cats. The last of them outlived both my father and mother.

      Cats do have a way ingratiating themselves. It’s the purring. Who can resist a happy, purring cat.

      Yup, still cloudy here and no blue. The clouds are light in color, but they’ll be staying around.

  2. Bob Says:

    Hi Kat,

    Today I’m feeling wonderful. Last night the lower back pains returned but a few Advill took care of it and slept through the night and I feel great.

    It’s winter time with cloudy, dreary and dark skies which are a part of the season. The good news this morning is that the Supreme Court denyed Trump’s request to keep his tax returns from the NY grand jury investigating his business dealings for tax fraud. According to Jimmy Breslin’s book on Nixon, I feel like it’s title, “How The Good Guys Finnaly Won”. Or, at least this one battle.

    Unfortunately, the Texas legislature is in session and they probably won’t do what’s right to prevent last week’s fiasco. It will cost the power operators too much money to winterize their gas fired power plants and so they will do nothing but make speeches against green energy. It always comes down to, “You can pay me now or pay me later”. They will probably kick the can down the road and hope the voters have short memories. The legislature and all the statewide offices are in Republican hands and with Gerrymandering and voter suppression laws they will remain so for years.

    We never had a dog because my father didn’t want one. My father used to say, “Why do I need a dog, I have you two kids.” When I moved to NYC at 13 my aunt and uncle had a mixed breed dog named, Sandy. My family have had several dogs over the years but decided that without a backyard with grass we didn’t want to have to walk a dog in inclement weather.

    My wife is deathly allergic to cat dander. When we were looking at this house last summer, there was another one two doors down for sale. We didn’t even get past the living room when my wife’s allergies began to flare up. CAT LIVED HERE! They had little decorative mouse doors mounted along the foundation outside the house which they must have thought was cute. Today the sun is out but the high temperature will be a little cooler than the 74° yesterday. They’re forecasting 66° for the high. Already, most people have forgotten about last week if they have power and water.

    • katry Says:

      Hi Bob,
      I’m glad you’re feeling better. Nothing helps more than a good night’s sleep.

      I haven’t watched MSNBC yet today. I’ve been watching programs I’ve saved as I am way behind. I like Blue Bloods, and I have six of those, oops, I’m down to 3.

      February is our worst month of snow and cold, and it has lived up to its reputation. The good thing is it will be in the 40’s for most of the week, but it will also be cloudy. By the end of the week, we ‘ll have some sun.

      My family has always had a dog. Individually, some of us still do. We also have cats. We are a multi-pet family.

      I can’t imagine Texans forgetting what has happened. I can’t think they’d not blame the Republicans. The pictures were just horrible, even difficult to look at.

      I have also allergic to cats and dogs as well as all sorts of growing things. I spent entire summers sneezing and rubbing my eyes until I could take it no longer. I went to an allergist, and now, even years later, I have no reactions.

      The forecast is 40˚ for a high and somewhere in the 30’s tonight for the low.

      • Bob Says:

        I’ve been married for 35 years and when we were first married I brought up going to an allergist. I never brought it up again. Now, you know the secret to a long happy marriage. The husband says, “Yes dear”, and never brings up that topic again. 🙂 That’s the female equivalent to a compromise. 🙂

      • katry Says:

        I can’t imagine suffering if I don’t have to.

      • Bob Says:

        She would have nothing to complain about. 🙂

      • katry Says:

        I hope she doesn’t read this.

  3. hedley Says:

    When the snows return, I cant sleep as I know I need to get outside around 5 am and fire up the Toro. Its been at least every other day during February. Today it was the nasty wet heaving clogging stuff and I was battling with the street plough who was entertaining himself by pushing snow back in to my driveway,

    This is a fun week for music with Bob Dylan 1970 being released on Friday including some sessions with George Harrison. Lets hope it is more interesting that the stuff he put out with Johnny Cash which was dire. Anyway its on pre order so I am hoping for a fun listen this weekend.

    • katry Says:

      My Dear Hedley,
      I sleep when the snow comes. I know Skip will be here with his plow and his shovel. He even takes my trash saving me a trip to the dump.

      I hate the plows when they do that. I park at the top of my driveway which is a hill when it snows so it is easy to get my car out.

      I also hope you have a musical weekend. That sounds healing.

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