“Killing time is not an easy job.”

The sun is on vacation. Every day is dark and cloudy.

The sides of the street were wet this morning so it must have rained during the night. It is also going to rain this afternoon, and later the rain will be replaced by a few stray snowflakes. Tomorrow has the same forecast. A total of one to two inches is expected.

The world is catching up with me. I prefer cocooning, but sometimes I have no choice but to go out. Today I have errands, those mundane little chores which I generally eschew. Actually, I have a few days worth of errands. Little stickies are all over the house reminding me what I need, and the stickies have no room to grow. I’d much rather rummage through the cabinets and the freezer than go grocery shopping, but I need to get some cat food Maddie might eat. I cooked the last of the chicken for her this morning, and I could also buy a few groceries for me, quick foods which take little effort to cook. I need to go to the hardware store for some strange round light bulbs for the upstair’s hall light and I want nails for hanging pictures. The last stop will be the library to return and pick up books. I can’t successfully cocoon without books, without diversions to help pass the time.

I have been going to bed late, usually no earlier than two. It’s just a weird phase. I read, watch TV or play around on the computer. I’ve found the late night commercials are the worst. I figure stations think they have a captured audience so they throw on all the locally produced ads and the infomercials. Many of these late ads tout the talents of local attorneys who guarantee a pay day or you owe them nothing. Last night I saw two of these commercials, over and over. The stars of each were the attorneys themselves. In one, the attorney wore a suit and a cowboy hat, a really big cowboy hat. In this part of the country, cowboys are rare, practically nonexistent, so I wondered why the hat. I was speculating about it so much I never did hear the commercial. I figured the attorney was trying to be folksy or maybe he was thinking metaphor and hoped we’d jump to him corralling the bad guys. After all, the hat was white. But then again, I might just be giving him far too much credit. The second attorney had fake hair, a rug which looked a bit like a helmet. He sat at his desk, looked right into the camera and was heartfelt. He had clients give testimony to his skills and talents. My favorite client was an old lady who waxed eloquently about her experiences with the firm. She said they were more than attorneys. They were human beings. I’m still laughing.

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14 Comments on ““Killing time is not an easy job.””

  1. olof1 Says:

    One knows it’s a lie when someone says an attorney is a human being 🙂 🙂 🙂

    I’ve noticed that when I get up in the early morning they show programs without commercials! They only take a few breaks to inform about other programs they’ll show later! It’s almost like looking at a PBS channel 🙂

    Lots of heavy wet snow has fallen just in a few hours here and before that it rained a lot. Now the temperature will drop so it’ll be slippery on my way to work tomorrow, well at least it won’t be a boring drive 🙂 🙂

    Have a great day!


    • katry Says:

      I hate driving in the heavy wet snow. It gets so slick with a drop in temperature.

      I have so many channels that I can usually find one without commercials, but sometimes I watch to watch a program on regular TV so I’m stuck with commercials.

      Be safe driving!

  2. Caryn Says:

    Hi Kat,
    Cowboy Hatted Lawyer is Charles Binder of Binder and Binder, a federal disability benefits firm. He’s been like that forever. They pulled their ad campaign back in 2014 when the firm applied for Chapter 11. I don’t normally watch commercial channels but saw that the hat recently on the Science Channel. Maybe he’s trying to be F. Lee Bailey except with a hat instead of the boots.

    It’s grey and dreary up here as well. I should do some grocery shopping but I don’t really want to deal with the grocery store and I don’t have enough on the list to do a Peapod order. I’ll eat out of the cabinets and refrigerator, too. There’s plenty in there. Just not anything inspiring.

    I have been searching for some good books to read and am not finding anything that sparks my interest. A couple that I started reading sounded good but weren’t interesting enough to grab me. The problem is that I just finished a really good book and everything that I’ve looked at just doesn’t measure up to it. If I had been reading so-so books, most of these rejects would pass muster. I have to lower my expectations, I guess. 😀

    Enjoy the day.

    • katry Says:

      Hi Caryn,
      I end up watching commercial stations in the wee hours as they often have old programs like Perry Mason. I enjoy watching them. The hat is easy to remember, and your identifying them by name brought that back too.

