“To this day, I have the most fond memories of some of my old toys.”

It has been raining since the early morning. The dampness coupled with the strong breeze has made it a cold day. The house is chilly. I put on a sweatshirt. The heat is off but were it on, the temperature is 1˚ from triggering the furnace.

When I first went to take Gracie out, she backed away from the door. I had to grab her by the halter to get her outside. She squatted right by the walkway.

Gracie needs canned food, and the bird feeder needs thistle so we’ll be heading to Agway sometime later. I think I’ll stop at the new Thai place and treat myself to lunch. I know I’ll order coconut shrimp then I’ll check out the menu to see what else appeals to me.

This room is so dusty I could write my name on just about any surface. Actually, on the larger surfaces I could write adages, messages and things like Wash Me or Dust Me with several exclamation points following behind. I used to feel guilty about the dust, but now I don’t care. I subscribe to the if I clean it now, it will be dusty again by tonight school of thought.

I got a few boxes yesterday from Amazon. I haven’t opened them yet. They’re still on the floor by the door. My lack of curiosity is explained by the e-mail confirming my orders have been delivered. I bought two balsa airplane kits for two of my grandnephews. I remembered flying the same sort of plane when I was a kid. I’d buy it at Woolworth’s for ten cents. The plane had to be put together slowly and gently or the wood would split. The front had a red plastic nose to give the plane a bit of weight. The back had two pieces: one like a fin and the other a small wing-like piece. The pieces had to be slid into their positions. The main part was the wing. It was slid through the middle of the plane really slowly and required a deft hand or the wing would split. Moving the wing up and down in the slit made the plane fly different ways like in loops. We’d fly the planes in a field so they could land on grass. The wood was too flimsy to save the planes if they hit anything. We hated losing the planes but knew a dime would buy us another one.

Both the boys have grown up with electronics, but maybe the novelty of the planes will pique their interest. Watching them loop and fly was the best fun. I hope it still is.

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10 Comments on ““To this day, I have the most fond memories of some of my old toys.””

  1. flyboybob Says:

    I can’t count how many of those simple airplanes I have played with and crashed during my childhood and my son’s childhood. They are still fun even though they are low tech. The ones with the rubber band motors and a propellor are also available. Usually the rubber band doesn’t last through even one day’s flying.

    You are getting the remnants of Tropical Storm Harvey. The clean up along the gulf coast will be a monumental proposition. I’m not sure if trying to repair the flood damage is a better idea than just tearing down the structure and starting again. I’m sure the insurance companies will make that determination if folks have flood insurance. Houston is a perfect example of a city that loves unadulterated growth. There are no zoning laws in the city or the suburbs. I don’t think any builders have to inform there prospective buyers that the area they are buying is in a flood plain. The only place I can think of with worse traffic is Sao Paulo Brazil.

    It’s a Sunny day here with a high temperature in the mid 90s. I know summer wasn’t through with us yet. 🙂

    • katry Says:

      Mine eventually broke or rather splintered but not before I was able to get them to fly a bit. They didn’t last all that long but long enough for a dime.

      I knew it was the remnants of Harvey. The rain has been predicted a while so it was no surprise. I had read about the lack of laws in Houston concerning building. Few of the houses had flood insurance probably because many of the flooded areas had never flooded before. They took a chance and lost. They’ll have to take FEMA loans.

      I am still cold.

  2. Birgit Says:

    Don’t clean too much, it’s dangerous!
    A new study by scientists of Brussels University showed that the more you clean the earlier you’ll die. (It’s actually about cleaning staff and unhealthy detergents.)

    We’ve had a nice sunny late summer day and it was perfect for a bike trip to a nearby nature reserve.

    • katry Says:

      Because I want to live a long while, I’ll refrain from cleaning. I really didn’t want to anyway.

      I did nothing today!

      It stayed rainy and cold.

      • Bob Says:

        If you’re not in a hospital setting a little dirt is good for you. Your bodily builds up immunity by having to fight germs. This also goes along with my theory that exercise is a waste of time because God only gave you a limited number of heart beats so why use them up on strenuous exercise. 🙂

      • katry Says:

        I love your exercise theory.

        I agree that the greater the exposure to a variety of germs the better our systems can defeat them.

      • katry Says:

        He’ll do that just after he says Melania wears a good Republican cloth coat.

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