“Red squirrels… you don’t see many of them since they became extinct.”

Some days start out bad from the outset. I woke up cold. Henry was hogging the bed. My blanket was on the floor. When I reached over for it, I slid off the bed because part of the mattress topping was just hanging out there in space beyond the mattress. The drop to the floor was slow and didn’t faze me so I got off the floor, picked up the blanket, straightened my bed, got back in it under the warmth of the blanket then I tried to go back to sleep. I couldn’t. It was dark. Okay, it wasn’t dark. It was almost nine, too early for me, but I got up anyway. My house was cold.

Next, I put cream in my coffee, but it wasn’t cream. Believe me when I tell you that pumpkin eggnog and coffee are not a good combo.

My sweatshirt pocket caught on the cabinet knob. The pocket tore a bit. I just shrugged. That brings us to now. The cats and dog are upstairs napping. I am alone on the couch but am quite comfortable despite my torn sweatshirt.

When I woke up, the sun was shining. Without a breeze, 48˚ felt warm. A bit later a dark cloud appeared and spread across the sky, now totally gray, a whitish gray. It is just an ugly day, no rain predicted.

I was going to the dump, but I can wait for a few more days. I have only a single bag of trash and a few bags of newspapers and magazines. Besides, it is just the sort of day to laze around the house. I am going to hang the new spawn of Satan feeder I bought. It is a plastic horse’s head which will hang just above the deck rail so the spawn can reach it. I have to put peanut butter inside the head to hold seeds. If I’ve done it all correctly, the spawn will sit on the deck with its own head inside the horse’s head and will move it around to get at the seed. I need a bit of humor, and I figure the spawns owe me.

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6 Comments on ““Red squirrels… you don’t see many of them since they became extinct.””

  1. Bob Says:

    Hi Kat,

    “Mama said there will be days like that”. Sometimes, I have more of them than I like. Last Sunday the swimming pool began spewing out tons of bubbles from the water jets which is not a good thing. I turned off the pump and the pool guy came out on Monday to look at the system. He suspected an air leak in the pool sweeper. And, he disconnected it and took the hose with him to check it for leaks. The bubbles stopped which means the leak was not in the pool system. He said we don’t need it this time of year because it will clog up with the leaves. A swimming pool is a place in the backyard filled with water that you throw money into. 🙂

    This morning a cool front came through. It was a pacific front rather than an arctic front which really brings us the cold weather. We refer to those as an ‘Alberta Clipper’. The temperature has dropped down to the normal range. Unfortunately, we didn’t get any rain that I can tell because I slept late. I have to keep my sprinkler system going every couple of days to keep the soil around the foundation moist so that the foundation doesn’t crack. Living on top of clay soil precludes having a basement and which requires a slab foundation. Every location has its good and bad features. Hawaii has wonderful climate but has volcanoes. California has beautiful sceanary and great climate, but has earthquakes. You have beautiful sceanary and great seafood with cold winters, 🙂

    • katry Says:

      Hi Bob,
      I just hate days which start poorly. They make me testy! Nothing much has changed. It is still an ugly day.

      My friend hated her pool so much she had it filled in and landscaped over. Now she has a concrete walkway around nothing.You get a reprieve of the winter before you need to fix the pool. One of my friends had the best pool with a fountain and a stone driving board. Very cool pool.

      I’ll take cold winters over having to run my sprinkler all year to raise my water bill way high or doing without my cellar. Snow is a small price to pay for the spring, summer and fall.

      • Bob Cohen Says:

        I’m surprised that she could just fill in the pool with dirt. Usually, they have to break down the entire concrete otherwise it fills up with water from the rain and becomes a swamp under whatever is growing in the dirt. Regardless, my wife wanted the pool and she and my daughter enjoy it more than I do. The pool will stay regardless of cost nor workload.

        Actually, we don’t use the water to raise the foundation, just to keep the edges moist. A soaker hose is even a better idea to keep the ground around the foundation moist. What happens is that the edges of the dirt under the slab dry out and shrink while the soil under the center of the slab remains moist during dry months, The slab might then crack as the soil under the edges shrinks.

        The homes built in and after the 1980s are better because the builders have learned to prepare the soil under the slab better and have pretensioned the slab by having steel rods crisscrossing the interior while pouring the concrete to stabilize it better. Any home around here that’s older than 25 years has probably had its foundation jacked up and then supported using piers that have been sunken to bedrock. That’s why basements have to have very thick walls to withstand the shrinking and expanding of the clay soil. Older homes were built using pier and beam foundations where there is a crawl space under the house. They are easier to fix when they start to move around. Of course, they’re more expensive to build and the plumbing under the house is exposed to freezing in the winter time.

        Now, you are an expert in foundations and why going into the foundation repair business in Texas is a big money making business. 🙂 The good part is we don’t have a state income tax.

      • katry Says:

        My friend never had any problems with the rain. The cape tends to have more sandy soil than anything else so water would be absorbed. Her son lives there now and would know what to do if something happens.

        It just seems as if you have to use a lot of water. They don’t build slab houses around here. The house where we lived in Yarmouth had a half cellar. That meant half of the cellar was more like a crawl space while the other half had someone area. That’s where my parents kept their freezer.

        That is a lot of work on the foundations but you have to, it seems, because of the clay.

        I’ll put out my shingle advertising my skills. Nw that I am retired, I no longer have a state income tax.

  2. Caryn Says:

    Hi Kat,
    What a way to start a day. Pumpkin egg nog coffee! Yuck.

    There will be photos of this spawnly entertainment, correct? I could use a laugh at red spawn’s expense. One has found an old vent shaft into the cellar that was probably there to ventilate the coal bin. It has been coming through the shaft to sit on top of the oil tank to eat it’s walnuts in comfort.

    The weather up this way has been damp and dreary since just after dawn. There’s a breeze which makes it feel cooler than it is. I am not alone on the couch as there is a warm dog sleeping on either side of me. We are all quite comfy.
    Enjoy the day.

    • katry Says:

      Hi Caryn,
      It was yuck. I bought it to taste it. I’ll do without in the future, but I do like egg nog.

      I didn’t hang it today. I want to get some mixed seed instead of using sunflower seeds as in the other feeders. I need to go to Agway anyway tomorrow for dog food so I’ll get seed. The hanging string is all set. I just have to hang it about a foot or less off the deck rain.

      Not even a slight breeze here. It is a still, dark and dreary day here too. I’m thinking of ordering dinner, but I don’t know what appeals to me.

      This video is why I bought the horse:


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