      I need cream for my coffee and bread. I’ll do a Peapod later in the week after I decide what I am making for Super Bowl food so I can get all the ingredients.

      I got a new Patterson for Christmas and have also been reading Alan Bradley’s Flavia de Luce novels. A friend recommended him, and I’m on book 2. The librarian always has a few recommendations.

      I’m now ready to go out and face the world!!

      Have a wonderful evening!!

      • Caryn Says:

        I didn’t find anything new to read so I retreated to The Odyssey which I’ve not really ever read in toto. But after reading Ursula K. LeGuin’s bio, it mentioned some titles that were inspirational for her. One that I hadn’t read was Lud-in-the-Mist so I’m reading it as well. It’s caught me but I fear that’s it’s going to turn into one of those dismal and depressing pieces like the Gormanghast books. Hope not.

      • katry Says:

        I went and got more of the Flavia books from the library. I have read 1 and 2 so I got the next four. I also have the new Patterson which I got for Christmas.

        I Amy after read Tales from Earthsea again.

  3. Hedley Says:

    I tried to watch “Britannia” on amazon prime, you know the sort of thing, really mean Romans whacking Druid loving Brits with massive doses of confusion to confuse me. Mrs MDH was very disparaging so I am not sure when I will continue this adventure.

    “Berlin Babylon” begins tomorrow on Netflix, I have been anticipating the US release and wondering how I will do with subtitles (sorry Birgit, no language skills)

    PBS seems to be less than impressed with series 2 of Victoria showing two episodes at a time. Its very pretty but totally lacking in substance and is not holding my attention

    Meanwhile thinking music, I received a long string of rebukes for my lack of knowledge on modern pop, and rap. I hung on to see Emmylou but generally I consume in a different space. I am very much smitten by Bob’s “Trouble No More” having taken a lot of time with the 8 very full CDs in the deluxe edition. I saw the tour in 1981 which is well represented in the box set.

    Its been snowing all day. The drive home will be….long

    • katry Says:

      My Dear Hedley,
      I have watched a variety of Netflix series including Gracie and Frankie, The Indian Detective and Death in Paradise. I don’t watch subtitled films because I’m usually doing something else besides watching so I can’t give the movie my full attention.

      I didn’t even tune in to the Grammies but instead watched last week’s Race which I had DVR’d. It was a two hour installment. This has, so far, the most pleasant duos competing. The mouthy team was eliminated week 2.

      We will get 2-4 inches of snow tonight into tomorrow morning. More is expected on Friday. How jolly!!

  4. BG Says:

    Enjoyed the post as always. You mentioned a trip to the library. I’m pretty sure you know this (and maybe even already do it) but most libraries offer wireless checkouts of books to your e-reader. I haven’t been to our local library in person for a couple of years, but am able to enjoy most bestsellers just the same. (We used to have a branch library nearby but they closed it as a cost-saving measure, leaving me a 25 mile trip to the main location!)

    Works out pretty well for me. I keep an eye on the eLibrary site and get on the waiting list for the books I want if they’re not available at the moment, so I have a steady stream of them coming to me.

    • katry Says:

      I do know there are books for my iPad, and when I travel, I do load up, but I like to go to my local library. It is a tiny former sea captain’s house and is part of the historical district. The building is a gingerbread style. We had to have shutters custom made as they don’t make the size on our windows. I’m the president of the board so I have a great deal of affection for our little library.

      The librarian often has chosen a book or two for me. She usually chooses well.

      Libraries are coming back because you can get so much more than books. We had more patrons last year than years before.

  5. Bob Says:

    Although the Super Bowl commercials are funny, interesting and expensive, advertising executives have known for years that the public remembers those annoying ridicules ones that repeat the brand name or the telephone number over and over. Cal Worthington made millions selling cars in Southern California with himself the spokesman.

    Another beautiful day but cooler, the high didn’t get above the mid 50s.

    • katry Says:

      I find that tune annoying at best, but Cal does seem to have little fear or maybe he’s just not all that smart. The upside down on the plane was gutsy. He did jump at the mountain lion. I can understand why people remember him.

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