“Our perfect companions never have fewer than four feet.”

It rained this morning. Everything was wet when I woke up. The weather calls for a warmish day with a bit of sun. So far the weatherman is on point.

When I was a kid, a rainy Saturday was about the worst thing that could happen. That meant staying around the house driving my mother crazy, but if we were lucky, there was a movie matinee, and my father would drive us, anything to get us out of the house.

Today I am waking from a sort of hibernation and am actually going to do a couple of errands. Being out of coffee has forced me out. I may even go to Hyannis. I haven’t been to Trader Joe’s in ages.

My father was a Giants fan. This was before there was a Patriots team. He watched football every Sunday. None of the rest of us did. The only name I remember is Y. A. Tittle because it is sort of a neat name so it stuck in my head. I also remember he was bald. My father and grandfather used to go to the local high school’s Thanksgiving game. I never knew why. Neither of them went to school there. I guess it was just the pull of football and the longtime rivalry as the two teams, Reading and Stoneham, had played every Thanksgiving since 1923. That my grandfather liked football was one of the few things I knew about him.

I don’t think my father ever had pets when he was growing up. I seem to remember my mother mentioning a dog, but I could be wrong. She was one of eight kids so a dog seems unlikely. From the time I was five, we always had a pet. First it was just a dog then it was a dog and a cat. When we were all older and gone from the house, my parents still had a dog and two cats. After Beebe the dog died, there were always cats. My father loved my boxer Shauna as if she were his own. She felt the same way about him. My mother always had treats and marrow bones on hand for my dogs. They followed her to the kitchen and to the fridge. She’d always give them deli meats. They knew how easy she was.

My parents gave us lots of things, but I am forever thankful to them for introducing us to the joy of having pets. My pets were also thankful. Because of my parents spoiling them, none of my pets ever thought of themselves as other than human. I admit to doing the same. Henry is already spoiled. It didn’t take long.

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6 Comments on ““Our perfect companions never have fewer than four feet.””

  1. Bob Cohen Says:

    Whenever we asked my father for a pet he would reply, why would I want a pet because I have you kids? Until we moved into our condo a couple of years ago we always had a dog. No cats because my wife is deathly allergic to cat dander. Therefore, we are taking a hiatus from having pets. I miss having a dog except for the last couple of months when it has rained nearly continuously. 🙂 It’s a real pain in the rear end having to walk the dog in bad weather. Maybe we should go for tropical fish or a bird, I don’t think so. 🙂

    The Giants of the 1950s had a remarkable winning team led by Yelberton Abraham Tittle Jr. known by his initials. Other players that I remember were Frank Gifford, Rosey Grier and Sam Huff. Frank Gifford had a long broadcasting career, Rosey Grier had a short film acting career and Sam Huff’s name just stuck in my head.

    The sun is shining for a change and it’s a beautiful 71 degrees.

    • katry Says:

      My brother is the only one without a pet. My two sisters each have pets as do my nephews and my niece. I think a hose feels empty without a pet. I had a cat in Ghana, and I brought him home with me. I couldn’t leave him.

      I remember Rosie Greer, and I remember he was a needle-pointer. Frank Gifford I remember as an announcer. I have no memory of SamHuff. If my name were Yelberton, I’d go by my initial as well.

      It ended up sunny and warm, in the low 60’s.

  2. olof1 Says:

    The day started cloudy and chilly here but turned to sunny and almost warm. I could have the kitchen door open as long as the sun shone towards the door and it does so until just after 4 pm.

    We always watched soccer on Saturdays here. They always showed a match from England and it was a sad day when they lost the rights to show them to a pay channel. They still show some kind of soccer in one of the free channels but it isn’t the same. Back then I knew all about English soccer 🙂

    We didn’t have much when I grew up but we did always have pets. Parakeets, hamsters, cats, dogs, aquariums and I know they had a guinea pig before I was born. It was huge, white with red eyes and very aggressive and after the last time it escaped they had to call the pet shop so they could take it back 🙂 They had to have thick skin gloves because it bit right through anything else 🙂 🙂 I don’t remember when I haven’t had at least one pet but mostly I’ve had several at the same time 🙂

    Have a great day!


    • katry Says:

      Hi Christer,
      I’ve also always had multiple pets since I bought my own house over forty years ago. I was in the eighth grade when we added a cat to the household. We already had a dog.

      As you can guess, soccer wasn’t TV much when I was growing up. It is on more often now, and I think there is a soccer channel.

      We had a turtle, a bird or two and two hamsters. We never had fish. I don’t know why not.

      Have a great day!

  3. Caryn Says:

    Hi Kat,
    Both my parents had pets when they were kids. More accurately, there were animals in my mother’s house when she was a kid but she wasn’t ever an animal person. Her sisters had the pets. There was at least one cat and a fox cub.
    My paternal grandfather raised dogs to supplement his reduced depression era income. He raised wire-haired fox terriers and schnauzers. My paternal grandmother always had canaries in the kitchen. My father had white mice that he trained to do tricks.
    When my parents bought their house, it came with a cellar cat and a garage cat. Apparently back then when people moved, the cats stayed with the house. My father brought home a dog when I was a baby which bothered my mother because she was afraid of dogs. He wanted canaries in the kitchen but she put her foot down on that one as birds in the house were bad luck. They should be free to fly. I think I agree with that.
    My brothers and I were always bringing home animals. Gerbils, hamsters, guinea pigs, skunks, raccoons, squirrels, kittens, pigeons. We never asked permission or forgiveness. We always were forgiven and allowed to keep the more domesticated ones. Wildlife had to be rehabbed and released. They were all allowed in the house for periods of time except for the pigeon. My mother never compromised on that bird thing. 😀

    Today was cloudy, windy, warm. More walnuts fell down. The lawn guys came and sucked up all the leaves along with the grass cuttings but the walnuts remain and are much easier for me to see now. Picking them up will be less of a nuisance.

    Enjoy the day.

    • katry Says:

      Hi Caryn,
      The fox cub is an interesting pet. I imagine it was freed when it got older. I don’t remember any relatives having cats except one aunt. It is interesting that my mother’s siblings weren’t big pet people but most of their kids are. Dogs are big with my cousins.

      It is very cool that your father trained white mice. I can’t even get Henry to do what I want. He still lies down when I say sit.

      I guess the cats weren’t pets. They were probably kept to keep the rodent population down. I have never given a thought to having a bird. We got a bird once as a gift but we never replaced it when it died. My mother was never a fan of birds. My aunt gave us our first dog, Duke.

      Today it was also windy here and warm, in the low 60’s. My lawn guys came too and cut the grass and cleared the deck of all those acorns. Henry’s foot bled for a while today, and I think he may have stepped on one of those acorns.

      Have a great evening!

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