“Your words become your world.”

No sun again today, just clouds, darker than yesterday. The wind is brisk and cold. It is another stay cozy and warm at home day. I have a few things I could do like the laundry and changing the bed, but I don’t want to do anything so I won’t.

When I was working, I got everything done. The house got cleaned, the laundry washed, the groceries bought and the trash dumped. Now I have all the time, day after day of time, but I procrastinate. Like Scarlett, I think,”After all, tomorrow is another day!”

I have redefined my lexicon. I have removed words like lazy and non-productive; instead, I stress lifestyle words like settled and describe myself as comfortable and undemanding. I still long to travel, and that won’t ever change. It is in all capital letters should you look it up in my lexicon.

I live on a small street with nine houses. Three of the houses have kids. Three have dogs. This time of year I hear only an occasional dog barking. I know when the mailman comes. I can hear his truck. A few cars go up and down, but they usually belong to neighbors. If I’m out, we always wave. Some of us have lived on this street since the beginning when the houses were first built. My neighbors across the street are the oldest residents. I don’t see them much anymore. He has Alzheimer’s and she is his caretaker. Seldom do I see any of my other neighbors. I rarely see any of the kids. I’m beginning to think we’re all in a hibernation of sorts.

Another nor’easter is predicted but not fierce or damaging like the last one. We will get rain; snow is north of us. The rain in winter always seems to come in at an angle, driven by the cold wind. It lashes against the windows in a constant barrage of heavy, noisy drops. The cold air is so damp it chills to the bone. Streets flood. The ground is hard, and the rain has nowhere to go. I have no affection for winter rain.

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6 Comments on ““Your words become your world.””

  1. Hedley Says:

    I work and I settle within the framework of repetition and timelines. I get up, leave for work, eat lunch and depart almost always at the same time. Specific functions sit within my self created daily barriers and are supplemented by a monthly clock that drives our group. Oh and the requirements of the year as the cycle of management repeats under my control

    On a prominent wall in the house sits a large round clock built around 1820. It is accurate to with a minute or two a week. I like to think of a long forgotten clock maker assembling the clock, which has lived a life of nearly 200 hundred years serving many unknown masters and is now residing comfortably in Detroit.

    I’m 63 now, I honestly don’t know when or if I can walk away from something I have done for so long. I guess I am on the clock in many different ways these days

    • katry Says:

      My Dear Hedley,
      I used to live by the clock: when I got up, when I left for work, when I ate lunch and when I got home. The only day which had no agenda was Saturday. That is why I now call every day a Saturday.

      I also have an old clock, a grandfather clock. It belonged to a doctor In town, was sold to my aunt who gifted it to my mother As she felt her 9 kids would have mistreated it. My mother left it to me.

      I retired after 33 years at the same school. I was 57. The magic numbers to retire were 35 and 57. My Peace Corps time gave me the two years I needed. I was ready and didn’t hesitate.

  2. olof1 Says:

    No sun here either, I do wonder where it is. It is above 32F during the days though and that makes me happy. They do predict more snow but warmish temperatures after that so I hope the roads will stay just as good as they are now.

    I did get much more done when I was younger and now I blame the rheumatism even if it actually gets better if I move around a lot 🙂 🙂 I also have a vacuum that sounds much more than it works so a new one is on the list of things to buy.

    I almost never see anyone here no matter what time of year it is 🙂 Spring is the biggest chance to see anyone because winter is as it is and who wants to be outside if one hasn’t a dog or three and in summer we have the nasty flies and some stay well in to late autumn, the horrible moose flies. I do occasional see my neighbors when we drive to work though 🙂 🙂

    Have a great day!


    • katry Says:

      The rain started at one this afternoon, and it is still raining, sometimes heavily at times. I’m just glad it isn’t snow which they are getting north of us.

      I just don’t want to do anything. I’d like to laze around and read. I do have housecleaners who come every other week. In between I only clean a few things.

      The kids will come out once the weather is good.They ride scooters and bikes, and they play basketball. The fly season doesn’t bother us here, but in the woods it is different. They usually show up in May.

      Have a great day!!

  3. Caryn O'Keefe Says:

    Hi Kat,
    Whenever someone asked me what I was doing with my copious free retirement time and I told them what I was doing they would be sort of dismissive. For awhile I felt a little guilty that I wasn’t doing something more productive or something. Finally I decided that I had been productive for my whole working life since age 16. In my retirement, I was free to do whatever I damned well pleased to do whenever I wanted to do it. So that’s what I tell people now.

    I know spring and summer are coming. The other day I heard the sound of basketballs being bounced in the street. It’s the song of summer around here. Bonka, bonka, bonka, thwoing! Even with the windows closed, I can hear the kids out in the street.

    The weather is undecided up here. There were a few short snow showers and then there was a bit of rain. Nothing happened for some hours and then it rained a bit harder. It may have settled down to simply rain. We’ll see.

    Enjoy the evening.

    • katry Says:

      Hi Caryn,
      It started raining around one just as I left to go to Hyannis. After my appointment I went to buy a few Easter gifts and by then it was pouring. The rain continues to pour and pound my roof.

      I love doing nothing. Every now and then I get busy with house stuff but luckily that mood passes quickly. I do have some laundry to do but I have underwear left so I’m okay.

      We have had very little snow this winter compared to the last few years, but March can be brutal.

      Stay warm!!

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