“I grew up in an African household, so lots of chicken, lots of rice. We ate Jollof rice, a very West African dish.”

The road was wet when I woke up. It had rained. Just a little bit ago the rain started again. I heard it hitting the leaves near the deck. The weather forecast is for on and off rain with a high in the 70’s. We need the rain.

My trash bag, now on the kitchen floor, is deck bound. It has started to smell, the result of my frenzied fridge cleaning the other day. My next dump trip won’t be until Wednesday so the bag can keep outside until then. Today I’m headed to Agway for some pumpkins, fall flowers, cat food and cat treats. Henry has plenty of everything.

I admit to being nervous about riding around and stopping on a whim. I used to do that all the time. I’d get bored, load up Gracie and take a long ride. We’d sometimes stop to get ice cream: mine in a cone and Gracie’s scoop of vanilla in a cup. I’ve explained all this to Henry, especially the part about the ice cream. Maybe I can coax him into taking another ride with no stops.

I am neat, and things in my house have stayed in their places until now. After being inside so long, I wanted my house to have a different look so I’ve bought pillows, rearranged bric-a- brac and re-potted plants. The only room still needing my attention is my bedroom with a pile of Christmas presents and a new spread still in its bag. That spread, even covered, and Henry sprawled on it at night make me nervous. I admit a pre-covid piece still hangs with me, maybe even gotten a bit worse. When I walk down the hall, I use my sleeve to dust the small dresser, and I pick up any dust balls. From the den to the kitchen is the cleanest part of the house.

When I got back from Ghana, I didn’t eat rice for a long time. I had eaten my fill when the rains were late, and rice was all I could buy in the market. We had bell peppers, grown from seeds we’d given the garden boy, so we ate a lot of stuffed peppers. The Ghanaians hated the bell peppers, no heat. Their peppers were all hot peppers of varying degrees. Jollof rice was the only rice dish I would always eat. On our last trip to Bolga, Bill and I ate jollof rice every night. The hotel’s restaurant made great jollof rice and filled our plates. Every night we belonged to the clean plate club.

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4 Comments on ““I grew up in an African household, so lots of chicken, lots of rice. We ate Jollof rice, a very West African dish.””

  1. Bob Says:

    Hi Kat,

    Rice is one of my favorite dishes as long as it’s not mixed with hot peppers. When it comes to anything containing Capsaicin, I’m a tenderfoot. I think people who live in tropical locals use lots of hot pepper to keep their food from spoiling or to kill the bacteria once the food gets into their stomach. Even bacteria won’t attack a Ghost pepper. 🙂 I prefer white rice with my Chinese food but will eat fried or even brown rice.

    I’m surprised Henry doesn’t like riding in the car. Every dog I ever owned loved the going for car rides and especially sticking their head out the window. I can only imagine the cornucopia of aromas that a dog can detect while sticking his head out a moving car’s window.

    Today I couldn’t change my expired password on my work PC laptop. The message said that my password didn’t meet the criteria. When IT called me back, they explained that their new password software looks for common phrases such as names and won’t let you use them. The workaround is to substitute a letter with a symbol. It would be nice for them let the rest of us know these things in advance. Sometimes I think that IT is so security crazy that we can’t get our work done. 🙂

    The cold front blew through last night and lowered the temperature to a high today of about 73°. Unfortunately, the rain missed us. 🙁

    • katry Says:

      HI Bob,
      I find white rice boring, but I do like fried rice. When I order food hot, I don’t want too much heat. I’d like to be able to taste the food. Heat kills germs. Ghanaians also use ginger which has a hot taste when mushed the way Ghanaians eat it.

      Since I first got him, the car has scared Henry. I think it has to do with all the driving to get here. He is also the first dog I’ve ever had who hated the car. Maybe it will get better in time.

      I use the password saver in Safari. When I check it, some passwords have an orange Asterix of sorts. That is telling me I am using a repeat password. The recommended passwords are many letters long.

      73˚ is a perfect temperature.

      • Bob Says:

        I do the same with Safari on all my Apple devices. Unfortunately, my work laptop is a Windows PC. Since so many employees are working from home on laptops, the IT “Nazis” have cracked down on what we can do on our own personal devices or from home. In their minds there’s a hacker behind every tree. 🙂

      • katry Says:

        I had that issue way back when I couldn’t get into my MAC, my password protected MAC, and I ended up as guest. My passwords were gone and my sign in names. Luckily I had my iPad. It took a while, but I solved it. All is right with my MAC, at least for now.

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