I Can’t Git A Nice Loaf A’ Bread: The Singing Postman

Isolation is getting to me. The songs are getting stranger, even odd, like this one!

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4 Comments on “I Can’t Git A Nice Loaf A’ Bread: The Singing Postman”

  1. hedley Says:

    FUCK !

    (First ever F Bomb on KTCC ??)

    Allan Smethurst The Singing Postman ….who somehow achieved fame, notoriety in the mid 60s including something like “have you got a light boy” . I simply have no idea where to go with this, I know, lets slide over to the great Rambling Syd Rumpo


    Keep your hands off others Moolies

    • katry Says:

      Yes, I think it is the first written F Bomb. The verbal F Bomb is frequently heard around here, and I live alone.

      Good old Rambling Sad didn’t even need a double entendre the way songs which came before did, like Johnny Otis and Willie and the Hand Jive.


      • hedley Says:

        Rambling Syd Rumpo was an invention of Marty Feldman and Barry Took for the radio series “Round the Horne” brilliantly executed by Kenneth Williams. . the show aired during the 60s on a Sunday afternoon and contained so much innuendo and double ententes that even the BBC could not catch them all. the ever boring Mary Whitehouse objected, but I doubt she knew what she was protesting about. It blasted through barriers at a time when homosexuality was still illegal and set standards that are still funny today.

        Meanwhile, Becki Falwell and her wonderful world of pool boys have given me no end of humor and entertainment

      • katry Says:

        Thanks for the background. I only found the song then the video without any information about the singer and the song.

        I appreciate that you always fill in the blanks!

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