“If all the cars in the United States were placed end to end, it would probably be Labor Day Weekend”

Right now the day is beautiful with a breeze and sunny skies. The clouds will be intermittent, and there is a possibility of rain. I love days like this. The daytime is perfect, and it rains at night keeping the grass green and the flowers bright with color.

I have to go to Agway to pick up a flat of annuals. Four of the same plants in clay pots on the deck are dying. I also need dog and cat food and treats. I’m going to have to resist the temptation to buy more flowers.

Gracie has done well the last two days. She has eaten dog food and a whole bag of treats. She hasn’t had the dizziness and nausea of the previous three nights, and that is the best of all as she has slept through the night. I, however, am still exhausted. I don’t sleep deeply as I listen to check her breathing.

July is when all the hoopla begins here. The highways will have backups of cars trying to exit. The main roads will be filled with gawking tourists riding in slow motion so they don’t miss anything on either side of the road. It is even worse when it rains. I never leave the house in the summer on a rainy day because running into a traffic jam is cause for my swearing aloud and occasionally whacking the steering wheel.

I remember going to Islesboro, Maine one summer. We had to take the ferry as Islesboro is on an island. One day we went into nearest town, and my dad gave each of us some money to shop. I roamed through the store filled with postcards, individual inflatables, and all sorts of touristy kitsch. I ended up buying small dog magnets. One was white and the other black. They were both Scotties. I had them for years. They always reminded me of that vacation.

My deck is again a mess. It is covered in leaves and frass, the official name for caterpillar poop. I don’t even want to be out there under the trees, usually the perfect place as it is shady and gets any breeze. Now it also gets something else.

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12 Comments on ““If all the cars in the United States were placed end to end, it would probably be Labor Day Weekend””

  1. Hedley Says:

    The 3rd Saturday in August brings all the gearheads out to cruise and the Woodward Dream Cruise rolls up to Pontiac and down to Royal Oak. The roads lock up for days in advance. It’s amazing the brill cars that sit in the garages,

    My Buddy Jeff works down the Chrysler and gets fab stuff. He had an Alfa a couple of the weeks ago and the knock of the door meant we were going out to play. Strapped in and we hit 85 before I knew it. The interior was stark but the little car snarled and barked and we hit the curves.

    I tell Jeff, I want a CD player in my Jeep, they don’t come that way anymore he says, get him one says his wife.

    The Motor City is rocking, houses are selling fast, jobs are unfilled, and our cars are special

    Kat, thoughts on the Sgt Pepper ?

    • katry Says:

      My Dear Hedley,
      Every Saturday night at the Stop and Shop parking lot is car night. Most of them are from the 50’s and 60’s. Some are beautiful with wonderful colors like aqua. The first one of the season is tomorrow which is probably why I chose these songs.

      I love speed. My mother used to be frantic when I’d leave her house outside Boston and call her from mine when I arrived on the cape. She couldn’t believe I’d make it home so quickly. 75 was my slow speed. I learned to wait a while before I called her.

      Jeff’s wife is a force.

      That Motor City has recovered is wonderful news!

      I am quite glad I spent the money on Sgt. Pepper.

  2. Caryn Says:

    Hi Kat,
    Thanks for Little Deuce Coupe. I hadn’t heard it in a long while and it’s a favorite. I love when they talk technical to me. 🙂 Anyway, I played it a few times and now I have earworm. But it’s okay. At least it’s an earworm I know all the words to. Normally my earworms are just a bar or two. Very boring.

    Yesterday the tree man came to thin out the Old Man black walnut and the not so old sugar maple. There were very large limbs growing over the roof. The black walnut was especially worrisome because as the walnuts matured they weighed most of the branches down so that they scraped along the shingles. Not good. There’s a bit more light back there now.

    I have to go back and read about Gracie. The last thing I read was that she was better and now she is better again which is good but I missed the middle part. I hope she stays better and you can relax a little more.

    No tourist traffic here. Just plain old everyday, annoying traffic.
    The sun is shining. It’s very warm and humid. It thundered and rained for a short time. A potpourri of summer weather.

