“Coffee and chocolate—the inventor of mocha should be sainted.”

Yesterday was a good day. I wrapped gifts until I ran out of tape and I put more boxes and bags into the car for my dump run today. I need an empty car for the trip to UPS on Monday. I’m about half way through my wrapping.

The morning is foggy and hazy. It is warm and will get warmer, to the low 50’s. Everything is still in the thick air. Even the smallest branch just hangs. Rain is a possibility for later.

Sometimes Henry sits right beside, and if I don’t pat him, he gently taps the top of my leg with his paw. He follows me into the kitchen then leans on me for attention. I pat him, and I sometimes give him a treat.

Henry didn’t let me pat him for a long time when he first came to live here. I didn’t push it though I longed to pat him, to show him some love. Henry took time, but I was always patient. We started slowly with a pat or a scratch here and there, and finally, here we are nearly two plus years later, and Henry pats my leg.

The lights I put on the fence to replace the dead ones are LED’s. I swear they are so bright you can probably see them from space, or at least from a low flying airplane or better yet a helicopter just above the trees. One of the light sets I took off the fence still works. It was probably attached to the dead strand. I’ll use it on the mantle.

Cocoa has been my go to drink on the really cold nights. I fill my huge mug with milk and put it in the microwave to heat. The cocoa is an organic, dark hot cocoa mix. I smack my lips after every sip. It is that delicious.

When I was a kid, the milkman always left one bottle of chocolate milk with the bottles of white milk. I never thought of it as anything but ordinary. The house rule was we had to mix the chocolate with the white milk so the chocolate would go further, would last longer. Mostly we drank it at supper though it went well with a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. Actually, it went well with anything. Chocolate is like that.

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5 Comments on ““Coffee and chocolate—the inventor of mocha should be sainted.””

  1. Bob Says:

    Hi Kat,

    Today the sun is shining but the cooler temperatures have arrived. We are only going to get into the mid 50s instead of the 70s that we had last week. Rain is again predicted for tomorrow so my daughter and I are going to explore somewhere else this afternoon from inside the car.

    One one of my coworkers has a side business installing Christmas lights and then taking them down. He was telling me last week that he had an inquiry from a guy who wanted him to install his own incandescent lights. My friend told me he only installs LED lights and the man got upset with my friend. Technology is everywhere including Christmas lights.

    Chocolate is my go to everything flavor except for my morning coffee. Nothing warms up a cold night like hot chocolate. I prefer mine with a little whipped cream or a marshmallow but I will drink it straight. I’m not a fan of mocha. Somehow mixing coffee with chocolate seems sacrilegious. I drink my coffee black without any sweetener and chocolate seems to override the coffe flavor or maybe the coffee flavor overrides the chocolate. Either way I like them separately.

    When I was a kid chocolate milk didn’t last very long and mixing with the plain variety milk would have caused a huge fuss. Only my sister and I drank the stuff so it lasted longer.

    Thankfully, the Supreme Court threw out the stupid lawsuit brought by our idiot Attorney General on behalf of the the State of Texas to throw out 10 million votes that went for Joe Biden. How 17 other state’s Attorny Generals and a huge number of Republican Congress members could join the suit or file amicus briefs supporting the imaginary wrong spouted by our stupid President. Had the high court agreeded to even hear the case, I would have begun making plans to leave this country forever.

    Trump has reaffirmed Hitler’s philosophy that if you tell a lie often enough people will begin to believe the lie. Trump is such an ignoramus about basic American government, that he actually expected the three Supreme Court Justices and all the Federal judges he appointed to back up his imaginary claims. He’s so stupid that he couldn’t understand the principle that Federal Judges can’t be fired and that they serve for life. Thank goodness we only have a few weeks of his term left and only god and he knows what further damage he might try to inflict on this country in his remains time in office.

    • katry Says:

      Hi Bob,
      It has started raining here, most a light rain, so I’m going to the dump hoping it will be empty with the rain.

      I can find strands of non LED lights, but I got this on-line and liked it had 50 bulbs. The rest of the lights are also LED now, but they aren’t as bright as the white lights. When I watch the great Christmas light fights, I am always amazed at the technology the people use to coordinate their lights. Mine are just plugged into a regular timer. I still need to add my cow.

      There were four of us and one bottle of chocolate so we shared. It was better than the threat of having no more chocolate.

      People get inured to what they constantly hear, even to lies. I stopped listening a long time ago. Trump has no idea of how the government works except for his stupid executive orders and even many of those were unnecessary as they existed before him. I’d like to see if he can pass a citizenship test. I’m betting no.

      The idiot believes that anyone he named to anything owes him allegiance. Maybe he forgot he can’t fire supreme court judges even when they turn down his lawsuits. As for the sign-ons to that suit, they should be excoriated for their attempt to undermine our judicial system and our democracy. I heard a newsman describe the Republican Party as a party of eunuchs, best description I’ve heard.

  2. Caryn Says:

    Hi Kat,
    Chocolate is like that indeed. I have a bottle of Penzeys hot cocoa mix. I haven’t tried it as hot cocoa. I’ve been sprinkling it on Brigham’s vanilla ice cream.

    Rocky wasn’t one for snuggling either. When he wanted me to rub his face he would lie in his preferred spot at the end of the couch and slam his paw down on the cushion while staring at me. It was more of a “peel me a grape” request. Piki Dog is velcro dog. He loves snuggling and is always right next to me. Now, after 6 years of sharing me with Piki Dog, Rocky has learned to snuggle, too. As soon as I sit down, I’m bracketed by dogs.

    Today, I replaced my broken old cable tv box. Oh, the humanity! So many wires. The new remote is voice controlled. I couldn’t find any of my favorite channels. I had to google to find out how to save my favorite channels when I did find them. Still can’t find WGBX. I spent the whole day on this project. But now I have Prime tv and I think I can record things to watch later. And I dusted around and behind the tv and all the wires. No bad thing.

    It’s raining here.
    Enjoy the evening.

    • katry Says:

      Hi Caryn,
      I buy this cocoa mix from Imperfect Foods. When I saw it offered a few months back, I thought I’d give it a try. Wow, great hot chocolate, and I’m drinking milk, even had to buy more.

      Henry turned his head rather than let me pat him. He’d run away. It took time. Now he expects affection, pats and treats and is sometimes pushy. The cats wanted affection right away. Hard to believe they have been here a year and a half. I’m usually bookended by Jack and Henry. Gwen meows at us from the stairs.

      You’ll enjoy the voice remote. It does all the work so I sometimes forget the channels. It’ll take you to Prime and Netflix. I have it find old movies. I record all sorts of programs.

      It poured here for a while but hasn’t since stopped.

      Have a great Sunday.

      • Caryn Says:

        I’ve recovered from cable tv box installation trauma. I’ve figured out the remote or at least the important bits. I found settings and embiggened the font so I can read the screen from across the room. Sort of. I found Prime TV. The remote could not find Create channel on voice control. It’s search result for that request was rather like Bing when it rolled out on Beta; very interesting but totally not what I asked for 😀 I found it by scrolling through the Guide. Voice requests will require more practice, I guess.

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