“How did it get so late so soon?”

By now you’re probably wondering what happened to me. Well, it is nothing catastrophic. First, I made up for my lack of sleep the other night by sleeping this morning until 11:30. I decided to stick to my usual routine and read the papers. After I’d read one, my irrigation guy came and wanted to shut down the system as well as my outside shower. I turned on lights and opened doors then got back to my second paper and another cup of coffee. It was nearing two when I finished. I turned my computer on, checked my mail then tried to open WordPress. It wouldn’t open. I shut down Safari but that did nothing. I opened Chrome but still couldn’t get WordPress to load. I tried sneaking into WordPress when viewing another blog, but I couldn’t get any blogs to load. My cheeks hurt from grinding my teeth so I turned off my computer and turned on the television. TCM is having a festival of Falcon movies. I am happy.

When I went to get the papers, I was surprised by how warm the day is. It’s in the mid-60’s, more like late September than November. It was sunny then but now it’s getting dark and cloudy. Rain is forecast for later this afternoon.

When I was watching The Falcon and The Coeds, I recognized a scene from The Lone Ranger. Tom Conway, the Falcon, was riding a horse in the hills trying to catch whoever shot at him. He rode up hill between rock formations. Right away I recognized it as a scene from the Lone Ranger where Silver rears, and we hear the narrator say High Ho Silver Away. I always thought the opening of The Lone Ranger was one of the best. There he is riding Silver at top speed and shooting as he rides all to the March of the Swiss Soldiers, the finale of Gioachino Rossini’s Willian Tell’s Overture which I always thought was just The Lone Ranger’s introduction.

This is going to be a slow week. The only entry on my dance card is dinner with friends on Wednesday. I haven’t any errands though I expect we’ll do a dump run toward the end of the week. My social life seems to be winterizing early.

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2 Comments on ““How did it get so late so soon?””

  1. Bob Says:

    Ok, tell us, how did you get Safari to load WordPress?

    Yesterday we set an all time high temperature for November of 94 degrees. I hope that when 45 gets to China latter this week he tells them to turn off that global warming plot…:-) Sadly another nut case with an assault rifle decided to killl 27 people in a small church for no apparent reason. Our Attorney General, Ken Patrick repeated the NRA position that a bad guy with a gun can only be stripped by a good guy with a gun. It reminds me of the biblical an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth. Which would leave us with a blind and toothless world.

    Today was cloudy with a high in the Lowe 70s. Tomorrow it will rain because I got my car washed on Saturday.

    • katry Says:

      I think it was a WordPress problem as completed blogs wouldn’t load either so I just waited a few hours. When I tried later, I was able to load my work pages.

      I just hope 45 doesn’t say anything his hosts find offensive. He knows nothing of customs in Asia.

      Idiot said this is too soon, and it isn’t about guns. He said it was too soon after Las Vegas and nothing changed. He didn’t mention he had removed the law preventing people with mental illness from buying a gun.

      We’re getting a real cold spell, down to the 40’s at night toward the end of the week.

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