“Maybe lots of people go through life never knowing they’re peculiar.”

The sun is brightly shining, but it is only in the 20’s. Warmer weather is predicted for  the weekend when it will be in the 40’s which, at this time of year, seems more like a heatwave. I’m thinking flannel shirt weather.

The rhythm of winter life is slow. I sleep in every morning, linger over coffee and the papers and take my time getting dressed though sometimes I don’t even get dressed. I just loll.

I need to fill the bird feeders. They have been empty since the snow as I didn’t want to venture onto the deck for fear of falling, but yesterday’s rain uncovered a good portion of the deck so today I’ll haul out the seeds and fill all the feeders including the two suet feeders. I’ll  also throw millet seeds under the deck for the doves.

I used the top of Gracie’s crate for storage of sorts. I put her food, all her treats, cat food, both canned and dry, bird seeds and my flashlight on it. Now all of that is on chairs and on the top of the dining room table. My house is filled so I haven’t anywhere to put them, and it’s driving me crazy which, I suppose, isn’t all that difficult. For instance: I can’t stand crooked pictures no matter where I am. One picture in my house never stayed straight. I was driven crazy until I bought some blue clay like stuff meant to keep pictures in place. It helped me regain my sanity. Once, in a novel I was reading, an already dead character carried on a conversation, quite a lively conversion too for a corpse. The editor had missed it. That one I couldn’t resist. I had to replace the dead character’s name. My sister read the book after me and laughed when she saw the correction. My slippers are always side by side halfway under my bed when I’m not wearing them. My shoes have no particular spots and they stay where they landed when I kicked them off my feet. My bedspread needs to be even, but not the top sheet. I just tuck away the long side. My towels have to be folded in a certain way. When I’m inside, I dress comfortably. I don’t care if my clothes are tattered or if they don’t even match. I do chuckle at the thought of my passing in such an ensemble. I suspect I’d be referred to as the peculiar old lady who lived alone with her animals though I think that might even be a compliment.

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8 Comments on ““Maybe lots of people go through life never knowing they’re peculiar.””

  1. Hedley Says:

    Boom, the skies lit up, it sounded like fireworks and some claimed they felt the earth shake. NASA woofed it was a meteorite about 1 to 2 yards across and traveling at a very sedate 28,000 mph across the chill Michigan night. It was way cool, what a phenomena to be bestowed on our state.

    Fearing the aliens would ask us to take them to our leader, Mrs MDH and I have decamped to NYC and can report we are generally in the area of Central Park. Bruce is tomorrow night, so we have a relaxing dinner ahead and a moderate day tomorrow. Mrs MDH want to go over to the Today Show, I should have made a KTCC poster to get on TV.

    • katry Says:

      My Dear Hedley,
      I saw the film of it on the news. It even looked spectacular on television.

      I hope the weather is going to be warm for your wanderings tomorrow. Having a quiet night with a relaxing dinner is a great way to get ready for tomorrow day and especially tomorrow night.

      The poster would have been the high spot for me!

      Have a great time.

  2. lilydark Says:

    I have always been peculiar. I’ve known for a long time.
    Lori and the crew

  3. Birgit Says:

    Friederike was here. A storm that killed a few people and caused some chaos, people are still stranded at stations. My adventure tomorrow will be to use public transport to visit a friend two towns away 🙂

    • katry Says:

      Over the top weather seems to be the new norm. Here we have had mudslides, hurricane winds, mega freezes and forest fires, and I’m adding Trump to the list of disasters.

      You’ll just have to bite the bullet!

  4. Bob Says:

    Is something peculiar, different or weird? I like to think of myself as unique. I’m one who hates to part with anything. When we moved out of our house a few years ago I disposed of a lot of things. However, some things I’ve held onto for no apparent reason. My 1985 Macintosh 512k computer sits in my closet and will still boot up. Unfortunately, there’s nothing I can do with it but play a couple of games and create drawings and text that I can’t print or send anywhere. It along with it’s 2001 iMac just remind me of the past. I have a large collection of hardback books that I have either read or are sitting on the shelves waiting for me find time to read them. I just can’t throw them away or sell them to Half Price Books. Maybe I’m closer to weird than peculiar. Watching American Pickers makes me seem extremely normal. 🙂

    Cloudy skies and low temperatures this morning of 23 degrees. By late this afternoon we were in the low 40 degree range. Saturday’s forecast high will be 70 degrees.

    • katry Says:

      Those sound like degrees of strangeness. There is a hierarchy with those words. First you are called different then you jump up to peculiar then finally you’re just weird. I figure unique is probably the same as peculiar. I gave all my hardcover books to the library. They added some to the collection and sold others as a fundraiser for the library. I do have other stuff I have collected from my travels, and I have a collection of hats.

      It was in the high 30’s today, but the weekend will be warmer, closer to the 40’s.

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