    Enjoy the day.

    • katry Says:

      Hi Caryn,
      You are most welcome. You’re right: it is a fine earworm and not one to drive you crazy.

      Last year I had a few limbs removed as they brushed up against upstairs windows and were also touching the roof. They were not like your wonderful trees. They were scrub pine.

      Gracie was not eating and was going in a circle from room to room. She ate grass and threw up a meadow with the bile. Three times in a row I had to take her to the emergency vet: at 11:30, 1 am and 2:15. Each time they gave her anti-nausea shots, and I also made an appointment and she had an ultra sound. The anti-nausea shots worked but both of us were exhausted by the time we got home. Each vet said the same thing: she has a head tilt which is probably affecting her brain and making her dizzy. They each also commented about how old a boxer she is.The ultra sound showed nothing. They gave me anti-nausea pills and an appetite stimulant.

      The last two days she has eaten two cans of dog food each day (small cans) and a couple of biscuits. She has also slept through the night. I’m keeping my thumbs crossed as Christer would say!

      • Caryn Says:

        I went back and read the previous post which I had missed. I note that canned dog food she is keeping down is not her normal food. Has she also been checked for allergies to whatever is in the normal food? Probably not a factor but it should be ruled out.

      • katry Says:

        Her usual can food is what she has been eating all her life so I’m thinking there isn’t an allergy. I switched brands just hoping to spark her interest in eating again, but the appetite stimulant did its job and Gracie started eating. She hasn’t had the pills for two days but she is still eating everything in sight, including her dry food which is her fallback.

        The two different vet clinics said it is probably related to her head tilt, a brain issue, which makes her a bit dizzy so she has trouble keeping food down. I also got a few pills to stop the dizziness. I think they are the prime reason she is eating. She feels good.

  3. Bob Says:

    In the 1960s kids were car crazy. Ford introduced the 19641/2 Mustang that started the pony car era. Besides “Little Duce Coupe” they did “Fun, Fun, Fun” til her daddy takes the T-Bird away. And, there’s “409” which refers to a large V8 engine. Does anyone remember the TV show Route 66 about two young guys and a Corvette traveling the country. The car represented freedom to roam away from our parents. I was happy with a VW bug.

    Today we hit the century mark for the first time this year. Hot with clear skies. Thank goodness my AC worked great in my car on the drive home. 🙂

    • katry Says:

      Few of my friends had cars. The ones in songs were way out of our financial range. The one friend who did get a car got one so old it had a starter on the floor.

      I always watched Route 66, and I loved that car.

      We have a breeze, but the humidity is starting to be bothersome.

      • Bob Says:

        When I attended North Texas State University in 1965 my friends in the dorm had various cars including a new Mustang convertible, a 57 Chevy coupe with three on the tree and a suicide knob on the steering wheel, a Corvair convertible and I had the VW. One friend had a 1959 Ford hard top convertible where the solid metal roof would descend into the trunk. In those days gas was 22 cents a gallon and the minimum wage was $1.25 an hour. My dad drove a new Ford Galaxy 500 which he bought new for $3,000.

        Cars were our sex symbol. They were the place where we could take a date and make out in the back seat in the football stadium parking lot. 🙂

      • katry Says:

        My college friends with cars were mostly commuters. I could never tell you what kind of cars they had. I didn’t notice, and even if I had, they wouldn’t have made an impression. Cars were just transportation.

        My dad always had Chevys. He’d get them new and keep them for a while. He got a Datsun Little Hustler once and loved it.

  4. im6 Says:

    Go Eagles! (Not that I ever attended a single football or basketball game). It will always be NTSU to me. What’s this UNT business anyway 🙂 Don’t forget to stop by Voertman’s and pick up a used textbook. (PS: I recently read that Denton is the new Austin)

    • Bob Says:

      At least they haven’t messed with the Jazz portion of the music school. The One O’clock Lab band is the best big band in the country. Leon Breeden’s legacy continues.

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