“Spring, when the earth tilts closer to the sun, runs a strict timetable of flowers.”

As usual, while my coffee was brewing, I went out to get the papers. The morning is glorious. It is warm, and the air smells fresh and sweet. The birds are singing. I stayed outside a while taking in the beauty and then I saw it. A bright yellow crocus has bloomed in my front garden. Spring has arrived. If I could click my heels in the air, I would.

Tomorrow will be quite different. A nor’easter is on its way. A high wind warning is in effect for the Cape from Friday morning to Saturday morning with winds possibly as high as 65 to 75 MPH. The rain will come down in torrents, and there are flood warnings. The moon will be full and three high tides will occur between Friday and Saturday with the highest tide coming in the middle of the storm. I need to batten down the hatches, but first I’ll enjoy today.

I have no lists so I feel a bit at sea. Peapod is coming so the grocery list is empty. My house is clean, and the laundry can wait a few days. I guess I could tackle chores I’ve been thinking about like organizing the kitchen or sorting my DVD’s with an eye to the summer and movie nights, but I’d feel guilty wasting a day like today. I think I’ll take a ride.

Reading has always been one of my big loves. I keep a book upstairs, a book downstairs and one in my car for those long traffic stops. My mother told me I loved Henny Penny, and she had to read it over and over to me when I was little. Figures, it’s the end of the world sort of, a bit of science fiction, and animals run amok. It sounds like the plots of books I’m still reading. I remember reading Little Woman and loving it. I got it for Christmas when I was in the fifth grade, and that was the year we were bussed to another town for school so I’d read it all the way there and all the way back. Jo was my hero. I find now I read a whole series by the same author. Currently I am reading the Flavia de Luce book series and am on book five, Speaking from Among the Bones. The books were recommended by friends.

I think I’ll stop and have my favorite sandwich today, the one with bacon and cheddar, avocado, tomatoes and horseradish sauce. I’m smacking my lips already.

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6 Comments on ““Spring, when the earth tilts closer to the sun, runs a strict timetable of flowers.””

  1. olof1 Says:

    No spring even close here, nasty cold with strong winds but they have at least cg´hanged directions a little so it feel like it is possible to live here in my cottage. I’m trying to keep the fire alive in the stove but I didn’t check especially well for how the branches looked so it’s a bit difficult to fit them inside the stove 🙂 🙂 I’ll do better tomorrow after work, today I only anted to go inside because it was soo nasty even in the wood shed 🙂 🙂

    Have a great day!


    • katry Says:

      We’ll have nasty weather through Saturday. March is a difficult weather month. We could have rain and even snow. It always feels like a long month.

      My heat hasn’t gone off much today and still the house is warm. The sun is now behind the clouds maybe getting ready for tomorrow.

      The storm will be a mighty one.

      Have a great day.

  2. im6 Says:

    Since your sharing songs For The Roses… Joni may have her vocal chops, but they’re nothing compared to this dame. (I honestly LOVE this)

    • katry Says:

      I have to admit that I love There’s No Business Like Show Business (except maybe for Johnny Ray). I remember just before I left for Ghana it was in TV. I was thrilled.

      I didn’t start with roses but somehow that’s where I ended up. Thanks for adding a perfect choice!!

  3. Bob Says:

    Today the clouds actually gave way to sunshine with a high in the low 60s. Spring in Texas is marked by strong lines of thunderstorms, hail and possible tornadoes. Life on the southern plains goes can be very unpredictable.

    Today we learned how vindictive and stupid Republicans in the Georgia legislative can be. Delta Airlines elected to drop a discount to NRA members in the wake of the school shooting in Florida. The legislature voted on a tax bill today which excluded a major tax break for the Atlanta based airline in retaliation for their snub to NRA members. Talk about cutting off your nose to spite your face. Delta employs thousands of people in Atlanta and brings in billions of dollars to the City, county and the state. Delta originally was founded in Monroe Lousiana and moved their headquarters to Atlanta after WWII and could move their headquarters again. Obviously, gun nuts’ discounts must be avenged! 🙂

    • katry Says:

      March is an iffy weather month here.We’ll have warm days and then maybe snow. I remember no school days in March. It stayed in the 50’s here today.

      I figure we already knew how stupid they are but their degree of vindictiveness is a new high. They don’t even think they’re shooting themselves in the foot in their haste to punish Delta.

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