“He looks at you like you’re crème brûlée.”

The morning has been quite exciting. Last week I put a mouse trap (a non-killing one) on the kitchen floor. Inside was a blob of peanut butter. I was hoping to catch the mouse which lives in the cabinet. Every day I’d check and find an empty trap. After a week, I left the trap on the floor but stopped checking. This morning I noticed mouse poop on the floor around the outside of the trap. Yup, I had caught a mouse, a small gray very upset field mouse. I took the trap for a ride and let the mouse go. I’m going to put the trap back just in case, but I do have a question. How is it a week after the exterminator came that a healthy mouse still sublets my kitchen?

I’m watching Reasonable Doubt on ID and chuckling. The two main investigators are front and center and the camera loves them. It pans to each face over and over as the two give knowing looks to each other as they listen to the father of the murderer describe the events. We get to watch them write in notebooks. They seem to use cursive. The father speaks English without an accent yet he is subtitled. The female lead, a former defense lawyer, uses her middle finger to make a point when tapping the table. We get to watch her finger. She taps quite well. The male lead, a former police officer, says axed instead of asked. He needs subtitles. “I have no dog in this fight,” is another comment of his. That’s a new one for me. Why am I still watching you wonder? I am hooked at how horrible this program is.

It did rain last night but not for long. Today is lovely. We’re back to sunny and warm. This weather has become a pattern. The sunny warm days give way to chilly nights. The house is colder than outside in the early morning. Sunny days and rainy nights come every couple of days. According to the weatherman, it could even rain tonight.

It’s game night. I’m bringing dessert, a tiramisu dip with lady fingers for dunking.

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  1. Bob Says:

    The rodents are very smart. Evolution has given them a head start on us since their ancestors emerged right after the dinosaurs went extinct. My coworker’s son has been fighting roof rats for weeks and found some of his traps left with only a rodent appendage left behind. Kind of like “Coyote Love”. Coyote love is when you pick up a woman right before the honky tonk closes and wind up very drunk at her place. When you awake in the morning it’s better to chew off your arm in which her head is sleeping on and leave quietly instead of awaking her. 🙂

    The cable guy is outside my building trying to repair my cable and Internet. He’s been out there for a couple of hours. I hope he’s still working on it and didn’t take a long coffee break. 🙂

    Yesterday we received no rain and today is clearing up and will be sunny with with a mild high of only 80 degrees.

    • katry Says:

      There was no way this mouse could get out. The only opening was closed shut, and I had trouble getting it open. I have to reload the peanut butter so I can hope for another victim.

      Is it just your internet? It would seem it must be the whole building which would seem a bit more complicated.

      The sun is gone. It is cloudy and it is chilly. I guess the weatherman was right about the rain.

      • Bob Says:

        Luckily the repairman showed up and not only restored the entire services but gave me a new modem.

        His mouse escaped by chewing his leg off and three legged it away. The trap was the old fashioned type that caught his hind leg as he tried to escape. The bait was gone but the mouse left a leg behind. 🙁

  2. olof1 Says:

    I’m pretty sure there are more mice out there who use Your home every now and again so I’m pretty sure this isn’t the last one You’ll catch.

    As I wrote in yesterdays post I was a bit disappointed with Rogue one but I really liked Fantastic beast and where to find them 🙂 It was a really good film and I’ll rewatch it several times, of that I’m sure.

    The rain is pouring down right now, the nice summer rain we’ve had so far is gone and it feels like we might get thunder today. I wouoldn’t mind, that would most likely get rid of the headache I’ve had since I woke up.

    Have a great day!


    • katry Says:

      I am sure there are several mice in the cellar. The exterminator found three or four openings. I am always seeing mouse poop. I hope the traps filled with the blood thinner kills them all. The exterminator will be back to close up the holes.

      I also thought Fantastic Beasts was good. I’ve only seen it once, but I wouldn’t mind watching it again.

      The nice day has disappeared. We are cloudy and chilly. I closed the windows I had opened to give the house some fresh air. It does look like rain the same as it had late yesterday.

