“One is always at home in one’s past…”

Last last night (or early this morning, I never know which to choose) it poured. I don’t even know if rain was expected. I just know everything is soaked, and dirty paw prints are a trail across my kitchen floor from the back door. Today is still cloudy and damp, but I opened a couple of windows anyway.

My laundry bag is back to leaning on the cellar door. This time, though, the load is small which may prompt me to take it down to the washer faster than usual.

Henry likes Maddie. She has a cyst which was drained but has returned so Henry laps it clean. Maddie often, at her peril, stands under the dog between his legs. She gets knocked down occasionally. Henry is puppy careless.

I used to check the news every day on MSNBC. I don’t any more. Nothing changes. It only worsens.

Today is one of those nothing in my head days. I haven’t been out this week so I can’t complain about traffic. I suppose I could grumble about the rainy weather, but that just seems so commonplace, so trite. Everybody complains about the weather. I’m just stuck.

My mother made a great apple pie. My father liked it with a slice of cheddar on top. I like it plain. I know some people like it with vanilla ice-cream, but I am in the pie and cake must be separate from the ice cream camp. Either have ice cream or pie but not both together.

I buy specialty coffee like African Gold, and I use light cream. I do love my coffee. In Ghana, I had instant coffee and evaporated milk. I complained then tolerated then stopped noticing how god-awful it was. I even had a couple or more mugs a day. Bolga had cows even back then. Peace Corps warned us not to drink the milk. I think it had to do with bovine tuberculosis.

On my last trip to Ghana, my friend Peg brought coffee in bag form like tea bags. It was so superior to the instant but then we had to use the yellowish evaporated milk. It even looked gross.

I have been back to Ghana three times. I’d like one last trip in 2021, fifty years since I finished Peace Corps service. I love going back to Ghana. My friends Bill and Peg have been back twice. They love Ghana as much as I do. I know a couple of guys who went back this year with their wives, their first time back. I have two Peace Corps friends uninterested in going to Ghana again. One doesn’t want new memories to overwrite the wonderful memories of her two years there. The other said there was no reason to go back. I feel sorry for him.

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4 Comments on ““One is always at home in one’s past…””

  1. Bob Says:

    I’m an apple pie by itself person, unless it’s hot from the oven and then vanilla ice cream makes a cool companion. Generally I don’t like my food to touch each other on my plate. It drove my mother crazy when I was a kid. We have a set of compartment plastic trays that keep every item separate. 🙂 I know it sounds ridicules but it’s what I enjoy.

    Instant coffee by itself is bad enough but adding condensed milk would drive me to drink hot tea. I once took an early morning flight from Brussels to London Gatwick airport on a low cost airline called Brussels Air. The seat rows were closer than Spirit Airline here which is a super cheap airline that crams passengers in like sardines. The flight attendant came by and asked if I wanted coffee. She opened a pack of instant coffee, poured it in a styrofoam cup, add Ed hot water and then asked for two euros. 🙁

    Scattered thunderstorms this afternoon which cooled down the mid ninety temperatures. More rain forecast for tomorrow and the weekend.

    • katry Says:

      I think my dad would be fine with hot pie and ice cream. Hs favorite ice cream was vanilla so that would work. You are the only person I know who can’t have his food touch. It seems a bit OCD, but I do understand we all have peculiarities.

      I don’t like tea so I suffered through that awful coffee. When I lived there, my taste buds died so I got used to it. The trips back, though,
      were too short for me to tolerate the combo.

      I’d have been more than a little annoyed to pay two euros for instant coffee in a styrofoam cup.

      It is a chilly night here.

  2. specific gravity Says:

    Re. late night vs. early morning, a friend maintains that it’s night until you’ve been to bed and got up again. Seems to work for me, but I’m not Keith Richards.

    Henry and Maddie. 🙂

    • katry Says:

      specific gravity,
      I like your friend’s theory. I now can say I went to bed late at night. I like the Keith reference!!

      Henry and Maddie are privileged pets!!~

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