      Enjoy your evening!

  3. Hedley Says:

    It’s a Prince weekend and as usual we run together – did a beer pickup yesterday which was hilarious and balanced it at the Chapel this morning. I have the great privilege of just the two of us. I am such a lucky Pumpa

    The horrors of last night’s event are compounded by the astonishing ignorance and insensitivity of 45. His attacks on Sadiq Khan, the Mayor of London brings shame upon us all.

    My friend Sheila, her husband and mother in law are on a European tour and were staying in Vauxhall, thank God they were tired and in the hotel. She checked in and is obviously shaken

    Ariana Grande sings at 1:30, the show is on comcast 229 in these parts…the ABC free network.

    There is a dude on CNN from my LSE, I don’t think I can take it…I will listen to Bruce for a while

    • katry Says:

      My Dear Hedley,
      Given the events of this weekend, I am glad you had a great weekend with The Prince. Pumpa is the perfect role model!

      I am embarrassed by 45 and his stupidity and ignorance and his steering us toward isolationism at our expense. He twists and turns the truth until it fits his view of the world. Taking the Mayor of London’s words out of context is a sad example.

      I too would be shaken if I were in London.

      I missed the concert. Of all things, our 229 is now the ministry of John Hagee complaining about Jesus Loves You pencils being taken away from first graders.

      I tend to watch MSNBC but I can only take so much.

    • Bob Says:

      Trump is just amazing and incomprehensible. The Atlantic alliance has kept peace in Europe for 70 years and Trump is destroying it in less than 180 days. Putin must be enjoying this monster he helped create. 🙂

      I never knew Vauxhall was a place. I owned a Vauxhall car in 1965. It looked like a shrunk up 1957 Chevy sedan and was the worst car ever made. Everything about this car was terrible including the Lucas electrical system was a nightmare.

      Question: Why do they drink warm beer in England?
      Answer: Because all the refrigerators were made by Lucas. 😉
      Lucas was the Roman God of darkness. 🙂

      • Hedley Says:

        Bob, interestingly enough my step father was a lifer with Lucas, so we had plenty of experience

        Vauxhall is one stop before Waterloo, I would often head there to see cricket at the Oval.

  4. Birgit Says:

    Back from TV now, a new season of the British Sherlock Holmes TV series had started.
    Have fun tonight! I vaguely remember a children’s game called Catch The Mouse we’ve played back then. Catch one of the plastic mice others pull away as soon as you move.

    • katry Says:

      We played Phase 10 and Sorry. Phase 10 is a card game while Sorry is a board game. I think the ages on Sorry are 7 and up, but for us, it is an adult game with a whole lot of cuss words.

      I won both games tonight. Seldom does one person win all the games.

      I don’t know that mouse game, but it sounds like good practice for my mouse hunting.

  5. im6 Says:

    Perhaps “I have no dog in this fight” is a Southern expression. I’ve certainly heard it before. Another favorite of mine is “All hat and no cattle.” That one applies to so many politicians.

    • katry Says:

      I haven’t ever heard “All hat and no cattle” before. I like it a whole lot.

      Maybe it is because dog fighting is illegal that the phrase is not often said.

  6. Caryn Says:

    Hi Kat,
    That mouse didn’t get the memo, maybe.
    I have to have the exterminator come soon, too. This time it’s birds nesting in tiny openings behind the gutters.

    Having no dog in a fight is an old saying. It’s Southern but I’ve heard it often enough up this way, too. I use it myself.

    The day started out beautifully sunny and pleasant. Clouds rolled in after noon. Now it is raining.

    Enjoy the evening.

    • katry Says:

      Hi Caryn,
      It is also raining here now. I just got home from game night and I took Gracie out. I can gauge the rain by whether or not she minds going outside.

      Now I’m wondering why I never heard the dog in the fight before this.

      By the time the exterminator comes back the mice better be gone. I’m going to put the trap back down.

      Have a great evening!

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